Wednesday, September 23, 2009

when a song mean more than just a melody..

and this is up in korean media..check it out here :

a little things done by international fans...korean cassie like all of us had know..japanese bigeast supported the boys by joining with the koreans to support the silent protest and also dominating a-nation 09 with purple sea...chinese cassie had been using the names of the boys to donate to the orphanage and unfortunate people...beside mirotic concert in shanghai and beijing will be up soon..we will be hearing from them...^^

the unity of the fans when there is something happen...when everything is over, we are stronger than ever..

this unity makes me realise, even though people from different background, with the same purpose they stick together..figuring how to solve wasnt an act of a crazy fangirl shouting and screaming for their idols...but it is a more mature supporter that helps and encourage each other to pass the coming troubles...even though we differ in background and life, we unite as one..

and this makes me proud to be one of this family..a family which no more nor less in the members..everyone will be there forever...a family that never leave any of their member behind..

to tvxq : i might not participate in the project..nor will u read this, but i just wanted to say, u guys are more than just a fandom..the inspiration and the motivation u guys give in fighting for dreams, u guys might not realise but it brings certain meaning to me..thanks for being there..for some, it might be just a song..a career..for for us, u are a part of family that we will never let off...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HTTG episode 2 has been hardsub by GOESS..get from livejournal!! XD
thanks GOESS!!! you guys ftw!!! thanks again for the fast subbing!! XD

anyway, the ost of the drama are is from SNSD

Motion will be sung by Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun. Composed by Kim Jin Hwan who also composed One Year Later.
사랑인걸요 is a Ddandyu by Sunny and Taeyeon

anyway, happy for them!! some sm town here!! XD happy for a round supporter of SM TOWN..^^

but things isnt go well for both TVXQ and SUPER JUNIOR..excluding 2PM since im talking on smtown

well, we knew what happen in TVXQ...the lawsuit will end by this month which mean the verdict will be out soon...ah!! soo tensed up!! wtf!!!!!!!!!! urgh! and things isnt seems good for boyband and it is indeed thru since the only boyband hadnt hit with anything, got hit by scandal...-.- SUPER JUNIOR member, KANGIN were suspected to involved in a ELF will be having their crisis..some of his activity will be pulled out...first of all, andre kim had pull him out from a fashion show..sigh..hope everything turn right...-.-

when i say boyband isnt having this nice time, i meant it..
~early this year, ONEW (SHINEE) had knock off his tooth leading to delaying of shinee comeback..beside the lamp fall in kbs hit him and cause SBINEE CITIZEN outrage for the carelessness!! SHINEE currently preparing their japanese debut and MINHO having his reality show and TAEMIN in drama..the other 3 were hosting FGB..XD
~then things were peaceful till DAESUNG (BIGBANG) involved in serious accident when on his way back from FAMILY OUTING..for that, bigbang activities gt cancelled..GD who is back for his single got plagarised..just every song in that single..VIP isnt pleased with all this..
~ then JAECHUNSU (TVXQ) got into their lawsuit leaving CASSIOPEIA in tensed situation...rumors flying here and there!! things werent in good situation although avex ceo step out..after a month, things calmed down and the thread fortunately, got some of great news! XD and did i say CASSIOPEIA filed a lawsuit onto SM for cancelling SMTOWN CONCERT??
~ then JAYBUM (2PM) scandal breaks just 4 days, decision is make and jaybum left korea for seattles..well, welcome back home and bye korea...HOTTEST is doing all they could to bring their leader back...they boycott and even returning the much as 3k CD were returned..
~ when things didnt look good, the leader of SS501, KIM HYUNGJOON were diagnosed with H1N1 and quarantined in Japan Hospital..and besides that, fellow leader with lead vocal, HEO YOUNGSAENG, were captured by hongkong papparazi going to club in hongkong back few months..-.- much of ss501?? anyway, the leader were confirmed healthy and their album will released as scheduled..
~this end by SUPER JUNIOR, KANGIN suspected to involved in brawl...his activities got cancelled one by one...and well, guess, he will wait for a time before coming back to lights...ELF will help him anyway..well, at least SME step into the situation on the day itself...unlike JYPE who is quiet till now..and statement being contrast with the reality...

beside that, I THE TRI'S TOP(ITT), ILGOON had left the group leaving ITT as duo..FT ISLAND, WON BIN left FTI and his place were replaced by SEUNG HOON who got bashed by primadonnas for a short time before successfully captured their heart...

i cant name which boyband were safe for this day...look at the list!!! -.-

anyway, below were the list of MOST POWERFUL FANCLUB :
Image Hosted by

1. SNSD – Wish
2. Super Junior – E.L.F
3. DBSK – Cassiopeia
4. SS501 – Triple S
5. Wonder Girls – Wonderfuls
6. Kara – Kamilia
7. SHINee – SHINee World
8. Big Bang – VIP
9. 2PM – Hottest
10. Shinhwa – Shinhwa Chang Jo
11. FT Island – Primmadonna
12. 2AM – I AM

Source: Break News
Translations: KPOP JJANG
cr:♥ KPOP JJANG 짱!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

words sharper than knife~

do you guys agree with that??? well, this time, let me rants on those few words up there..XD and idea credit to lee hyukjae (eunhyukkie!!)

i personally really agree with times, words do cut and ramp over one heart..we never realise how great a word could influence many it makes people they make people sad..and how it could make a person smile..increasing their wills or decreasing their wills of life...words sometimes kill a person physically and mentally...

but many times, we often forgot the power of eunhyukie say in his recent cyworld post, it really open the eyes of many people..let us into the world of celebrity..where do they stand..what they felt..while many of us dreamt of being famous..while many of us rant on our own life and yet jealous of others!!!

stand on those stage, watching from the stage..those loud cheers and love thrown to u is indeed something nice..while we stand higher and higher, more and more arrow were shoot from behind..standing as a public figure, they couldnt but to take all those arrow by themselves..who could they complain to?? the loving fans?? the public??? the family and add to their worryness?? or their ever-money-looking company??? if u been in a group, the members would be a perfect choice, since together they stand together...but what if solo?? no unity between member? to who can they show their bruises and cuts from those unidentified arrow?? never did they know who did that..never can they check who did that..

all they did was to take in those hurtful words of arrow...all they could did is to continue their marilyn monroe once quoted "how do i find myself? i find it by making sure im an actress" like shakespear said "life is a drama..act till the end of the stage" despite all those arrows behind their back, they continue to act..continue to smile...forgot on the real meaning of smile..but to continue acting for the sake of...aish..

no all because they are celebrity..the public figure~

Monday, September 14, 2009

dakishimetai...dakishimecha ikenai!!!!!!

taxi performance really blown me off!!! seriously, that perf is..i mean the meaning of the song is just BEAUTIFUL!!! love it soo much..i wanted to have my hands on tokyo dome live dvd now..urgh..hongkong version come faster!!! well at least there is chinese sub and there is a reason for my cheaper! -.- blame the government for bad economy, my mum says NO NONSENSE DVD!! *cries* is the perf :

ahah!! there is other nice video too..SURVIVOR in tokyo dome?? i love sexy yoochun!!! ^^
anyway, there been nothing on 911...phew!! i thought there is a verdict and i was soo nervous to know what is it..but then, "PLEASE WAIT FOR THE COURT TO RULE OUT THE VERDICT" great!! i waited for the whole damn day!! urgh

gheez!! the hardsub version of HTTG is out!!! here is the link for the first is the link to GOESS live journal :

kinda big file...o.O but as usual..goess had HD file..LOL

something funny to share :
the comparison between how noisy the short brothers are to the long leg brothers..-.-

the whole full video could be found at :

and at times, IM NOT COMPLAINING, bt at times, the boys are really noisy..but they are noisy and cute!!! which makes all fangirl giggles! LOL

Saturday, September 12, 2009


better known as BACK PAIN is defined by wikipedia as pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine.

why did i take this topic up..well,it is said that back pain is one of humanity's most frequent complaints.and thus,being the majority, it would be mine too..funny!! how come complaining backpain in blogspot instead of getting advice from physician???? well, i got my X-RAY before i entered AIMST back in 2008 and the result show that, YOU ARE FINE..

if im fine, then what is all this complaining about?? my mum told me "you are too stress." okay,i accept it..maybe..but how come the pain still follow me till today when im having dad say "your bed too soft" okay..maybe..but i had that when im sleeping on those so-called-hard bed!!! it been with me for like a few years..

from just a simple minor pain..maybe a few numbness or now, its been killing me..and it happen just after i lay down on my bed trying to get my dear sleep..although the time of attack isnt long..maybe less than a minute, but isnt it irritating to have those pain before getting to sleep???

im thinking, since those X-RAY show im fine, it should be ntg right?? so am i correct about it?? lets get into the world of dorsalgia~

first on classification :

Back pain can be divided anatomically: neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or tailbone pain.
By its duration: acute (less than 4 weeks), subacute (4 – 12 weeks), chronic (greater than 12 weeks).

since it is greater than 12 weeks, it is chronic (which i hope it is NOT)..and the pain i felt from LUMBAR part which mean it is the lower back pain..we have done with the classification and well proceed to associated condition..

-Typical warning signs of a potentially life-threatening problem are bowel and/or bladder incontinence or progressive weakness in the legs.
-Severe back pain (such as pain that is bad enough to interrupt sleep) that occurs with other signs of severe illness (e.g. fever, unexplained weight loss) may also indicate a serious underlying medical condition.

-Back pain that occurs after a trauma, such as a car accident or fall may indicate a bone fracture or other injury.
-Back pain in individuals with medical conditions that put them at high risk for a spinal fracture, such as osteoporosis or multiple myeloma, also warrants prompt medical attention.
-Back pain in individuals with a history of cancer (especially cancers known to spread to the spine like breast, lung and prostate cancer) should be evaluated to rule out metastatic disease of the spine.

but i dont remember having weight, i do have but i consider it as my on diet..i have no idea if is because of my successful (if is) diet or because of my back pain..not sure..afterall im not a doctor!!

getting with it, i fly to find out the cause of back pain..too bad i found nothing associated to bed..-.- i do find association with stress but then~ well, there been like 31 association and cause!!! i mean it associated to so many major organ..and well the cause listed are big..including aneursym, cancer, infection, herniation,pneumonia, excessive stress, major organ (pancrease, stomach, lung, kidney) problem and also pregnancy..many to list but then, some not associated...

it is also said that people with family history of having lung,breast and prostatic cancer should double check for might spread..afterall, the spine is a complex interconnecting network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and all are capable of producing pain.

well, while reading here and there, something capture my attention :
New attention has been focused on non-discogenic back pain, where patients have normal or near-normal MRI and CT scans. One of the newer investigations looks into the role of the dorsal ramus in patients that have no radiographic abnormalities - Posterior Rami Syndrome.

afterall i thought i going to be, there is actually no abnormalities in MRI , CTSCAN!! hello, even no abnormalities in those, what could i say about those cheap x-ray i got..-.-
i thought of synovial joints of the spine, spinal disc herniation, degenerative disc disease or isthmic spondylolisthesis and bla bla bla..but then i guess this supposed to be better ones, so here we go with posterior rami syndrome..

the definition : Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome, Maigne Syndrome and Dorsal Ramus Syndrome is caused by the unexplained activation of the primary division of a posterior ramus of a spinal nerve (Dorsal ramus of spinal nerve). This nerve irritation causes referred pain in a well described tri-branched pattern.

it is confirmed by 4 diagnosis and they are
1. trophic changes of the skin referred to as cellulalgia.
Neuropathic pain is found in three well described regions and serves as the principal clinical component in diagnosing Lumbar Dorsal Ramus Syndrome (LDRS).
symptoms : a thickening or nodularity of the skin, hair loss or even a swollen puffy appearance.

2. not usually have spontaneous pain at the offending spinal level.

3. radiographic evidence is non-contributory. MRI, CT and myelography are all ineffective at localizing the at-fault level.

4. pain relieved by injection of local anesthetic into the correct facet joint.

well, could it be???? im not really sure..guess after all this check out, i think i need to get a doctor afterall...maybe dr. aruljoethy could help..he is the orthopediatrics i knew in AIMST..wish me luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

is this the way????

loving you~~~~ that ballad!! XD
now you guys knew what song im listening while writing this post..^^

skip!! i watched HEADING TO THE GROUND first episode yesterday..try to watch it live but it keep on buffering like nobody business...out of whole hour, the part i watch was like 30 minutes?? or less??? whatever, gave up watching and yay to chinese cassiopeia, the whole episode one chinese sub is up in TUDOU!! XD funny drama..funny yunho, cute yoonji and weird ara!! LMAO!!!!! waiting for 2nd episode tonight..7.2% ratings for first..wish it go up and up and up..beat those BOF ratings..*evil laugh*

nothing to do...or precisely ntg to stalk..BORING~~~ owh, there is..stalking 2PM..and the verdict from the damn court on the lawsuit is out tomorrow!! ahh~~~ im soooo tensed up!!! will it be alright?? please please please cancel the lawsuit!!! i beg you~~~

dumb me!! sigh~ 忘れないで~~~

ah yea, i was supposed to continue grumble on the 2PM..what to do, that is the hottest news now..dont blame me oh~

after a freaking long post on who to blame and who not..and after a few days of stalking their thread, i can finally proudly say, GOOD THING IM NOT HOTTEST!! and well, i never had good feeling on JYP although there been thousand of praise on how good he is..i just dont think he is wise enough in controlling his artist..i mean he is talent, no doubt but just not wise enough...

after a few days in their thread, i have seen a lot..A LOT of bashing on how bad korea was..i mean, why stereotype KOREA as racist??no country is perfect..i agree this incident cause by the crazy netizen, BUT EVER SINCE WE INVOLVED IN KPOP, ALL OF US SHOULD HAVE KNOW THE CRAZINESS OF NETIZEN who cause a lot of prob!! do not insult others culture just because of this small thing!! it is sooo IMMATURE!! what if people scold your nation gay (bad way)?? they are, i dont deny it, THEY ARE CRAZY for all those suicide petition and driving away ur leader but then, be a little considerate on WHY PEOPLE ARE MAD!!! korea is a conservative country..they took their country as their pride! of course people are angry!!! try walk on japan street and shout, JAPAN IS A STUPID COUNTRY!! i bet u will die on the street itself! dont need japan..come here, malaysian can prove it to you..-.-ll

i support the petition on bringing jay back, bt for the few days i was reading the thread, on bashing korea culture is just too much..sorry but this cassiopeia is not helping..not when i read some of the post even accused it was something done of SHINEE CITIZEN..accussing others, it is just..too sorry but i wont be joining those thing...

and even they themselves are contradicting themselves...some wanted him to go back and yet scolding the netizen driving him back..some want him to come back but then writing on a post like "he should go, home is where he should be"..some wants him to come back..the one dont want him to come back scold the one who wants him to comeback as selfish..dont care on his what??? you guys settle the shit yourself! no unity at all...they are ntg compare to sm towns least cassiopeia united with all (korean+international+japanese)..even korean sone joins with international sone and went thru the down...even the most mafan ELF strong unity between all their fans in all over the world...

the international fans even mock korean hottest who is trying their best in bringing back their leadja...just leave them comment on their action..

i better check on my boys...tomorrow is the day the verdict out...all the best!!for now,i miss the boys performance..i think i will watch back the perf i dl-ed..for now, jya!! anyeoung!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

when things happen in a blink of eyes

when i thought this news will hit hard on CASSIOPEIA, never in my life i thought it would hit HOTTEST first..what happen???

2PM leader PARK JAEBOM is officially leaving 2pm!!! what the heck has happen? i guess many of you will leave in daze, i mean why out of sudden our jaebom is leaving..

well thanks to the good old NETIZEN, they got hold of the comment he make 4 years back..YES IT IS 4 YEARS BACK!!!!!! during his training time..he is said to insulted pretty sure he doesnt mean it..i mean put yourself in his shoe,coming all the way from US to debut in KOREA alone, the training life never been good..and all alone without friends and family, he make a bad decision to post those comment in myspace..and we all know netizen! either they are fans or they are antis, and there goes the big debate happening in whole korea and well, 2pm fancafe..


fires up..netizen makes petition to kick jaebum out from 2pm..but the petition was signed by only 3k people..the petition make by fans has way more than 6k..i just received news that it reached 12k!!! why the heck JYP kick him out from 2pm??? because of the 3k signature???? if i were fans, i would blame on none other than this people:

1. the NETIZEN! yes, they caused it..they dont put themselves on his shoe, they blow those news out of proportion and yea, they wanna kick him out from 2pm..BE MORE CONSIDERATE!!! and netizen isnt a good thing from the first day i knew kpop..

2. JYP!! MR PARK JIN YOUNG, u were the were the company director..those boys are with you!! why u didnt defense him and yet make such a ridiculous decision..if SM were said to be unlawful company, but they yet to defense on SNSD when tiffany case were blown out!! and they still stand out for SNSD..they never even thought of kicking tiff from SNSD...and im pretty sure tiff case is bigger than jaebum!!!

3. 2PM MEMBERS!! hey, he is part of 2PM..why cant u guys make some movement to protect him in public?? i know wooyoung did it, but if everyone in the group do it, i pretty sure the netizen could shut a bit...see how YUNHO protects TVXQ when the lawsuit is up..see how TAEYEON and other member protect SNSD when they were in their lowest point..members, gear up!!!!

4. HOTTEST!! fans, come on!! netizen isnt nothing but anti-fans..shut them up with your power..why making fuss but didnt just shut netizen..learn from CASSIOPEIA, how they shut netizen and see how they could control things without letting them hurting TVXQ..learn from SONE, how they make thru the netizen when STAND is up..get together and kick netizen in their butt..i know hottest went to airport to see jaebom leave korea...but hey, i heard u guys didnt held jaebum back..yes, respect his decision..but show more support please..kick those netizen on their butt..get some help from CASSIOPEIA and ELF...they handle netizen PRETTY FINE!!!kangin said something bad on chin chin but apologize after that..and yet, the news isnt blow out of proportion..why?? because ELF is good in shutting those netizen..

5. SUNBAE OF 2PM..hello?!!!! wonder girls???? where are you?? 2AM where are you???? speak up!!!! if TVXQ and SUPER JUNIOR could speak up for SNSD,why not you??!!!!!!!!!! come on..they are part of your family..JYP FAMILY!!! SPEAK!!!!

i know i mention a lot of SM here but i guess what happen to JAEBUM is similar to what had happen for SNSD, TIFFANY..that time, they had this EVERYTHING MAKES 9 really proud of how sone makes everything clear for SNSD..and now there they standing as one of the biggest girlgroup in KOREA..and how cassiopeia support TVXQ now, ALWAYS KEEP THE pretty amazing for the support from sm town fans..

maybe it would be lack of experience for 2PM fans..afterall, it is just 1 year anniversary..the first time cassiopeia meet up with the rotation of SM, is around 2005, 1 year plus from the debut of TVXQ..

would it too late to say anything now??? afterall, JAEBUM had left korea at 4 something just now...hope all the best for them....i still hate JYP for that...what kicking out jaebum without even defending him and now considering of adding a new member in it?? i mean JYP come on!! think of the fans..such a dumb producer!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

im soo suffocated~~
where the hell i could shout my damn lung out!!!

the thing that i have been holding on seems to go the other way round..
the truth that i have been believing seems to be a lie..
i feel so lost in this world..everything seems soo


Friday, September 4, 2009

i call it a day

phew..since fx debut, it had been a hot debate online!!
everyone stalk on them and i see many fell in love with that group...whoot, put me in..those girl had a HOT DEBUT!!! it just capture a lot of much as i hated to say, WELL DONE SM ENT!!! another great band come under your label...but can u first clear the shit u had caused with your top boyband????

160k views on their mv in just one great(aim to be top dance idol), good vocal (they had somehow sound like tvxq which each member had distinct voice), not too many people (5!! jae said, a group should have 5 to success!!!) making a noisy sound and well, something different from the new i could annouce here, out of all girlgroup debut this year, FX pawn!!! yay!! i could see a rise popularity for AMBER, LUNA and KRYSTAL...seriously, AMBER is going to be the most popular member in that group...with a boyish look, many girls had been attracted...owh well, amber and luna is my favourite member but krystal high tone capture me...suli is just cute by herself...victoria gotta do something quick!! but overall, yea i love the group...

but well, no worries, i still prefer csjh and snsd over just i prefer them over davichi! im sorry davichi!!!!!! well dude, davichi is a female duo with great vocal...the newly debut like 2ne1, 4 minutes, t-ara and whatelese really...i may dl-ed their song and listen but then...i dont really like the just...i need more like what csjh, snsd and fx been requirement for for boy, TVXQ is all i need...hahahhaha

seems like im afterall smtown supporter..although i hated SM for the dumb things...get back TVXQ for once!! im missing their perf already!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


girlband of SM had debut,F(X)..with hot stage..check out their debut song- lachata! XD

Victoria Song (빅토리아 송)
February 2nd, 1987 / Chinese
SHINee’s “Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)” – Music Video
Super Junior-M’s “U” – Music Video
Kangta’s “In My Heart Someday” music video
Anycall ‘Anydream’ CF w/ Rain – Video
Spris Model w/ Lee Junki
Smart Model w/ SHINee
Vogue Girl December 2008 Photoshoot w/ SHINee
Samsung LCD Model

Luna (루나) / Park Sun Young (박선영)
August 12th, 1993

Krystal (크리스탈) / Jung Soo Jung (정수정)
October 24th, 1994 / Jessica (SNSD)’s little sister.
SHINee’s “Juliette” – Music Video
Professor Yoon English Class CF
Watch CF #1 Watch CF #2
Yuhan Kimberly CF
SK, LG Telecom CF
OhDdooKi Curry CF
Lotte Chilsung Cider CF

Amber (엠바) / September 18th, 1992

Choi Sulli (최설리) – March 29th, 1994
Maru Kids Model
SeoDongYo Sunhwa Princess (drama)
Love Needs No Miracle (drama)
Pepero CF
Punch Lady (movie)
Babo As Child HaJiwon (movie)

i sori deul ryeo
yeogi meosjin sugnyeosin sapundeul neom chyeo ah ah ah ~
jaja mirji majiko
modu hag inhae poa ipjangsoonseo neompeo yeah yeah yeah ~

banjjak beonjeok Sound oneul Style joh in geol
orhji jarhae deuri nareul ttari hanbeon deo gaja
ape dwie eh yeope deul sauji malgota
ijedae eussda junpi aeun ryo now everybody says

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah ~!
sindanda ya ~ lacha lacha lacha tata
norae reul ttari mom da now everybody,
neomu sipingji dadeul joha baby ~

jeoteibeul araelo keunyeo haek deupaek sokedo
kadeug nam chyeo yeah yeah yeah ~

banjjak beonjeok Sound oneul Style joh in geol
orhji jarhae deuri nareul ttara hanbeon deo gaja
ape dwie eh yeope deul sauji malgota
ijedae eussda junpi aeun ryo now everybody says

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah ~!
sindanda ya ~ lacha lacha lacha tata
norae reul ttari mom da now everybody,
neomu sipingji dadeul joha baby ~

C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon baby
C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon baby
C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon baby come on
i jaeishan neukkim ttari kaja
come come come come come on baby

jarnal piryo eopseo issneun geudaero
byeoj ban yeonseupman hamyeon doae
orhji jalhae keurae keureohkae ttaraoa
ije jinjja junpi aeunryo now everybody says

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah ~!
sindanda ya ~ lacha lacha lacha tata
norae reul ttara momdo ttara ka everybody says now
neomu shipngji dadeul joha baby ~

LA LA ireoh cha cha cha ro ah ~!
sindanda ya ~ lacha lacha lacha tata
darae reul ttara sumdo ttara siua now everybody
neomu shipngji nareul ttara baby ~

(Just move to the beat
It ain’t that hard
Heat’s rising up
Party’s just begun
You don’t have to be afraid, I’ll show you how
Say it with me now LA chA TA TA
Going all night so live it up
Go with the music and have some fun
Put it on repeat
This is how we groove
Come on everybody
Show them how we do)