Tuesday, July 28, 2009


finally!!! finally!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*run around throwing confetti*

is over..my nightmare has passed at last!!! XD
and guess what..i slowly had my lunch, get back to my hostel..and clean up my room!!! wow!!
there been tons of dead bodies on the floor..the idiotic green bug which flew into my room and stay there and died the next day (what is the purpose of their life??? tell me???) anyway, after sweeping the floor, i jump onto my bed, trying to sleep...as soon as i close my eye, my mum call...and guess what, she ask me "so is last day, what are you doing now??" and i answered "SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so she hang off and i continue to meet up my sandman..bt bt bt...i just COULDNT SLEEP!!!!!!

life aint easy...there is time when i find time is just NOT ENOUGH and there is time i feel TIME IS JUST EXCESSIVE!!!! =.=ll i know i very ma fan..bt then, i been wondering the whole day what the heck i should do...and i end up watching GHOST FRIEND, ゴーストフレンズ !!! yay!!
and since im talking about my favourite jdrama, there is no way i dont post on my fav jpop actor!!! LOL, bt well he is part of AAA...and that day, in music fair, AAA attend the show with TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh!!! bt too bad, he is not there..T_T

woops!! im talking about Nishijima Takahiro...XD
let me post something on this cute guy..XDXD

Name: 西島隆弘 (にしじま たかひろ)
Name (romaji): Nishijima Takahiro
Nickname: ニッシー
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: 1986-Sep-30
Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Talent agency: Avex Trax

i just realise that he is in the same label as TOHOSHINKI...i want collab now!! XD crazy me!!
anyway for who interested to watch GHOST FRIEND, watch it here :

dont ask me why the link there state korean drama...I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL!!!

craping non-sense again...is soo typical me...arghh!! i think i should sleep but then, IS 7.30PM!!! dinner time...sulk..tomorrow english paper..wish me luck..*laughing at own idioticity*
buhbye for now..not in the mood of typing something nice..XD

i wonder what happen in SM..or what is he thinking...anyway, here is some on TVXQ!!!
after having a heated discussion and spazing on KIM JAEJOONG IN HEAVEN POSTMAN...
we have another wave with JUNG YUNHO ACTHING IN HEALING GROUND...
and now

SHIM CHANGMIN RUMORED TO BE IN PARADISE MEADOW..and here is the news cap on it
A Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment Joint Collaboration

Popular group TVXQ's Max Changmin (21) has been chosen as the main character of the drama "Paradise Meadow."

Having produced dramas like "Mom is Mad" and "First Wives Club", Samhwa Networks come together with SM Entertainment to co-produce the drama "Paradise Meadow", and it has been made known on the 28th that Max Changmin has been casted as the main character.

"First Shop of Coffee Prince's" Jang Hyun Joo and "Into the Sun's" Suh Hee Jung co-write "Paradise Meadow" as a romantic melodrama. They start shooting next month at Jeju Island.

Samhwa Networks says, "It is a bright and light story, with beautiful music that harmonizes with the melo picture, and at the end of the year, we will start to broadcast the program in Japan and South East Asia."
credit: Naver News + translation by squeaky

i heard on JUNSU's being rumored to be involved in a drama..and there is a drama where SUPER JUNIOR will be in and 2 members of TVXQ will involved...yoosu maybe...anyway, here comes the drama marathon...XD

Monday, July 20, 2009

꼭은 아니더라도

finish 2 of my pressure paper...yay!!!! it feel soo nice since the next 4 days will be HBM paper...phew...what a break!!! seriously, anyone entering medicine, be prepared mentally as well physically...mentally is a MUST!!!! imagine a girl like me, and i mean ME!!!, feel soo much pressure and stress, i cried everytime i talk to my mum on the phone!! i tried to control and hold back, but upon listening to my mum's voice and my dad, my tears just drop...it is just uncontrable!!! to all newcomers, good luck i would say...medic is really...

now i would admit, medic is just not a nice pathway...bt for me, all i can do is to move forward...no backward..no withdrawal....and im glad i could go back by next week....leave this damn effing hell for 1month and 3 weeks...i am just GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is effing tired!!!! gosh, im using too much of vulgarities now...bt then, what you expect from a fully stress, fully pressured and fully PHEK CHEK student???? nice word?? nah~ this effing final is just damn tiring...too much of energy drainage...

let me tell yea why???
- first of all, the feeling of having final AND COULDNT FAIL is already a dead end...u couldnt waste like crazily RM50k again right??!!!!!!!!! so u couldnt fail the final..not to mention the stupid paper contribute for 70%
- it has 40McQ, 20 TRUE/FALSE , 8 SHORT ANSWERED QUESTION (which is not short afterall -10m each) and 2 LONG ANSWERED QUESTION (20m each)
- for the format of this much things, u have only, and i mean ONLY 3 hours to do...plan your damn time..it ticks without waiting you...
- last bt not least, you have a whole bunch of notes...all had the EQUAL chance of coming out and bomb each of us....and the allocation for the question isnt that much compare to what we had...

crazy??? yes!!!! it is!!!!!! the stupid pressure!! urgh..and let me tell you, for each MCBM paper, there is 2 element and the 2 damn element are hard core!!!!
MCBM 1 - ANATOMY (one whole big file) and PHYSIOLOGY (half big file)
MCBM 2 - BIOCHEMISTRY (one whole big file) and PHARMACOLOGY (half big file)
MCBM 3 - MICROBIOLOGY (one whole big file) and PATHOLOGY/NEOPLASIA (half big file)

this is crazy!!!! michyeo!!!!!!!!!!!urghhh...to pass for this damn effing paper, you are consider, great!!!XD i just hope i pass...sighhh..too much of adrenaline rush..too much of increased heart beat and stress...i so gonna get myslef insomia, hypertension and depression...=.=

while put aside what happen in my exam..it was supposed to chill and cool...recently i downloaded FT Island new album..surprisingly, i love the whole album..it is nice!!! XD i like track7... is beautiful....and of course im addicted to snsd latest mini album....and kicking out 2ne1 single..XD SNSD - GENIE and ONE YEAR LATER is nice...but then i still recommend FT ISLAND..the whole album is great...love it...

my favourite track 7

XD enjoy!! XD
happy day~~


02 Real – SHINee
03 아.미.고 - SHINee
04 Honey – SNSD
05 Wrong Number – TVXQ !


06 Hug – DBSK
07 Twins – SUJU
08 Timeless – Zhang Li yin feat. XiaH
09 Into the new world - SNSD
10 replay – SHINee

11 One love – XiaH & Hyunkjae
12 매력적인 21세기 – Yunho / Micky / Shindong / Key
13 I’m alone –Tiffany (SNSD)
14 In My Room – SHINee
15 I Will – Li yin

16 Complete - SNSD
17 1 year later – SNSD Feat. O-new
18 Mirotic – DBSK
19 Purple Line – DBSK
20 You’re My Miracle– DBSK

22 A man in love – SUJU
23 마주치지 말자 (Let’s not… )– SUJU KRY
24 I believe – DBSK
25 Love like oxygen– SHINee

26 Talk to you – SHINee
27 One More Try – Li yin
28 다음겨울 – Ryowook / ONEW / Yesung
29 Snow Dream – SM TOWN
30 Can you hear me – Taeyeon (SNSD)
31 Way to go (Himnae) - SNSD
32 Etude – SNSD

[Dance Battle]
Donghae / Yunho / Hyoyeon / HyukJae / Shindong / XiaH / Yuri
33 Special Guests Time
34 Show Me Your Love – DBSK / SUJU


35 It’s you - SUJU
36 Juliette - SHINee
37 Tell me your wish - SNSD
38 사랑이 금지됐다 – Li yin
39 U - SUJU
40 Love in the ice - DBSK
41 Gee - SNSD
42 Balloon - DBSK
43 Let's go on a trip – SM TOWN

Friday, July 17, 2009

a shine of light through the dark

even in the darkest night, there will always a shine of light passing through..and i strongly believe in this..even in the saddest and most down moment, i believe there will always a joy in between, maybe come unnoticed but then, i believe there is..

glad that i have finish one of my paper...it been a terrible week for me...my study week!!! i never experience anything similar to what i had experience recently...this 2 weeks which makes me realise how important it is to have family and friends...2 weeks that makes me realise how important i am in my parents' heart..how they put their hope and expectation in me....my damn effing final starts on the 17th July and will only end on the 31st July..seriously, i never been such a stressful life like i ever had in this effing final!!!!!!! ah!!!!!! the stress that i try to hide beneath my heart...dang, i so going to get hypertension after this damn final...

anyway, the week before 17 July, everyone was trying to put all those information into their poor little brain..and yes, on 15 July, it was my burfday..i never thought anyone will remember it..since i myself wasnt aware of it...on the 14th July, at 11.45pm, i receive a prank msg from tze hian..and then he called..i was such an idiot to realise what is all about...and then as usual, cracking and joking over the phone and then suddenly he say, "is it time to sleep??" and i was like "go lar if u want" then i said something and he say "let's sing" and i was like "what!!! wait, i on my speaker" and then as sudden, everyone in their house start singing "happy burfday to you..............." i was totally stunned!!!!!!!!! i could only laugh and keep repeating thank you....it was a total surprise..done with them, the door open and come in Karen...wishing me in loud voice "HAPPY BURFDAY" and everyone walks out from their room and wish me...and they start singing the song as well...i was on the phone with octy (lee ka mien) who called to wish me as well...and well, she was singing in the phone...it was soo sweet that, YES, i cried!!!!!!! thanks everyone!! thanks for such a surprise party in such time!!!!!!! tsyr xiang surprise me even more when she take out the spagghetti she cook...it was just...THANKS!!! YOU GUYS DEFINATELY ROCKS!!!!!

it was just a simple celebration but then it was really a memory that stay!! in such a midst of studying..thank you tsyr xiang for planning this.....thank you soo much!!!!!!!! and also thanks to everyone who msg me and wish me..a simple msg that show your heart..thank you!!!!! a msg is enough to prove everything...special thanks to pynic and my slave...unnie, thanks for your double wish..thanks for wishing me even though you are sleeping..XD and my slave, thanks!!!! thanks for letting me express my stress...^^

apart from my friend, i wanted to express thank you to my parent and my sister..not forgetten my brother and cousin...thank you soo much for all the sweet message!!!! XD i will do my best in my effing final...mummy, i will never let you down..i will let you feel proud for this daughter of urs..you and daddy are certainly the best in the world!!!!!!!!! i will do my very best to beat such an exam!!!!!!!!! i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i will be back on 31st july and pass all my paper...

thank you everyone!! even though some who might not read this...XD i love you guys!!!! XD

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

michael jackson still here??

O-M-G!!!!! look what CNN has give us??? the shot of some shadow in NEVERLAND...would it be the legendary MJ?? or it is just some phototricks??? science has its own idea while religion has its own statement..see it for yourself and well, judge it for yourself..the king of pop certainly make sure he is in headlines even after his memorial...

@ 8.20

or maybe shorter version

talking about his memorialat Staples Center..it is heart breaking..
gosh, i miss MJ so much..and the best quote of the year certainly come from his daughter PARIS JACKSON! i cried when i heard her...your dad is amazing, paris!!! we miss him too...

Monday, July 6, 2009

tokyo dome day 2

day 2 in tokyo dome~~
50 000 people fills the stadium...and well, there is a surprise project by bigeast...
the members were happy and surprise..not to mention touch...anyway, here is the red ocean!!! XD

the blue doesnt mean ELF..LOL...is the color for the song - STAND BY YOU...white is for ASU WARA KURU KARA ...can't remember what is GREEN for...anyway, enjoy the heat of tokyo dome...and thanks to tokyo dome, TVXQ - STAND BY YOU, placed #1 in ORICON DAILY TODAY...XD making the total of STAND BY YOU- 180k ...chukahae!!! XD
omedatou again!!!!!!!!! and for your information, TSC has sold for 300 000 copies!!!!! and STAND BY YOU shipped out for 300 000...so well, the power of the 5..isnt it amazing ???? omedatou again!!!!! before end, STAND BY YOU HAS ALREADY BREAK 150K SALES YESTERDAY...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

tokyo domeeee~

the big night for dongbang boys finally arrive!!!! XD
is TOKYO DOME tonight...and well, it ended successfully today...^_^
their dreams finally comes true...and their effort pay off...
beside that, congrats to TVXQ for passing the 100k for STAND BY YOU in just 2 DAYS!!!! XD
omedatou again!!!!!!!!! this show their popularity increasing in Japan!!! hope it increases all the time...^^

Tokyo Dome Song Order :
01. Secret Game
02. Share The World
04. Take Your Hands
05. Stand Up!
06. 9095
07. Force
08. Purple Line
09. Mirotic
10. Heart, Mind and Soul
11. Wasurenaide
12. Xiahtic (Junsu solo)
13. Colors (Soulmate duet)
14. Checkmate (Yunho solo)
15. Wild Soul (Changmin solo)
16. Begin
17. Nobody Knows
18. Taxi
19. Forever Love
20. 'O' - JBH
21. Choosey Lover
22. Sky
23. Somebody To Love
24. Summer Dream
25. Survivor
26. The Way U Are
27. We Are
28. Break Up The Shell
29. Stand By U
30. Kiss The Baby Sky
31. Bolero
32. Love In The Ice


JaeChun Duet.....new song..their masterpiece..both compose and wrote the song..and of course sings it...nice one!!! loveee it!!!

The link to Red Sea :

[Fancam-No Audio] Dome JaeChun Duet Short Clip 090704



i thought this before the concert start :
1. park yoochun
2. kim junsu
3. jung yunho
4. kim jaejoong
5. shim changmin
only got park yoochun right..XD