Thursday, July 31, 2008

spring cleaning!

this is one of the day i hate for july...=[ my dad for no appearant reason change the house furniture!! his room bed and cabinet, my and my sister bed given to my brother, so both of us got a new bed, and our cabinet are changed, and also my dressing table, my brother got a set of table with mirror mum got a new dressing table as well...and i have to clean it which add to my frusfration!!! i had to wake up at 10am..cuz he will start off from my i with my half open and half close eyes walk to my parents room,huggging my pillow, and continue sleeping in my parent's sis follow me though..i wake up at 12pm...LOL...and still feeling sleepy, i brush my teeth..walk out from the room and got frighten with things everywhere...reluctantly, i help to clean the place while waiting for the new stuff to arrive...because the man arrive late so i have a little more time..i sister online with my lappie and watch all live concert of micheal jackson..she watch one..he perform in SEOUL..and she keep, see laa people de fans..ur TVXQ got that much fans bo?? and i was like, if that is in SEOUL..THEN YES!!!! THEY GOT FULL HOUSE TOO!! then she purposely show the live in australia..and say this lei ?? and i scolded her...THAT IS MICHEAL JACKSON!! EVEN JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JAY CHOU LOST TO HIM!!!! WAD ABOUT TVXQ ??? you stupid!!! LOL...oh well, im soo furious she keep bugging me with nothing..then the stuff-i-rather-they-dont-arrive arrive...i have to start clearing things into the cabinet..put my stuff back nicely on the dressing table...not till at 4.30pm my sister say she is hungry, i totally FORGET I HAVENT GOT MY BREAKFAST!! so u could get when i had my breakfast..LOL...after my so called breakfast, i continue clearing things..n my dad start nagging.."what the heck both of you??! y soo many clothes, shoes and what is all this necklaces,belts and earings everywhere!!!!" and i just shrugs and say "GIRL NEEDED STUFF!!!" oh well, its really somethin a girl need..and i realise i lost a lot of earings..plan to buy a few this weekends..LOL...i stop cleaning at 7pm to rest and wait for dinner..and continue to clean again at 8pm and ends at 10.30!! LOL.... and something not right with soompi!!!! i cant open it although i refresh for like 1028493275084376590347598943x times!! not that many..but i end up gave up with it and blog as well...i check on dnbn though...and i found out about plagiarism....
if you guys know about japanese female trio, PERFUME, (they are cute..i love them wen i saw them in music fair-when boys met girls)..their latest song-love the world is said to have the same music as tvxq-drive...but then that is the only thing i know from the article...other part i couldnt understand..the whole article is in hangul..and hangul fail me...hirakana fail me as well...T.T anyway, i found the mv and sound the is the song..


to prevent of being biased..i ask my sister to listen(she is soo kpop-antis..oh well, more to tvxq-anti bcuz she couldnt accept the fact tvxq is famous..BUT then, she like love in the ice and doushite..and she love all the reality show tvxq attend.. weird girl isnt it?? ) she listen and she agree its similar...soooo...PROVEN! ahaha....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


OMO!!! its a line from the latest collabration of yuchun and dj makai...yuchun is yoochun for your info...ahah..his japanese name...omg!!! its a dance remix...disco-beat type music...yea..u could bet i have already downloaded the whole song and blasting it in my house!!!! omg is so is so beautiful!! man, the lines is keeping running in my brain..soo makes me want to dance!!! ^^V
yoochun oppa sexy husky sound...making the whole song smexy!!! its great song!!!!!! omg omg..such a perfect song!! oh oh..forget to mention its 7 mins 7 secs long!!! i really loveeee the whole song!!!!!!! OMG OMG..i have been blasting my house the whole afternoon!!! ahahha..owh owh...this song will be featuring in makai latest album...and in the album for track 9 will be makai ft stephanie (csjh/tenjochiki)-EVERLASTING STARS
i guess im praising the song and didnt mention the song TOKYO LOVELIGHT - MAKAI ft is so beautiful!! man..i cant wait to see the mv...owh owh..this song is the 1st track of the album...and is the name of the album if im not mistaken...^^V
thanks to aizah/ichigotvxq!! thanks girl!!!! i loveeee you!!!!!!! i got the whole song..thanks to her!! ahah...owh owh..i watch THE M...LOL..the tohoshinki intro is superb funny!!! ahahha....u guys shud watch it....^^ its correct..they have the habit of wearing each others' undies!!! LMAO
owh...that is the first time they in THE M....i hope they will get better in japan....saranghae!!!
oh yeaaaaaaaaaa...korean cassie is making a fuss with SM ENTERTAINMENT for the boys to get enough rest...oh well, i will let the korean cassie to do their work..afterall im confidence that they will make it...oh yea...i read in dnbn...if im not mistaken they successfuly help to remove some activities from the boys list....i dont really sure on it..let the matters clear by itself...^^V
i realise that jaejoong oppa have the habit of hugging others...ahahah...almost all his pics u could see him clinging with others...even before his debut under TVXQ...i saw a few pics on 4 seasons..he will put his arms around the other member like yunho oppa, heechul oppa or kangin oppa..LOL...even in family photo, he will cling on his sister or his parents...LOL...he is just CUTE!!! loveee him!! and also TXVQ!! oh oh..i said before the member i like the most (force to say one member), i said is junsu oppa and yoochun is jaejoong oppa and changmin oppa!! LOL...told u i change all the time...if only u guys let me put all member as no.1!!! its hard to extract them out one by one and put them in no.1 to 5!!! *sulk*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

truthful tuesday

jumping up and down....awwwwwwww.....i stalk on ss501 just now..and only to realise i mistaken a few facts on them...not really a lot but 2 of the main fact i always talk about...and i realise the guy i like the most in ss501 is not park jungmin but heo young saeng!
ok..let me make my fact straight..ahaha..

i have been saying is KIM HYUN JOONG is the close friend of txq and super junior but it turns out to be HEO YOUNG SAENG.. {from wikipedia : Heo Young Saeng was a former trainee under SM Entertainment, he left to join DSP Entertainment. He is close to many TVXQ and Super Junior members, notably Hero Jaejoong, Yesung, and Choi Siwon }

i have been saying marumir (kim kibum) from xing is KIM HYUN JOONG younger brother but it turn out to be KIM HYUNG JOON younger brother...

sorry to have the wrong facts on ss501..dont blame me...i just got to them recently although i know their existence for like 2 years ??? they got the best new group in mkmf a year after tvxq..^^V not that they are poor..but i prefer to know more on tvxq than just recently i got into 2 months ago??or maybe 1 month is the solo pics...owh owh..some general info on them..they are call ss501 (duhh..lame!) and their fans are call triple s and their color is GREEN! ahah...their leader is kim hyun joong...i like heo young saeng and also park jung min! next will be kim hyun joong and kim kyu joon n the maknae kim hyung joon! LOL

Birthday: 6 June 1986

Birthday: 3 November 1986

Birthday: 24 February 1987

Birthday: 3 April 1987

Birthday: 3 August 1987

the recommended song is from their latest single..FIND
title : FIND
artist : SS501

Monday, July 28, 2008

lame monday

not i being lame..but today is really L-A-M-E!!! ahhh...bored and lame....not really lame..since i got myself a few jaesu pics..and some of the recent jaesu pics in a-nation...owhh...sweet moment!! yaya..i love jaesu...they are my second fav pair..after yoosu though... ^^V
and then im watching a tvb drama...raymond lam is in it...saranghae!!!! he is indeed my fav tvb actor.....he is super...HWAT AND COOL!! omg omg...i drools watchin him in the drama...and yea..end up watchin it the whole afternoon..from disc 1-3.. u guys can imagine who much time i spend watchin it...ahaha..and since its bored, and nobody watchin it now, i jump to the ending...bleukx..i watch ending then only i will watch the other half..ahhaahha...yea yea..i always did that....heheheheheh...jumping to ending first before finish watchin it..i will go from 1st episode till the half show den jump to the end....n im still watchin the show lappie is in front of tv..ahaahahah...^^V
oh oh...just go to asianfanatics and come across the news on tvxq havent invited to music station..oh well, this issue had been discussed before in the thread...and its still hot now in the thread! and i found the s-san blog is the link to the blog..

read it...if u understand japanese..ahah..he wrote on a-nation though..LOL..get some translation from the translator website!!!!!!! ahahahah...anyway on this issue...all i could say is..rivalry..OH COME ON!!!!!!!! stop defending urself and start arguing...give me a great excuses why they never invited to the show ????? and oppa has been constantly in top 10!!!!! okay, i think i better get shut before some fight broke up in here... =X
anyway is not fair for them not invited to the show..since they even top the single chart... (p/s: lam fung is trying to steal my focus on my blog!! T.T he is too hot to refuse...)
i cant online peacefully...raymond lam!!! *stares then turn away*
cant scold him...arghhh.. *shrugs* continue blogging
my dad want to use the video player..let him use for 20 mins..continue blog..later watch back my lame!! i told u soo!!! i cant get my eyes from raymond!! i use like almost 15 mins for this blog to reach here!!!!
i really hope JE would clear this big mess...oh oh...the only way to clear this mess is to invite tvxq to the show...ahahaha....but then dun ever..EVER TRY TO MISTREAT THEM IN THE SHOW!!!! bleukx
i saw some dangerous rated comment in i said, this issue will surely make a big fuss among the JE SUPPORTER and also TVXQ FANS....i know y JE is scared of tvxq..although their influence in japan is 385783729209332x smaller than that of JE...BECAUSE IF COUNT ALL OVER ASIA, TVXQ WIN EVERY SINGLE BOYGROUP FROM JE!! did they anyway ?? owh owh..they me, they did..ahahah..DROP THIS F***ING TOPIC NOW BEFORE I GOT BASH.. =X
yaya...its getting nearer to aug..ya what??
ahahah...27 aug!!! im waiting...waiting for their comeback...
i hope is big though..the competition look though...although with 200 00 pre-order for one day in korea ONLY..i still worry...oh yea...out of stock in yesasia havent count...but then im still nervous...but then, i shouldnt be nervous m i??? 200 000 copies pre-order had break the sales record...y m i nervous?? but then i still nervous...hope they reach their target 500 000 fight with seo taiji rite?? and also rain...IM NERVOUS AND ANXIOUS ON THE RESULT...ghee..if they receive awards end of this year...u can definitely find me crying!! for damn sure!!!! urgh urgh...i watch a fanvid just now..i burst out crying..ya when the drama start focusing on other male lead i watch the fanvid...told yea i never get my eyes off from raymond lam!! is the fanvids...and everyone watch the fanvid cry too...cuz all fans noe how much they work for their albums and they put up great efforts..and only earn to get back love and support from fans!! here is the vid...

ahhhhhhhh....hey hey hey preview is out!! muaksss.. i love the show!!!!!! they are always laughin hard in hey hey hey...omo omo..start watchin back the drama...raymond lam!!! ahhhhhhhhhh.....buhbyeee........

oh oh...the recommended song..i nearly forgot...
here is the song...its popular though...ahahha
title: so hot
artist: Wonder Girls

Sunday, July 27, 2008

live perf marathon

omedatou.....cdtv #1!!!!
this is second time if im not mistaken...first is beautiful you..
ahah..they already make it big in japan...and they ARE big in korea...
oh oh...talking about boygroup..they wanted to form toho-band!! waiting..they will make it live one day...
changmin the guitarist...yunho the drummer...yoochun the pianoist..jaejoong the vocalist and junsu the violinist??? (i have no idea for not sure for jaejoong as sure for changmin and yunho though..cuz they mention it..LOL..yoochun must be with piano no matter what reason!! he is hwat with piano..and meant to be with piano!!! )
they said this in music now there is 3 perf on doushite live....its in music japan, music fair and cdtv...they havent broadcast zoom in super stage i guess now left hey hey hey...and of course a-nation...yay to tohoshinki!!! and the live is getting better though....^^V
music japan--where they talk about tohoband..LOL

music fair --where they got with exile..and there is a perf on summer dream..AND THEY CUT OFF JAECHUN PART!!!! *.*

tbs cdtv -- i like the 2 fake host..its cute..^^V

here is the zoom in super stage..a few secs on their perf...well i will post it wen i have the whole perf..i loveeee them!!

*big claps to tohoshinki*
a-nation start yesterday.....i heard from japanese fans its successful...ahah...the a-nation list is
*purple line
*beautiful you
*doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou
*shine+somebody to love
*summer dream

no box in the ship..T.T
i want box in the ship.......T.T
hwaiting to tvxq!!!
saranghae!! <333333

Friday, July 25, 2008

back to back

since the post below is entertainment this will be the post i posting all the things i read or dl or watch or shared...LOL...
ghee..i told yea before i didnt dl the keroro fighter cf from WG rite..ahah..i found the password at i dl again and extract it out and now, u guys can get it from cuteness overload...very cute i could say!! LOL....i guess is better than the maple story cf from snsd..LOL...u guys can start defending snsd saying im jealous or biased or anythin..but i could say, i neither snsd fans nor WG im csjh fans!!! LOL...anyway get the cf from GW..ahah
shinee filmed on school of rocks.. (remember this show?? is NICE) they dress up like school girls!! LOL...i cant recognise them at all..except for taemin and he looks like heechul for god sake!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! im laughing like crazy girl when i watch it!! LOL...that is..gayish?? LMAO..ahahaha...
recently there been a lot of shinee and TXVQ moment!!! all in the chin chin radio (is a radio program with taeyeon and kangin oppa as the mc) shinee sing miduhyo and TVXQ left msg for nice to have a great sunbae n hyung!!! but then, i personally think TVXQ has been heavily promoting shinee..even more compare to how they promote here is the clip on miduhyo and also the msg...

SHINee singing Midhuyo version of DBSK

080724 DBSK talks about SHINee

dont compare...TVXQ will do a better version than shinee..but then shinee did a great job on this song already...there been a few name for tvxq and other sm artist..
CheonSaengShinKi (CSSK) - CSJH & TVXQ
DongBangJunior - SJ & TVXQ
DongBangShinee - the name say it all...SHINEE & TVXQ

LOL...talking on my fav kpop of all, tvxq their first perf are station...although a bit shaky in the first...but i think they did it great on doushite!!!! >.<
my fren told me the pre-order for tvxq 4th korean album in yesasia HAS BEEN SOLD OUT!!!! WTH!!!!i wanted to buy it..seriously!!i shud be happy for the news but then i havent order yet!!!! hope they get more stock!! they seriously cant did this to me...T.T and my another fren is sending me the link for T TOUR korean version...but she told me is coming out end of i will wait and see how then..since the 4th korean album will out around the same time..ahah..oh oh, can someone tell me if yesasia counted for korean chart ??? someone told me is not..and some says yes!! im confused!! i wanted to help them topping all the korean in 2006...i want the red balloons everywhere during mkmf...cassiopeia all please unite!!

oh oh..and this is the mv of the spanish opera from set it..LOL

since im been talkin on shinee and tvxq moment..the recommended song is from shinee...

title : noona is pretty (RePlay)
singer : shinee

ghee..i almost forget...tune in NHK this 11.30pm on saturday to watch music station and oppa performing doushite for the very first time!! ahahah...and also into kbs (im saying this twice!!!) in 9th of aug (saturday) to watch open concert..oppa is performing purple line and yeo haeng gi...oh oh..the time is it 6?? or 5 ??? LOL...i will confirm the time again..ahah

live a life!!

dun ask me y that cross my mind suddenly..ahahah...
so i put it up as title..LOL LOL
u see i have been my sister free driver this whole afternoon!!!
urgh...she ask me to fetch her go almost every corner of penang...go to her college..go buy her stuff...and in addition, i have to fork out money for the car petrol!!!!!! T.T
wanna tell me im the best sister on earth ?? its okay..i know it since the day i become others sister..LOL LOL... i know some has vomited in front of their comp/ laptop..
but then..accept it!! is a fact!! LOL..
do u seriously know i waited for my sister in her college for almost 2 hours!!! she wants to met her teacher and her teacher is busy with something which i dont think i wish to know, and she sits there with her fren and wait for the teacher..causing me to sit there like a big dummy for almost 2 sooo fed up!! and listen to my mp3 and sms as well...sms loo wen..but this girl hit my nerves as well...reply soo slow..>.<
then after a freaking dumb 2 hours, she ask me to fetch her to a shop to buy her kitchen utensil..which she will be using for her culinary class later on...once i reach there, i let her go get her stuff and i wonder around the u know what she told me????!!! i will buy later on with mum....ahhhhhhh...i seriously wanna throw everythin around me to her..things around me that time is knife with various size...>.<
this is how she wasted my whole with loo wen slow reply..i really regretted agreeing to become her driver...T.T
oh oh..msg my long lost thing funny on him, he always tot i msg him because im worry...LOL...he will always msg me back telling me not to worry on him..and he will always come with all his logical thinking..u know..the way he msg me make me feel like im his real dumb sister...LOL..he really sound like my big brother..ello, mr ch'ng..u are older than me for around 1 month!!! or maybe less....anyway, he is the least to complain on his hostel and university..everythin sound fun and nice for him..i wonder is he lying to me..but then he really sound happy...ahahha....the next to complain less is hui ting...she only complain on her dumb idiotic connection..LOL..then next will be hui ping i guess..LOL....
ok..set wern ask me to watch a mv...o-m-g!!! my hair stands when he start to scream!! the high pitch...OMG....he is kerazy!!!!!!!! i mean crazy..LOL..ebola teach me that word though...
the guy in the mv...omg omg...the gills on his neck.....ewwww...and the high some spanish opera song...but then..dont ask me wad meaning..i dont understand wad it wanna show and dont understand wad he is singing...LOL...set wern has no idea as well..LOL...
i will be here till in midnight...ok, i will post another post on somethin i wanted to share here..LOL....mayb i will put in the mv for the opera for this post..i will only put in my story!! LOL....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

my picspams!!!!

someone has been telling me that i need to do somethin to my blog so it would look like my own blog instead of some enews blog...yes..MISS LEE HUI TING! lol...i would try my very best hui ting...LOL..but it seems like i got nothing to talk bout myself..ahah..n everythin i do now gotta connect to instead of posting TVXQ pics here...i have my picspams!! LOL...oh oh, nini wanted to see the pics of me wearing specs..and i bought a new sunglass yesterday!! didnt took pics with it yet...LOL....soon..ahah....dont vomit..dont laugh!! >.<


i know!!! is fugly!!!! let me share a few of TVXQ pics as me afterall!! their old pics...this is their 2006 calender pics..and has been one of my fav pics!! cuz they are super cute in the pics!!! <333


oh oh....japan TV has release the clip of purple line from T TOUR...kill me with the hotness!!!! i love it sooo much!!!!!!!!! omg....this is driving me crazy!! i want the T TOUR soo much..i might get myself one...korean version....since my fren say she will send me the link..ahhhhhhh....if is not as expensive like the japan version i might get there china version??LMAO...i guess it will..ahaha....BIGEAST VOL 9 has come out!!!! oh well, it only meant to sold to bigeast....wad i can do is to save those pics.. sound miserable!! T.T
some one send me that doushite poster they sign!! i wantttttttttttttttttttttttt
here is the clip on purple line live version! watch it..yay tvxq~~

and is time to get recommended song....LOL...i guess i said before i will putting up old songs if i cant find any new song rite??? LOL..and and..i wont putting up TVXQ song...because TVXQ will deserve a post by itself!! their priority....LOL
title : U (japanese version)
singer : super junior

enjoy...they got #8 in daily chart !!!!! LOL...
enjoy!!!! is it #8 for daily or weekly ??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

lost in owns thought

today is kinda cold though..oh well, its been raining non-stop the whole day...even with only a fans, i can feel the using orange..remind me of shinhwa changjo!! LOL...the orange sea....hahah...they have been with shinhwa for 10 years...a very very loyal fans!! *a big applause* i hope oppa and cassiopeia can stand together for 10 years..its already 5 years on 23 dec 2008...they said they will sing together forever...they say before the strength of the group comes from individual member...anyone in the group are equally important...oppa, i will love you forever and ever!! they got their 3d #1 in oricon weekly soo happy for them...S2..
the year i graduate will be the year they celebrating 10th anniversary...^^V saranghae!!
and today is zoopeia 7th month anniversary...saranghae babe!!! ^^
oh oh...i got into rising sun fever again..^^;;; this song got and hit me again....the mv i guess is the best mv ever..with everyone soo perfect there....actually today i have been listening to their fast song...rising sun, O (both kor and jap), tricks, purple line (both kor and jap) , box in the ship...and also so hot (wonder girls),super star (super nova), dont you ever stop (kat-tun) and cooking cooking (sj-h)...i listen to this song in my aunt's house..i was suppose to take care of my granddad till my aunt comes while he sleeps i listen to songs...ahah!
i successfully downloaded keroro fighter cf by wonder girls...ahah..get it from gossipwhatever!! HQ!! LOL
i havent post anythin for the past 2 days...oh oh..BIG BANG latest song preview...its okay to me..the genre is kinda the same for still waiting for TVXQ 4th korean album...ahahah..soo excited!!! LOL...
is soo orange...remind me of oranji-jui-su..ahah..some kids in japan call junsu as orenjie-jui-su.. juice...the children is soo cute!!!!
graceful csjh unnie cry during the graceful party!! dana unnie and lina unnie cried!! well, i have only both waiting for sunday unnie and stephanie unnie..if im not mistaken, lina unnie hug stephanie unnie...i really miss csjh...waiting for their comeback!!! unnie, saranghae!!! s2 oh oh, they rank #25 in todays oricon wed..LOL..oricon day..ahah... the unfold story didnt include csjh....i hope they did..but sooooooo UNFAIR!!! T.T
they are really great singer!! they struggle in japan and yet they never give up or ask BoA or TVXQ to help them to promo them....they stand up by themselves...this is y im proud to be shapley...CSJH HWAITING!!!
ahh..i dont really know what to write..i will end it here..
and today recommended song is :
title : Nanhaengbokhae (I'm happy)
singer : Zia

remember Zia?? the faceless singer...i mean she never show her face to public for some reason...but i remember she is goin to show it...i havent saw it yet..ahahah..if got i will post it up!! anyway, she have a great vocal...and leave comment to get this song!! <33

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

haptic!!! shall we ??

yay yay..HAPTIC!!! and im refering to the 3 haptic oppa had with snsd..ahah..
i know many people hated this haptic cf...oh well, i hated it before..but not now..ahah...and of course this is not the reason i hated snsd...IM SURE IT ISNT!! if they sing well, mayb i will consider myself honey..but too bad..they cant impress me...even shinee did wayy better job than the whole cf included the making..i only like watching haptic game and making of i will post up making of haptic..eng sub! LOL...i will post up eng sub for everyone sake..ahah...

ahh...from this making u can see TVXQ only play among themselve after the cf...there is one scene where jaejoong oppa just turn and walk away as soon as the director says CUT! i mean u can stand there and smile and laugh..not just like..CUT, turn and walk away...and then in the airport, jaemin and yoosu...our leader are trying to be in his usual..walk down and wave..just like a prince..n it kill a lot of fangirls!! LOL...this is nice to watch..i lovee it!! ahah...and of course the end de.. yeorobun, SARANGHAEYO!!!!! by kim jaejoong oppa..ahahah....oppa, saranghaeyo!!!

since im posting vid, here is kinda old..i watch it before ...the top 10 songs of TVXQ picked by because TVXQ is the kpop 1st!!! i mean they are in the boys and girls top 100 and of course the top #1...when im watchin random vid (out of bored) i saw this, here is the top 10 vid by mnet...LOL

and what is oppa fav top 5 ??? will it be the same like the one choosen in mnet ???? here is their choice!!

ahah..i like jaejoong oppa saying go go go..LOL..he always say it...darn,this dorky funny mum of the group!! LOL.....oh oh..and junsu:REMEMBER.. then...silent...den jaemin : LOL!! ahaha...they are cute!!! and yea..i love remember!! oh oh...and jaejoong oppa goes RISING SUN with his hand gesture and changmin oppa goes i never did that did i ?? LOL...and of course the cute ending by jaeminsu!! LOL...jaejoong :REMEMBER~ (in hug style) and changmin : REMEMBER~ ( follow jaejoong but o.O am i in the right song?? ) junsu : REMEMBER~ (in hug style) den..jaesu:REMEMBER!!! then walk away and changmin was like o.O what is this 2 trying to do??? LOL...they are loveeee... <33!!

is my oppa cute?? and funny enuf to be a deejay ?? they are multi-talented!! what is ur top 5 song from TVXQ???? let me list mine...
#5 thanks to
#4 i'll be there
#3 rising sun
#2 whatever they say
#1 hug oppa, is the song i will never get bored too....i wonder y oppa never choose O Jung Ban Hap..this is the song that gets them sooo many awards...oh well, they are releasing their 4th korean friend had been telling me many cassie has went into other fc..but i really they come back for 4th korean album...TVXQ & CASSIOPEIA HWAITING!! oh well, i never believe their fans decreased...they are increasing...and will increase more...oh well, bigeast and international fans are increasing...isnt it???? hwaiting!!!!!
and at last..the mv of the song that top the list for mnet,TVXQ fav song and also my list...HUG!!!

celebrating day

ghee..when i use red..most of the time is happy times and well, is somethin on to celebrate!!
yay...soo i shud be writing this on wednesday when oricon webpage updated their page and put up the latest weekly chart...but then..we get to know it what is soo big??!!!
oh well, read my title...and is oricon weekly...duhh...cant u guess it???LOL...mostly cassiopeia will get it...ahah
what is it ?? LOL...i cant hear you!!!
yuppies yay!!! YES!!
is TVXQ day!! i mean doushite day!!!
oh well, let me break it up... TVXQ SET HISTORY BY BECOMING THE 1ST FOREIGN ARTIST TO TOP ORICON WEEKLY 3 TIMES CONSECUTIVELY!! so we had set a big history...they sell approximately 68 000 copies in their 1st week WITHOUT ANY PROMOTION!!! soo chukahae oppa!!!!
shouldnt we celebrate it ??? ahah


i wonder how will oppa celebrate this?????? i hope they show us the clip of them celebrating...i remember there is a clip when they celebrate their 1st time topping daily chart...running all around..hmmm,wait i go dig that clip..... here is the sorry..the connection here kinda sux....wait i reach home n i will embedded it...ahh here u are!!

oh and sme is goin to do unfold story for its famous singer..singer from here is somethin on the schedule..LOL
Episode 1 - Yun Ho: The County Boy
Episode 2 - Xiah Junsu: The Mountain's Peak
Episode 3 - Micky Yoochun: The American Dream
Episode 4 - Choi Kang Chang Min: The Priceless Stairs
Episode 5 - Jae Joong: The Street Lights
Chapter 2: BoA
Chapter 3: Super Junior
Chapter 4: Kangta

so how is the schedule ?? LOL watching it!! for damn is goin to be fun plus sad!!!!! i wonder if i will cry...oh well, their background aint good..they shud do episode 6..from the moment they debut till today..standing as ASIA #1 TOP BOYBAND!!
oh oh..i dled HQ version of the open concert and will reupload it and post it in GW...dl it from there....havent post it yet...LOL....not free..ahaha
im listening to bigeast when writing this...soo jaejoong,changmin and yoonho oppa turn!! and they had new section where they will act...the script will be written base on the audience ideas..ahahah...soo funny!!! im laughing like crazy!! ahaha...listen to it...its fun...and they are such a total jaeho!!! and and jaejoong oppa as the girl meanwhile yunho oppa as the man...and changmin as the noodle seller...LOL....n yunho oppa kiss jaejoong oppa and jaejoong oppa goes shy but like it..OMG..this is hot!!!!! ^^V i cant write the whole thing..ahah...its too long

oh oh...i guess this is enough for a post...ahah...well,i shared quite a few things..and will be editing this post when i reach home....if u reading it..u will know y 9th aug is important for ppl who had kbs channel..or channel 303 in astro....this is somethin i will share always...keep on reading it to know it!! LOL

hey hey..remember jae singing i believe i will fly?? junsu had his own 2 1 from our pretty caring yet over dorky mum of the group and one from the 24/7 funny-yet-wanted-to-be-charismatic baby..



this is total a jaesu moment!!! jaejong oppa spreading his arms and junsu oppa singing i believe i can fly...ahhhh...recently there are too much of jaesu and yoomin...yoosu and jaeho just poof...ahah..not really gone but then it become less..maybe their relation between them increase and other couple become a hot topic instead this yoosu and jaeho and jaemin...oh oh..minsu are spotted a lot in this 1 week photobook!! LOL
talking about this photbook really make me go...arghhhhhhhhhhhh *jumping and running angrily all over around* the prices increased for USD 20 per photobook!! ghee....i know..this is 3rd time yesasia put in the stock....but then cant they just maintain it??? T.T this photobook is selling like a hot cake!!! i havent lay my finger on it...oh well, never think of buying it!! ahahahahhahaha
too many things to buy on...n photobook is actually useless...LOL...
oh today recommended song is
title: Love.. It's Painful
artist: The Way (Park Jin Hyuk)

get it from me..ahah..and oh..if i dun hv any new song i will post up an old song!! enjoy!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

sharing is caring

ghee..i cant believe i wrote my blog now..ahaha
i cant get any idea on what to write...i would probably tell what i had shared just now..
what i have downloaded and have reuploaded the things up....oh oh, this caption i got it when i dl Wonder Girls keroro cf...anyway, this cf is cute..i mean the cute things dancing and well, WG too...aahha..they had cute dance..ahah...owh, i should share the cf here..i mean post the youtube but then i didnt save the link so go dig it up in WG latest cf though...get a glimpse of it..but then i dont have the cf..i dl it..but it needed passwords..and i cant get the passwords so i end up delete the whole cf...mianhae...^^;;
woahh...i try to post snsd pics just now...and guess what..i had to refresh the page like 3 times to get all the 9 pics!!! it show that i and snsd are not in good term...^^
well , i successfully upload all the pics....and is now in GW..LOL...
plus with the pics of oppa in ray september and also yoochun oppa signing for the poster...ahah
there is a lot i put up..since im free...LOL
u know...lately i got soo soompi i got to know a us cassie..LOL..
and we been chatting thru the soompi pm for nearly a week??
and also i got a fren in youtube and been chatting thru the youtube pm for like a few hours ago...hahahahahah
i have been to a few blog...and is a total TVXQ blog...and every post..
is about
im been thinking to myself..this is call enews is this mean my blog is not enews blog???
i dont know what am i craping now..LOL
so today recommended song is...
well, leave comment if u want this song..

the fever!

yay....what fever??? is TVXQ fever..LOL...
i guess my fever has reach like 40 degree celcius.. ^^;;
im really doom!!
yay me....not really a yay..ahah..^^V
ok..i missed watched oppa in TVANTS just now...oppa performing kbs 60th anniversary....
perform 2 song..what 2 song??? well,ahah...PURPLE LINE & YEO HAENG GI.. ^^V
and well...if u r observance the begining of yeo haeng gi, u can see the red sea..
im soo proud of cassiopeia!!
here is the vid :

PURPLE LINE - they have new dance??? ahah...well,nice dance!!! ahahah..^^V they always did a great job!!! and notice in 0.28, we can see the red sea again!! ahah...the intro dance are different..ahah..

YEO HAENG GI-great vocal!!!!!!!!! ahhhh..i just love them..all of them improved their vocal..and i can bet their 4th korean album is goin to b a big hit!!! better vocals..and better live!! yay!!! oh oh..there is a few part u can see the GREAT RED the begining, 3.10-3.16 and the end..

watch out for the red sea!!! ^^V
they are always amazing...oh waiting for the vid to dl and post the dl link..
ahah....oh oh, is it me or they are getting more n more in fat???? ahaha...their muscle are getting bigger..ahah...<33
oh oh..
i downloaded all the haptic cf...and i have posted it in gossipwhatever..
here is the download link :

i posted a lot of pics just now...on kbs for tvxq,shinee on cbs concert, fti in japan and snsd in nexon meeting...pynic unnie requested for red version of the cf..unnie,i will find and send it to u as soon as possible!!! mianhae!!! i founded the cf..but is in FLV and i cant even open with VLC....i will keep on finding it..ahah... the cf is posted in the post above!! yay..HQ also.. ahh...the cf is HQ ohh....dl it if u want it!! direct dl link will be posted here..unless is super old song/cf/vid or perf....then i will post up direct dl link..ahah...enjoy it!!!

AND WELL, WATCH THIS CONCERT IN KBS WORDL (CHANNEL 303) IN ASTRO AT 9th AUGUST!! REMEMBER!!! soo going to watch it!! them and the red sea in national tv!!!!!!! ^^V

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my gloomy sunday

g lyay!! i open a new photobucket account..well, i need to post pics...and well,just open a new time i can use both to upload pics..ahah..i posted kbs anniversary pics just now..i wanted to post it since sat..but not free and plus my photobucket tradegy..soo end up only posted it got..ermm..around 30 pics 34 of is some for a glimpse!! other get it from gossipwhatever!

always pretty jae!

charismatic leader yun!

attractive smile prince chunie!

cutie pie bubbly su!

hotness overload maknae min!

ahah!arent they cute!! my favourite boygroup for almost 3 years!!! yay me..n yay cassiopeia!!LOL...since i got my photobucket back..i have posted pics in GW again..but NOT POSTING PICS ON THE PHOTOBOOK...i have nearly 200 pics...i guess im finding another 7 pics to make it up to 200 pics altogther...yesh..after the photobook released only i will post it...or mayb i will change my mind later on...THE FREAKING PHOTBOOK ALREADY OUT OF ORDER!! ghee..cassiopeia are really.....fuhh...this is the second time...last month already out of order..and SM ENTERTAINMENT added the stock..and now is OUT OF STOCK again!!! T.T
wad the..T.T hopefully they have enuf stock for 4th korean album...T.T
oh yea..they are still ahead for the 23rd jap single sale..ahead of arayaki yui for almost 28k...
oppa aza!!! i guess the sale counts till today..or mostly till impossible to catch up 28k in 2 days..i guess...anyway..congrats first!! chukahaeyo!! omedatou!!! LOL....hmm since im here...there is one song i wanted to recomend..set wern told me about it..and well is nice..ahah
the song is 사랑은 비를 타고 from 이승우 (Lee Seung Woo) in his album 조영수 + All Star Vol.2..
if want get it from me!! ahaha..nice song...
oh yea..i posted pics of shinee in cbs concert as well....get it in gossipwhatever!! ahah..not posting it here...see it in GW...oh oh...
to shinee, i know u guys didnt get to win the mutizen awards..*which is a big awards* in inkigayo..dont be sad!! (i saw taemin super sad at there) ..u guys did ur best..although this noona not a fans..but then, u guys did a great job..i will support u *in terms of mental support* ^^V
oh well,since u guys say here is like a enews....i will do somethin like enews..ahah...i will put up recommended song everytime i blog...1 day 1 song i guess...and if want the song..get it from me or mayb get it from is from lee seung woo..i said it earlier..

please please do follow it....T.T

Saturday, July 19, 2008

internet crash

saw all my pics down there???
bandwidth exceeded!!!!
gosh gracious!!!!!
all my pics turn into that fugly pics telling me i exceeded the bandwidth!!!!!
did anyone hotlinked my pics ???
well is kinda hard to track it down...
and i dont quite understand y it happen in the first place!!!
oh well
im kinda..yes!! PISS OFF!!!

Total Pictures and Videos 982
Monthly Hits 248750
Album Size 190 MB (18%) 1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 29.2 GB (100%) 25 GB

i wanted to cry.....oh well,i guess i have to wait till next month to see if my pretty pics of TVXQ n other pics come back...T.T

oh yea...i open a new acc in imageshack..
later upload pics there....

oh oh..
i have save almost 90++ 120+ pics from the TVXQ photobook
i will zip it up later...
and yea
i posted up almost like 70 pics yesterday in GW..
but then this thing happen to me...
i deleted the whole topic though...
mayb i will post up the dl link to the zip file...
containing all the pics...

y this happen to me!!!
i hate it!!!

oh oh..i wonder if u guys watched the red version of the cf...
is like my pretty darling jaejoong oppa is batchin in his own blood!!!
im not afraid of blood but the scene where jae oppa batchin his own blood freaks me out!!!

fugly sight!!!! i wonder y they had themes like this...i cant understand all the cf!!!!!! =.=;;
here is the cf..

oh oh..although i kinda hated it because of my photobucket.....
i found one happy news though..
TVXQ RANKED #1 IN MUSIC STATION!! oh well,music station is partially own by JE COMPANY and well, TVXQ never invited to the show....except for last angels...oh oh..ONLY SUPER FAMOUS ARTIST WILL BE INVITED....and since JE sees TVXQ as their rivals..they never invited TVXQ into the show....and now..doushite topped their single chart!! amazing rite??? they sold almost 70 000 in last 3 days!!! really proud of them.....<333>
here is the vid..(and the show the part of mv without TVXQ...but expected isnt it..AND IS SHORT...oh well, that is the most they can do for their rival!!!!)

ahah!!! n here is the vid with all pics from the photobook i guess...ahah...i think i shud get it...i wanted it sooo much!!! =.=;;
oh oh......i will pot up all this pics and the dl link..but not now...i will only post it when people got their kinda unfair to other..PLUS my photobucket cant be sorry to GW member...=.=;; mayb other can post it....other member if have it..please post it...but i will only post next month..

Friday, July 18, 2008

here i am!

here im back from my 1 day trip from KL!! before i said anythin on my trip let me settle down with TVXQ 1st!!! yay!! THE HAPTIC IS OUT!!! i said i love july!!! n i never wrong...july is indeed full of loveeee <3333

PINK - Junsu & Yunho - "Love is always sweet Pink"
WHITE - Yoochun & Changmin - "Blinded by jealousy, my love is White."
BLUE - Jaejoong - "My heart is Blue"

omg!! the cf is killing!!!! hosu is definately too sweet!!! the smiles just made me fainted!!! and yoomin..OMG...charisma overload!!! they drown me with their sweats~~ahhhhhhhhhh.....and jaejoong oppa!!! arghh..the tears...omg omg..i can definately feel my air around me is tight and im catching breath!!hotness!!!! omg....this cf is definately GREAT!! omg....i can feel the charming part of TXVQ!!! arghhh...i will i had one of those handphones!! and im hoping to be that handphone!! OMGGG...HAPTIC!! TXVQ....cant they be any more normal human...omg..they are indeed the god!! ^^ oh oh...and the girl is jeon ji is something needed to take note for all cassie...dbsk and jeon ji hyun filmed separately. they're edited into the same scenes!! u know what this mean???? PREVENTING CASSIOPEIA BASHING!! they have brains nowadays..LOL...actually if is not snsd..i guess cassie wont bash ??? <33>

oh yea...the korean music somethin has release their result on selling of cd for the first half year 2008...and here is the result..
Kim Dong Ryul 5th - 107,608 copies
ShinHwa 9th - 102,315 copies
Epik High 5th - 74,684 copies
SG Wannabe 5th - 67,189 copies
Brown Eyes 3rd - 64,911 copies
So Nyeo Shi Dae 1st - 64,339 copies
Nell 4th - 52,051 copies
Lee Seung Gi “When a man loves a woman VOL 2″ - 41,836 copies
Love Songs 2008 - 38,716 copies
Sung Shi Kyung 6th - 37,402 copies
107 608 copies for 1st half year is kinda..uhm..little??? or maybe not...
but then..that is what TVXQ have to break for their 4th korean obtain the dasaeng awards!! soooo everyone help to support TVXQ ok???? but then i have the confidence..afterall we waited for this allbum like 2 years already???? T.T and is goin to release on 28 August...i will pre-order it late 1 week..just in case it come out repackage like what happen in Rising Sun and O Jung Ban Hap...soo i will wait for 1 week...ahah....oh oh...and here is the sale of a few of TVXQ albums and single up to date!! aahhah...
Hug Single - 702 ~~~Total - 194,972
The Way U Are Single - 865~~~Total - 239,807
Tri-Angle - 715~~~Total - 305,343
O Jung Ban Hap - 1,442~~~Total - 395,105

amazing??LOL....they broke the target..ahah...i remember that time is around up till today after 2 395k??? LOL....indicate cassiopeia is increasing..LOL...

oh oh...the photobook photo has come going to post it up all later..after collecting it from dnbn...and of course..u guys need to check it out in GW..LOL..
plus with haptic cf pics...ahahah..and the vid!!! is there anythin i miss out?? LOL...i just reach home and when i open soompi and everythin just boom!!! and i got a min stunn with all these things...ahahah.....soompi wont let people post the pics im goin to get all from dnbn..LOL...ok..done with is somethin happen today..ahah

i went to KL today...nothing much happen..the interview went on smoothly...oh well,for a talkative person like me dont encounter much problem..just hope they give it to horoscope say today i will be is!!! interview went on smoothly...come back i got all these TVXQ stuff....and forget to mention i saw 2 handsome guy on is hotie caucasian..and another is a cutie pie chinese guy..he sit right behind me..n before the ang moh left..he wave bye to me..LOL...oh well,im standing where his taxi is and was listening to what he talk to the taxi man...and after he went...i wave bye and he wave back...LOL....the chinese guy are really cute!! i dont dare to turn my head back too much....ahaha.....many happy things happen and i have been smilling non stop since wednesday till today!! hope it continues till the end..LOL....

for everythin u needed...i mean like pics of dl..get it in GW..i think im goin to find the cf and dl it and post it in get it there!! LOL...saranghae!!! <33

Thursday, July 17, 2008


yay!! im using FLY TO THE SKY as my title...FTTS!!!
LOL....stop o.O on my post...FTTS is a korean duo...they are Hwanghee and Brian Joo..
ahah...formerly from SM left to other company ade...if u guys watch some of TVXQ interview or maybe latest starshow..the starking?? micky oppa did mention on Brian Joo oppa...remember ??? LOL....Brian oppa is a AMERICAN-KOREAN..he possess a fluent english..and if u guys remember..he is the mc for DREAM CONCERT..(at the end where yunho oppa hug him when they were singing balloons..remember??? i lazy 1na find the pics..i have to go thru like thousands of pics...)
i was looking thru FTTS thread i hv this urge to write bout them..ahh...i miss their vocals soo much...and certainly miss their olden days...especially in SM..i wont wrote much on Hwanghee..i will more focus on Brian..sorry..but i dont really know Hwanghee aka Fany compare to Brian..haha..i just know Hwanghee acted in 1 drama..ahah..thats all i guess..he is kinda quiet compare to Brian...Brian oppa released his solo single back in 2006...ahah...
im watching their Gravity paradoy and then suddenly miss their i start watching back their mvs...well the 1st song will be sure my fav song from GOODBYE! yay me...that song is sooo touching..well add with the might cry!! well that person includes me..ahah..
i was watchin goodbye mv when i saw tons of TVXQ and FTTS moment in the related i start watchin it...ahah...and most is Brian oppa moment with TVXQ moment..there is once where FTTS call to the radio show TVXQ is there..and Brian revealed much a lot of TVXQ secret..TVXQ oppa cant control but LOL on it..ahah..i remember wher Brian oppa say jaejoong oppa would always instead on saying "hyung,how are you??" when met him will start off with "hyung, i want this!!" and "hyung,buy me food!" and he said he spent a lot on jaejoong oppa!! LOL..and he went on with junsu oppa duck-butt..both of them have kamo(duck in jap) butt!!! and junsu oppa is saying i have smaller duck butt and brian hyung have bigger duck butt...ahah...and brian oppa said yoochun oppa have lots of tears and keep on teasing on them..soo cute of him~!!! and of course TVXQ!! ahah...then i went on watchin mnet..where Brian oppa say junsu don't act like a man all the time..and always call him and said " hyung,saranghamnida.." and "hyung,i havent talk to u soo long!!" and etc...junsu oppa turn to camera n shake his head innocently!! soo cute!! and changmin talking bout brian oppa coming out single and he was u know your dream?? and changmin said..but u said it 3 months ago!!! and changmin hug him...after all those funny teasing on junsu acting like a girl..junsu oppa ask changmin wad show is it and changmin said is mnet star!! junsu was like OMG!!! n noe y?? because mnet is one of fav korean reality show...yunho oppa ask junsu oppa to comment on brian oppa..and he went on this hyung bla bla bla..and wen he end, brian was much u want?? LOL..soo cute!!! there is TVXQ attend FTTS burfday party and more...there are wayy lot of their cute moment...ahah..too bad i cant wrote all them in!
then i saw brian and SJ!! is eunhyuk,sungmin,kangin n eeteuk!!! yay.. it was before brian performance..he was in his dressing room when eunhyuk oppa n sungmin oppa went in and sing congratulation to him..he was stunn and i think he was thinking what is both this 2 man doing?!! ahah....after eunhyuk oppa and sungmin oppa left..eeteuk oppa n kangin oppa went in!! LOL..he was totally o.O..i think he was thinking y is SJ boys all over the place!! LOL..well its not very close if we watch the video..mayb because he wasnt that close to SJ compare to TVXQ..or it mayb just me..ahaha....but then,eeteuk oppa really look up on brian oppa..i remember eeteuk oppa during training got his punishment and he had to clean all the mirror in the dressing room...but then wen brian oppa walk in with bada unnie..he help eeteuk oppa..that is why eeteuk oppa look up on brian oppa...
finish with SJ..i saw brian oppa with kim hyung joon...hyung joon oppa is the leader of ss501.. and he is train under SM Entertaiment before went in he is very close to SM TOWNERS..ahah...and is a very close fren to dont bash ss501!!! oppa will angry ohh..ahah..brian oppa say hyung joon is like a girlfriend to him..very pretty and etc..and hyung joon was like thank you hyung..and please stop teasing me..they both took a pic together!! OMG!! sooo hot!! brian oppa said..i was waiting for u to say..ohh hyung,u r handsome too!! and he said hyung joon don't know how to react to comment..ahahahah..soo cute and funny!! n can see both are close!! ahah....i remember watching TVXQ n SS501 in a show SS501 mission impossible...and also hyung joon in xman together with yunho oppa,stephanie unnie,junsu oppa and micky opppa...i would always laugh how hyung joon oppa will look at stephanie unnie.. (stephanie is from CSJH) when she dance!! and full of admiration..
ok back!! ahah..after watchin brian oppa n hyung joon oppa.... i watch him and BoA unnie!! OMG..both of them really close to each other..and apart from brian joo..TVXQ is the next one to have such funny act with BoA..maybe there are other..but then..ahah...they both really cute and always play and fool around!!! i was hoping both of them are would be great!! such a cute pairing!! ahah...soo childish..i never imagine BoA unnie would become such a kiddie..i know she has her childish someone mention before..i forget who..but i think is from CSJH..ahah..should be sunday unnie..or maybe dana unnie...but really funny to watch both of them together...ahah..
there is another where Brian oppa dance with hyung joon in xman..ahaha..and special stage in music bank where Eru (이루), Brian Joo, Kim Hyung Joon, Haha singing " To my Boyfriend" by FIN KL..can see how brian oppa n hyung joon oppa on the stage!! LOL..
there are junjin oppa(from shinhwa) and brian oppa...and brian oppa with BADA (from of great girlgroup from SM Entertainment)..he really had a lot of good friends...yoochun oppa said he is their best friend..i was surprise because yoochun oppa didnt mention SJ..but him..but then now..he is really a good friend to other..oh oh...he said to hyung joon that he n hyung joon are ssbrother!! LOL...oh oh..add jae joong oppa is a fans of Hwanghee oppa..aka Fany oppa! haahah

ghee...let me post a few vid on it!! ahah

2. BRIAN and SJ

3. Brian and BoA

4. Brian and Hyung Joon (ss501)

n i cant post more..ahahah..too long!!there is a few more i watch...but then if i will overload!!ahaha

and end,FTTS will be having their concert in SEOUL and also LA...soo went to it of u can..their ballads are really great....recommended song
1. Goodbye
2. Gravity
3. Sea of Love
5. Im Sorry

enjoy!!! FTTS..everyone fav friend!! is the GOODBYE MV!

ghee...nearly forgot!!! is DANA UNNIE BURFDAY!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

is DOUSHITE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!! let celebrate this!!!
yay to TOHOSHINKI!!!
16 of july!!!
i remember 16 of jan is the day of purple line...
half year from the day of doushite!!!!!!!!!!!!!





-- -- -- -- -- --↑*1 東方神起 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 30668
-- -- -- -- -- --↑*2 新垣結衣 「Make my day」 9556
-- -- -- -- -- --↑*3 John-Hoon 「君を守りたい」 5323
-- -- -- -- -- --↑*4 福耳 「DANCE BABY DANCE/夏はこれからだ!」
-- -- -- -- -- --↑*5 アイドリング!!! 「告白」
-- -- -- -- -- --↑*6 月島きらり starring 久住小春(モーニング娘。) 「パパンケーキ」
-- -- -- -- -- --↑*7 徳永英明 「愛が哀しいから」
*1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1↓*8 マキシマム ザ ホルモン 「爪爪爪/「F」」
*2 *2 *2 *2 *2 *2↓*9 Perfume 「love the world」
*8 *4 *4 *3 *3 *4↓10 嵐 「One Love」
-- -- -- -- -- --↑11 doa 「サザンライツ」
*5 *6 *5 *5 *4 *3↓12 青山テルマ 「何度も」
*3 *3 *3 *4 *6 *5↓13 いきものがかり 「ブルーバード」
-- -- -- -- -- --↑14 キャナァーリ倶楽部 「瞳がキラキララ」
48 31 19 19 16 13\15 藤岡藤巻と大橋のぞみ 「崖の上のポニョ」
12 12 10 *8 *8 *7↓16 YUI 「SUMMER SONG」
11 *7 *6 *6 *5 *6↓17 羞恥心 「泣かないで」
13 11 *9 *7 *7 *8↓18 GReeeeN 「キセキ」
14 13 11 12 10 11↓19 VAMPS 「LOVE ADDICT」
-- -- -- -- -- --↑20 福原美穂 「ひまわり」

yay!!! lets celebrate with TVXQ!! jeaongmal chukahae!!! sooooo excited!! yay me!!! lets celebrate!!!






i added baby yoojoon cyworld update in GW..ahah...and of course this news on top...if bringin out please credit!! yay!!

month of july month of happiness...

is month of july!!!! month which full of happiness!!! month which is full of burfday.. yay!!!!
let me list down people who is born in july..aha..

1st of july - park jungsoo! aka eeteuk from SJ!! our dear SJ leader..
10th of july - kim heechul from SJ!! our cinderella in SM TOWN..
13th of july - wen shan!! my dear friend know her for almost 7 years..yay!
15th of july - my burfday!!!!! yay myself.....
17th of july - dana from CSJH!! she has yoonho oppa as her back up dancer before..way before TVXQ debuted!! ahah
19th of july - alvin ong burfday!! ahah...
26 th of july - jang yoojoon from ITT .. yay to our maknae from ITT!!! go baby yoojoon!!!

anymore burfday?? tell me..i will add in..ahaha...
isnt this is a month full of burfday??ahahha.... let me think..i will add in if got..ahah...apart from this...I DOWNLOADED THE DOUSHITE ACAPPELLA!!!! here is the link..

this is getting on my nerve!!!
oricon chart!!!!!!!! when will they update it... T.T
im waiting for the result for the single in daily chart..
soo nervous..and i nearly cant breath from the nevous....
quickly update leee...i will add in the happy news here...i mean after they update....
i nearly cant breath... <.<

read the post above!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


saeng ill chuka to myself!!
today is my burfday!!!!!!
but is just like a normal day...
as usual... home
doing nothing....ahahahahah..
i remember there is once my burfday collides with bon odori..
but then i didnt go bon at restaurant with my friends and family...
talkin bout it...its been soo long since i talk to rio....
his brother rix going to be pilot...ahah....its been 3 months since i talk to him....and rio???almost 1 year!!!! but then last week he call my dad...LOL...
his brother grown up to be a cutie pie!!LOL....i guess younger than me a year...or mayb 2..
forget ade...LOL....ask him later wen chat...^^V
oh oh, saengill chuka... mum plan to buy McD!!!!
and my sister wanted to buy cake...choco moist cake...that is her fav cake not end up she will b the one finish the whole cake instead of me....i prefer ice cream cake though...
n since there is NO A SINGLE SOUL in penang....DON'T ASK ME WHAT PRESENT I GOT!!
my dad already gave me a lappie as mum said she goin to pay for TVXQ 4th korean bro say no sis say next year....that all from my family..
and mayb i will get some cash from relative though...
actually i wanted an ipod.....but dad dun1...he say..USELESS...
but then he bought a set of speaker and put it in my car and say nahh,another present for u...
and i said..USELESS...i prefer ipod...*sulk* u know y..I ALREADY HAVE SPEAKER IN MY CAR..and now the volume is like superb loud...urgh...wth!!
but then i believe i can get my ipod..but not dad n i are technology freak..ahahaha...we love things like comp,handphone and some sort of electronic device....
my mum...she is paying for 4th korean getting her paying the T TOUR..
but then......sigh...i see a slim chance to get it...she is not a kpop freak...and obviously dun wish to waste any money on dvds....she would happily paying if i bought some dress or shoes or bags...GIRLS!! or shud i say WOMENS..^^V

oh oh..ss501 concert in japan sold out...12 000 fans....triple s in japan increases...well nice work..although that 12 000 triple s is equal to 12 000 ELF in SJ 1st fans meeting...
keep on hwaiting!!! a good start i would for BIGEAST...dont need to say...that 12 000 is less than the bigeast attend FITB concert....and T tour is 150 000 people...but then keep on hwaiting ss501!!!! i posted the news in GW though...
and oso...arayaki yui latest single..which shud b release 2morro...together with TVXQ..
i dunnoe which yui is this..but then..i hope..TVXQ SALES IS HIGHER..*praying..*
oh oh..wait *saying sorry to yui*
but im more to TVXQ...
arayaki yui has a-cappella in this single...2 song altogether..
i went to shyeunpop just now...and yea..i have to agree on people that this site is #1 anti snsd site...but then..i enjoy what they not anti but then...i just dun like snsd...
aahahhaha....ok back..i have people if it need to top #1 in daily or weekly in oricon to set a new history...and and IT NEED TO TOP IN WEEKLY CHART!! well...i hv faith in oppa...and this song is really addictive!! GO TVXQ!!! i hope the sale are high...oppa now in korea...for what???
oh oh...for KBS concert....then they have to start on their a-nation ade...for sm town concert...i think they could relax a bit..afterall they are top sm celeb....performing 6 songs in sm town concert.....a-nation is actually somethin like sm town will b perform by only avex artist...A(vex)-Nation...oh yea...CSJH will perform 6 out of 8 show in a-nation...TVXQ will perform full 8 show...1 will be with namie amuro...and 1 will be with koda kumi..either way..performing full 8 show means we will see TVXQ/THSK in the stage with all AVEX artist..all the jpop..ahaha....

ok..gotta enews blog...=.=;;
everyine saying here is enews blog....anyway some present for myself...aahahah

here is oppa with the cake and cheering for me



and them singing burfday song...ahah

its meant to sing to me..
i know u guys will go like this >> o.O
or this >> =.=;;;;

THANK YOU FIONA!! love you!! omg omg..she posted the dl links for the whole single for doushite kimi wo suke ni natte shimattandarou!!!!
omg omg..i really love u!!! muaksss

enjoy the single!!
if u guys afford..
buy it..
i feel like buying it..but then..ahaha