Sunday, January 15, 2012


is it true that blood is thicker than water??
many said that no matter what happen u had your family member behind your back??? is the theory applicable to all types of situation or it is only applicable to some, just like the other life theory???

human, dont them change over certain period of time??? separated and living in other place, looking at the different life, thinking of different theory, and ending up having different mindset and with this, argument tend happen in every way~~

with this, could still family member be together??? living under a same roof??

i had seen people leaving their family member alone in the nursery home, i had seen siblings fighting over the money, i had seen own family member cheating each other, and some even rape their own child...

how could this happen??? if family wasnt the safest people to be around, whoelse??

just like mine, if i dont even care so much about them, leaving them to do what they like so that they could be happy for that particular moment, could it be better???
maybe this way would be better....

a mute never hurt anyone... they just dont~ and im learning this theory~~
a NOMB would be best.. =)