Sunday, October 30, 2011

though forgotten

saw one of my own post... "phailed fans" .. a post i wrote for our baby dolphin, junsu's birthday last year...

i wrote it in a way who junsu is in the eye of tvxq my own interpretation when i watch them from rising sun era~ =) well, what a normal cassiopeia will feel about them~ wonder what will i write this year.. =)

it seems like it is already 2 years ever since that heartbreaking news announced and till now there is no sign of collide or whatsoever... dont ask me how is the lawsuit, i definitely had no idea~ how is kpop for now, i could only say enjoy the music...for the industry is too dark for a normal eye vision to analyze ... oh well, it could be me who had gradually stop stalking all this kpop~ =)

anyway, while reading about my post on dong bang shin ki, ultimately still my top favourite group, am i still keeping that faith??? am i still hoping them to comeback??? who am i now? still a cassiopeia???

i am still a cassiopeia~ just not an active one.. *giggle*

hoping them to should i say it..i am still keeping my faith that 5 of them are coming back, keeping my belief that they are still friends and that everything happen it's because of money~ well, money is root of all evil right?? =)

it's just that for now, if they are happy with the way they are, i will support them as who they are... tvxq or jyj... they are still my beloved oppa~ =)

but then...if they could comeback then it would be the best~ =)

i still miss them~ i still rewatch all the funny clips of's getting lesser in youtube~ good thing i had it in my external HD~ xD

cassiopeia~ i am still a cassiopeia with the red balloon... the promise i had made is still with me... i wish i could spam your twitter or anything but then i know a lot of fans will do the same thing..i will just wave the red balloon silently...=)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


whee!! it's SM TOWN LIVE IN NEW YORK~ =)

for most of people who dont get me....SM TOWN is a group of singers all under the BIG INFLUENTIAL company called the SM ENTERTAINMENT... =D

SM ENTERTAINMENT aka SM엔터테인먼트 , is definitely not the SADISM and MASOCHISM entertainment but STAR MUSEUM... there are people saying SM stands for SOO MAN which is the name of the founder LEE SOO MAN~ =)

SM ENTERTAINMENT for most of kpop-ers knew, is a house of most KPOP big names like H.O.T (disbanded - top idol band in the 90s - only KANGTA is left in SME), S.E.S (disbanded - top girl group in the 90s), SHINHWA (top idol band in the 90s - left sme), BoA, DONG BANG SHIN KI aka TVXQ (still here but then long story - their influence is still phenomenal!!!!! dont deny their power..=D ), THE GRACE (nowhere to be seen but is famous for a while back in 2005), SUPER JUNIOR , GIRLS GENERATION, SHINEE and F(X)

so yeah, they are called the SM TOWN... if im nt mistaken they are the 1st to group all their artist to release albums and also holding concert...and now the first to hold concert in all over the world... =D let's not be in the state of denial and agree mr LEE is a great leader..great businessman ~ =D

anyway, they recently (just like 2 days ago??), held their concert in NEW YORK... can u believe it?? it's full!!!!!!!! FULL!!!!! im proud of this family...
they are a group of talented, hardworking and good looking artist...=) but well, most of the time their talents are critics by others mainly because haters hate the fact they are good looking and they can sing and also ... mainly because they are from SME which is so big and great in management, some butthurt fans just couldnt take the fact their oppa, unnie or dongsaeng is not up to par~ =D

life are full of jealousy~ xD

anyway here is the video upload by SM TOWN youtube~ let's just enjoy the show~

i have no idea why there is no KANGTA and also CSJH since dana and sunday had a comeback~ =.= if there is, i shall comeback with it~

Friday, October 14, 2011


i am upset...i seriously do~~

to as why???


Thursday, October 13, 2011

insanity,of mercy or of harshness

i said i am coming back for a post on the current posting i am posted to which is psychiatric... =) i think most us knew what it means by psychiatric.. all this while, well at least me, had been having a distance or a gap towards people i label as insane~

wandering around, living in the world created by their own and to continue living in delusional state...lost of human primary function and lost of touch with the reality world..i had seen them and believe me, instead of i thought i would laugh at them for what they did, i actually found myself pity them...of course i am scared of them, there is a NO way i would stand alone in the ward or to let myself alone with those me anything u like but then, u would never knew what they could do next...and top of it, there is , well i admit, there is a invisible wall separating me and them~ i am sorry for making myself a gap with people i called patient, but then, well, i am just basically...SCARED~ =)

i was in the car with my mum and we pass by the hospital well known of keeping psychiatric mum was saying, the god loves them so much that HE free them from the worries of the world and live in eternal happy...

my question it the mercy from HIM or harshness from HIM as a result of karma??

i seen most of the patient....they indeed live in their own world, living in their-self-imaginary world... u can say they are living in eternal happiness, to forgot about the trouble human encounter all day long, the worrisome life and troublesome people and sadness of an events...

if i could choose to live in the world of insanity or in the world of sane, one with eternal happiness or the other with all taste of life u could ever imagine (to go way down low and to climb all the way up).....

i would choose to live in the world of sane...

life maybe full of ups and downs, and to certain people, it might have more down than up, so much of down that they probably forgot what it be like to be up...but doesnt this makes what we call LIFE?? the reason we had been going thru each day is to built this beautiful memories even with the down because without sadness, what are happiness right??? anyway, i told my mum, yes, it's nice that we dont have memory of the sadness and not going thru the torture of life, but then if one to be turn insane, they themselves forgot the happy moment of their life..basically their memories on themselves reduce to Z-E-R-O!!! i rather keep all the sadness in my memories and at one point of my life, i maybe passing by the place and recollects what had happen...

passing by the tree and said to probably my grandchild "ur granny fall down and hurt her butt before here"
passing by the school and said "aww, miss lim scolded me for not passing up my homework"

u know, it would be sad thing during that time but when collecting it after 10 years, it becomes something that u can really smile at and just by recalling, it makes u happy...believe me, try to recall something in your childhood to your friend and of course a bad experience to you at that time of event... =D

it would be sucks that time but gradually as time passes, it becomes something beautiful in your mind... =) mum may not notice it but everytime she recalls her hard teenage years, she actually say it with a smile...i know because i notice the graceful smile when she talks about it~ =)

the reason why people say TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS....

it's so true~ =D

beside this, the person to suffer with people like this, it would be none other than the family members... =(
some even dump their own family member in the ward, some were left it feels like when your family abandon you~ i dont know how it feels like and i never's way to scary even just by imagining it~ i wonder if they even knew their own feeling???

is it really that the god had mercy on them??? or it's just merely a punishment ???
what do you think??? would u rather to gain eternal bliss or to continue living with the devils?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


haha.. how long since i last update here.. hmmm, seems like it been 2 weeks??? or a month??? =D

anyway, i wanted to write something for the posting i had been in recently - psychiatric... but then as i was browsing around my blog, it seems like there is wayyyyyy too little or should i say negligible post on myself??? =) probably a good sign, probably not... hahahaha!!

having said that, well this post is dedicated...... TO MYSELF!! woohoot~ =) well im not going to post the "about me" corner... xD not going to grumble over something bad as well... i learn to appreciate what i had u know...after watching some certain people who i feel are unlucky compare to myself~ =)

oh....i tried to diet~ =D i wonder if it works out...because i feel that i am still FAT!!!!!! T_T i wonder how or when only my weight will drop another 5kg~~ oh god, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! T.T okay, shut the damn crap...

i supposed to do more exercise rather than sitting down and looking at this pretty laptop~ =) sooner or later i will be like my own wallpaper... MR FOREVER BEAR!!

i danced tonight.. right after class, i started dancing till well 7pm?? okay, i am definitely exaggerating the time span..i only dance like...1 hour???? but the amount of hair drop on the floor and the sweat running down is a NO joke~ =D and well i am happy for the sweat but hating the part where i had to pick up my dear hair.. "please dont drop so much when i swing myself??" xD

as for dinner, lately i dont really had dinner... i had fruits as dinner!!! is it healthy?? my mum claimed it was unhealthy~ really??? o_O well to all, diet-ing is hard and torturing... why da hell do i plan to diet anyway~ sulk!!! T.T

i will write a post later on~ =) had to finish at least one set of notes~ xD
and i need to either buy/photostate BOOKS or....i couldnt study in peace~ T.T