Monday, September 29, 2008

the medico life

i was supposed to write this like 2 days ago..but im kinda lazy to transfer the photos from my handphone to my lappie and start uploading it up in my photobucket...mianhaeeeee.. so here is my story..:

so people say the route to medicine are hard and gotta be strong to walk finish the whole route..and well, after 1 week of lecture, i have no choice but to agree with the statement...
not only the lecture..but the view of the books only are enough to make you go heir wire!!!!!the thickness of the books..and the needs to memorize the whole book are enough to make someone crazy..well, at least for me..but well,we need to give to get something rite?? for my ambition, i have no choice but to gulp in all all the look-like-never-ending-facts...

and well, everyone have to finish reading the lecture before entering the class...
and oh yea, i have already move to my friend house!!!! more 11 indians with me now... i would say, it makes my life from miserable..rofl..
okay back,so we got back from lecture earlier on this one day..i forget when is it..if im not mistaken, it was tuesday...and well, someone said she is not going to we end up studying in the living hall..trying to figure out the lecture 3 before the biochemistry class tomorrow...and well the we are me, tsyr xiang and karen...sheila, pokok and jessica are in they dream...with their prince charming and magical castle...i actually wanted to online but then for some reason the connection down that day...and its kinda i turn to study...

well, we were half joking with the facts and half studying..but then it help in memorizing the facts..and well, i still remember the jokes make up by tsyr xiang..arigatou tsyr xiang...

i still remember alpha chain has 141 amino acids and is in chromosome 16 and while beta chain has 146 amino acids and is in chromosome 11...and well, we finish half way and went down for dinner at that time, jessica, shiela and pokok have finish their dinner...and back to hostel..due to breakdown of internet, jessica went to cybercafe....after dinner we went back to dinner and the internet were back again..we took a break and online till 10pm..and well, finish a few things after that...
life aint hard when you got a bunch of crazy friends and well, the never ending fun and jokes that makes life easier and less stress..during that night, we were playing and joking..and well, pokok did something that makes me laughing non stop..

well, pokok wanted to online in the hall...and tsyr xiang lappie is in the hall...tsyr xiang ask her to connect the plug to the charge her lappie..pokok(gayatri) did that but then little did she realised that she didnt switch on the switch!!!!!! and by the time i realise she didnt did it, she had already finish online-ing..and is sheila who are playing with the lappie!! and that night, u could listen to tsyr chipmunk singing style...singing lucky by britney spears...sheila singing and also..well me..rofl...we have a real laugh from it...^_^
this is pokok with the comp...

and after that..on friday, karen ask gaya to switch on the fan..the convo is something like this:
karen : GAYA, can u please switch on the fan??
*gaya walk to switch it on*
jolyn : pokok!! u know how to switch in on?? *tsyr xiang burst out laughing*
gaya & karen : o_O
jolyn : i thought u just know how to plug in the soket but dont know how to switch in on...
gaya : JOLYN!!!!! *walk off*

i know i am mean!! but without me, it would be silent..and it wont be fun and nice...and well, i and tsyr xiang are the oldest in the house (excluding the people in bedroom 2 - they stay at room all the time) but both of us are acknowledged by the other housemates as the most childish ones...

anyway, there is times when studies affect our behaviour and something like this happen..
tsyr xiang being ss (syok sendiri) suddenly and trying to polluting my handphone :

sheila trying to be cute..ahem ahem mature kononnya ahem ahem..

my shoe and karen's during the boring biochemistry class :

the overstress displayed in the face :

u were supposed to study my dear..not taking photo of the same old building of aimst!!

i remember i always spazz on writing the pros and cons of AIMST...and well, one of the cons of is always full of flies!!!!!!!!!! and the flies are irritating!!!!!

and well, on friday is packing day!! 9 days holiday!! and well, all student who is going to bring back their clothes will have this kind of situation..and the people include me as well...^^

isnt life fun and nice??? LOL..oh oh, there is something happen in epidermology class!!! and well, i wasnt suppose to write is soo funny!!!! ^^ i will ask for the copy rights from the owner of the action before writing it here..rofl..
according to that is something about her dignity...LOL

Saturday, September 27, 2008

here day!!

hip hip hoorayy to all shapley...or shud i say shapleyian..i mean like cassiopeia - cassiopeian..rofl..anyway, yay!! the mv for here are out!!! i know i have to blog on my medico 2nd week life...i will do it after i finish uploading my pictures into my photobucket..^^

anyway, the mv for here are out!!! the girls are sooo pretty..really love them there!!!!its soo..what should i say..classic??? ermm...simple?? anything..i just lovee the mv!!! is the pv...^^

i wanted to download it..but is stated there, i will wait for the HQ..hooray to estelgrace, cdm and tenjo*affinity..they are the top shapley for international me at

anyway, there is another group of girlgroup releasing their mv...WONDER GIRLS - NOBODY..but then to be honest i prefer so hot lo...this song not really hit me...i could group it with tell me?? lol

the mv also normal...anyway,how come i havent heard anything from snsd?? although i hate them, but they are releasing album around this month...nothing de???? -_-

ghee!!and yeah!!!! TVXQ mirotic officially sold today!!!! and for today only is stated 44k!!!!!!! plus with pre-orders...well we take it as 350 000...OMG!!! surpass 400 000...anyway, please notice version C,D and E havent official sold yet...^^ im miroticed!!!! lol
the new cassiopeians vocabulary..rofl..their albums really good biased anyway..rofl..

owh owh!!

oh yea...karen and tsyr xiang is here in penang for their one day trip..^^
and well, after they went back only i realise im fever!!!

sore throat and fever!!!!
why now!!!! during my holiday?!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


jumun is the korean word of spell..which is also the korean name for mirotic!! oh yea oh yea...
im soo happy that i havent pre-order the album lo..cuz now..IT HAS 5 VERSIONS ALTOGETHER!! yay is the other 3 version...^^

C Ver-Includes Showcase
D Ver -members compose songs
E Ver -Special Version, im getting the VERSION E..!! yay!! pynic said she is going for VERSION D..anyway pynic said is 6 version malaysian version..

so now u know what will i buy rite?!! soo happy that i actually wait..rofl..anyway, here is a few video related to jumun...i will write about my 2nd week of medico later on..rofl...a lot of stuff on there..rofl..

oh yea..actually i dont think we need to worry for TVXQ for this end of the year mkmf..i know a lot worry because of the viewers in youtube video for big bang and wonder girls hit millions views..but not for TVXQ..but then, do u really care on that?? i mean come on..there are A LOT of uploader for TVXQ..we diverse out..and yeah do view in youtube more important or the sales of the album??? i mean big bang hit nearly 130 000 sales till this month...give wonder girls a 100 000 sales..(like big bang)..TVXQ have 400 000 sales lei!!!!!!! so stop worry..ok??? keep on supporting for our boys!! TVXQ HWAITING!!!




oh yea, i got all the song in 4th korean album..a big thanks to ange baby!!!! i lovee u!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


gahhhh...the showcase has started!!!! ^^
i cant wait for the fancam and pictures!!!! and well, its 7.01pm which mean ITS SOOMPI DAILY MAINTANENCE!! cant they stop it just for this day?!!! and on this hour??!!!! sigh we got the 3rd teaser on their album...^^ i cant wait for the whole mv!!!
and i have been blasting my house with the song the whole day..its really addictive and well, TOLD U THEY NEVER FAIL TO DELIVER..

well, i will be editing this post...right after i got my stuff on their 4th korean album...^^

credit : ichigo

anyway, ichigo had make a new forum...shinkinomichi...get it in my webmaster...well, im just a small mini translator..rofl...and gossipwhatever is another forum u could join for MOREEE kpop..because shinkinomichi is MAINLY on TVXQ...gossipwhatever are more to all kpop..^^
im staff for both forum..recommended?? rofl..u could join if u want..^^

Friday, September 19, 2008

orientation day

the day of orientation ended today!! soo back at nice!!!!

lets start the major picspam now!!
so..WELCOME TO AIMST!!! this pics are taken from the top view by holicopter when our PM come here for opening could see the greenery view in it..


one of the place we will get to learn how to fight!! i quoted from one of the prof during the orientation.. the place where u will fight with the finance and also examination..^^






well..let start with the 3 grand building..first of all, is our medical building..for medical a 3 storey building with everything needed for a this is going to be my hell for the next 5 years..wish me luck!!!!

so next to medicine school will be the building for foundation student!!!ahaha..apart from that, is a building where u will find library and cyber cafe..and at the back of this building will be the logo of AIMST..and that is the picture of PM on top of it...i wonder y not samy veloo since he is the founder..rofl..and there is a pool behind look nice and yet really full of algae..try to jump in and i can bet u will come out green!!!! rofl



view from library

and the last building is dentristy and engineering building..ahaha..nothing to elaborate on it since i never enter it..rofl..a big 3 storey building..^^ oh yea, the library building are 4 storey..the last 3 is library..^^


finish on this 4 building, here is a great building...its the sport building!! there is a lot of sports can be play here...^^ there is a world class olympic-size swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, bow&arrow field, running track, ping pong court, badminton court, gym and squash court..a very fun place...and a place to relax!!!!

since green is a main color of here is some greenery scene..^^ the mountain behind the university..and its really green everywhere..rofl..a lot of its cool around the university...^^and the sun coming up and setting behind the mountain are really could even see a lot of trees even on the route going off from the AIMST...rofl


finish talking about the building..let me introduce 3 of the little children..rofl..too bad im oldest among here they are..they are wan teng, tysr xiang and also karen..^^ they went for a swim in the pool..i cant swim since i dont have the swimming suit..^^ having soo much fun splashing water on me..sulk!!!!!





the specs of karen and wan teng..rofl

well,recently we know that malaysia rank last in cleaningness....and well, this is malaysian!! the ugly side of aimst!! rubbish in unnoticeable place and also FOOD!! twice karen found flies in her food!! is not in the flies hates me..rofl...