Thursday, July 28, 2011


the world is beautiful isnt it..=) i am actually listening to Eminem Beautiful.. =) i love the meaning of the song..let me paste the phrase i like:

i guess we have to walk a mile
in each others shoes at least
what size you wear? i wear 10's
let's see if u can fit ur feet

in my shoes, just to see
what it's like to be me
i'll be you, let's trade shoes
just to see what it'd be like

to feel your pain, you feel mine
go inside each others minds
just to see what we'd find
look at shit through each others eyes

truly agree with the many of us actually put ourself in others shoe?? to know only pointing fingers to other..blame others whenever a shit happen in our life...when we are grumbling and whining about how freak our life is, i wonder will we thought about how bad the life of others might be?? im nt pointing it to anyone..i did it myself~ i am a grumpy~ i admit it..

it's just a thought~ what will it be to be the other think like them, to live like actually go deep into them and see what their eyes perceived.. i wonder what will others feel when they wore my shoe~

am i really spoilt like what they say?? am i really the easy go lucky person?? am i really happy like i show?? am i really a person u know?? vice versa..if i were to wore your shoe, i might find out what a person you are before commenting on anything...

human races are way too wide....different people pose different thinking, different concept and had raise up in different way..walking down the streets, i wonder will i able to find one who think like me, act like me and behave like me??? i doubt that~ =)

why am i writing about that?? =) just a second thought..hahah~
oh i think i know's because swee yen post a link about a true heartwarming (well, for me sound more like heart burning!!) story about a mummy bear kill her baby before committing suicide in the bear bile tears just roll down like nobody business...blurred vision, red face and teary eyes...i sound like i am having some anaphylatic reaction.. =D

i just put myself into the mummy bear much pain and despair she is to actually did that...even a bear could do many people can actually take up the courage to do it...the pain she been standing against..the courage and decision she took so that the child could be spared from the eternal pain of the cruelty in world of humanity...i just cant stand for a minute if i were her...

my hats off to the mummy bear...u are truly a heroine ..

ps : those fucked human should just be killed in the same fucking way they caused ur death~ what the fuck is bear bile?? chinese medicine is freaking weird!! i am a chinese and i ALWAYS hate when i heard those people eating weird stuff...bear pawn? shark fin? what the fuck?!!

enough for today i guess...having a bad day though~ oh SNAP!