Monday, September 8, 2008

rolling LOVE

i watch this drama by danson tang..tang yu che..and also da tung from farenheit...well, i said before dansen are not handsome..oh well, i said that to make someone angry..rofl...who??? rofl..miss loo wen..oh well, danson are cute and least better than wu chun..i dont really like wu chun..i prefer da tung and aaraon yen..^^ anyway, his name here is leng lie..oh my god..he is soo cool!!! and da tung on the other side look stupid..although i like to see him acting..^^ after this drama, i will wait till 9pm to watch mike he...and lee wei and hebe!! rofl..mike are cute..i mean hot!! rofl...that is the few taiwan actor i like...and i definately hate they kiss matter the first part or the second...i prefer the bittersweet love story such as goong, time between dog and wolf, my girl ,devil beside you (although i hate rainie yang but mike he are irresistable) and surgeon bong dal hee..rofl..and of course numerous drama from hongkong..rofl..i love hong kong drama..^^ and also TVXQ BANJUM DRAMA..who would hate tvxq banjum drama such as dangerous love and unforgettable girl in my life...^_^ i always laugh myself away with the funny storyline!! ^^

okay, cut the crap..rofl..oppa fly back to japan today...after finish their job on 4th korean album..^^ and and well, sbs lied to cassiopeia!! i wonder if is SBS wanted to get high rating or SM is trying to fool us and get our reaction..the stupid teaser released are making almost every cassiopeia angry!!! and well to be exact, if making those video at least do it great..17 secs of video clip showing their 2nd tour concert and T concert...EVEN A FANVIDEO ARE HELLA BETTER!!
hmm...but well, i heard the pre-order are now available in korea cd store...^^ and of course sm ent...rofl..for koreans, u guys can get ur order for international fans KEEP ON WAITING!!! >.<
mirotic..their 24th japanese single title..^^ isnt it sound abstract????? rofl..i wonder what it means...rofl..anyway, anticipating it...oh yea, the song, its not the 4th korean album cover might just be a track..but that pic are for their 4th korean album..just not sure if is the official cover picture...anyway, sm confirmed that millions of fans including international fans respond to the pics the day they released the pictures...^^
it seems like a lot of fans are excited to their comeback..and well, that include me!! ^^ oppa, bagohshipda!!! ^^

well, sbs inkigayo really make a lot of people angry..but well, there is something nice on it WONDER is make up on taemin, shindong, sungmin, seung ri and jo & yg & jyp!!! rofl...they perform so hot and girls a very funny clip...i fell off laughing at it...and shindong rap in so hot makes me fell off from my chair..rofl..other than that, shinee perform their best performance on love like oxygen and as usual, big bang got the mutizen with haru haru...kara perform u go girl and well, not bad!! rofl..and snsd lipsync to shinhwa TOP..but well, they were critics for the awful outfit...o_O and well since they lipsync..i have no idea how good or bad they no comment..and sj perform pajama party as they last their farawell stage bye super junior..see yea in japan!!! and welcome back tvxq~~
here is the video clip to the wonder boys..

and well, here is 2 clip that i find it cute..this little boy dance to tohoshinki rising sun and summer dream..he is sooo cute!! and well, he should be japanese..such a cute little guy...i like how he imitate junsu's dance in summer dream and keep jumping when tvxq jumps on stage and he imitate changmin's scream in rising sun and got run out of breath..and keep on singing..rofl..and his thank you are cute!!!! AND HE IS JUST 3 YEARS OLD!!! rofl
rising sun

summer dream

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