Wednesday, September 10, 2008


am i wrong ??? i seems like dragging my family into problem with my determination to continue my seems like im not the suitable candidate to it..and its getting more n more obvious i shouldnt pick it...=.= y??? is it soo hard just to be a little more confidence and determine to cling on my ambition? y is it so many problem occuring in the process? is the god trying to tell im just too stupid enough for trying to become a doctor? is HE trying to tell me, i shouldnt choose this course? im getting crazy with this!!!!!!!! yes, i had got my letter of offer but there is a lot of stuff bugging me...sigh

i better end my story going nuts with this stuff...someone tell me is right to cling on..and all the problem will end it true, no matter how big is the storm, it will end one day and sun wil shine again ? i always stick with i seems very happy all this while but this believe seems like getting more and more far away from me..i have totally no idea how long i can stay strong... T_T

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