Friday, August 28, 2009

stay in love

today my emotion change drastically..for just one day, me emotion change and i almost felt all the emotion human had..XD check it out :

been in a really excited mood finding and downloading all BoA's songs that i had miss out....her voice is just memerized..till i found accidentally a fanvid of hwangbo and hyungjoon using TVXQ's "Don't Say Goodbye"..with the english translation, and although i knew the song, i read the translation again, and baam

got myself this moody mood..before this, i was soo frusfrated by the fight in Soompi....that bunch of crazy girls figting over jaejoong-biased and junsu-biased and who is favoured more and who is less..that is soo dumb!! i got out from the damn thread, leisuring around BoA's thread, ITT's thread, CSJH thread and also SNSD thread..wanted to go to SHINee's but lazy..never had the mood to go to SUPER JUNIOR since it never been in organised before..

anyway, listening to DON'T SAY GOODBYE..with the suspension's not that nice afterall..i try to get out from such a cloudy mood but then, sigh, ignore what happen is just....

thought of someone but then....for such a coward like me....
what the heck is going on!!!!!!!!! this furking emotion is making me more annoyed than before...urghh!!!

do you think the story ended?? XD

after that with a very very moody heart, i went to fb to check on something..and then i come across this 2 crazy, makes me laugh with their craziness..thanks guys!!! u both really...make me speechless..XD

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sarang Hanajyo

i miss SM's been soo long ever since SM produce something like only love..beside this song has a real meaningful lyrics..and nice ballad with all the talent from SM to have a voice in it..

today, been a little bit boring and been chatting with lee ka mien the whole afternoon...about what?? about SM and KPOP duhh....stalking on kpop and stalking jessica jung...and also updating myself on FX, the new girlgroup from SM Ent..i might be a fan, who know..^_^

beside i just found out 2 singer from SM..thanks to SMTOWN 07 WINTER ALBUM LIST...a trot singer(Chu Ga Yeol) under SM and a JAZZ singer(Song Gwang Sik ) under SM..and while discovering Chu Ga Yeol, i discover a new actor from SM , Jung Jin Ming..and Lina (CSJH) could really act...

owh yea, ka mien and me been stalking on SM trainees kinda whole afternoon...check them out, it will make ur jaws drop...they are all PRETTY,(well at least CUTEEEEE AND SEXYYY) and also they are kinda talented...they entered SM through audition..some come in through winning best look competition (sungmin and donghae and jaejoong) or singing competition (jaejoong and junsu and ryeowook) or dancing competition (yunho) or acting/dj-ing/modeling..

basically i would say, SM is like a human traders which is a paradise for all pretty face..
and is a paradise for talented has soo many trainees and mind you, some already famous during their trainee days (ex:stella kim and kim yeh jin-the girl model with tvxq for smart cf)..SM keep on searching for new talents and keep a lot of hidden treasure..the biggest human market in korea??? that will be SM..^_^

check out on fx..jessica (snsd) sister is in..way to go krystal - the girl in juliette (shinee) mv!!!! and victoria song - the girl in noona nomu yeppuh(shinee) and U (suju) (i always tot she will be actress) is in the group too...and sul li..if any of u knew who she is (been in few movie)..another 2 will be luna and amber (chinese-american)..


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translation :
Note :
* Mac OS and OS depending on the type of availability may Blogpart.
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* CHIZUSUITOHOMUBUROGUPATSU is subject to change without notice and may quit.

homepage :



Wednesday, August 19, 2009


floating in the air...with no purpose..with no destination..where will i land next..

guess i should have ditched the emo-ness in me..^^ talking about emo-ness, pei yun do win me in this...ahahah..hmm, wonder what she been doing...kay, should have msg her later..back to me, counting the days isnt a nice job..i wonder how those guards could work..doing ntg, sitting and watching the's tortoring man...

besides that, my dad ask me to study liao...woahh, look at those notes makes me go @_@
it's not a joke..i wonder why i pick medicine...some part of the notes i totally forget already..guess, i better kuai kuai follow my dad's advice to look back all the notes before i forget the whole thing..=.= wish me luck for jumping into those man-eater-notes..

wanted to find back that crazy photographer...opps, i mean that friend of friend of mine..hahahhaa..complicated isn't it..XD anyway, seems like nobody in my friend list knew him..that friend of mine isn't close to was his cousin's far-related..cis..
someone teach how to korek him out?? ahahahahah..

thought of download stuff during my holiday but then all my favourite stars having internal problem..=.=ll except for BoA (Girlfriend) and Pitbull (Rebelution album) there is no other thing..maybe is time to search random artist again..^^ any nice song to recommend????

CHIAAA MINGGG, faster plan to go K..i wanna die from boredom liao...^^ and and hui ting define what you mean by HARD TO READ?????
and gah, my slave, show urself up or i gonna get you!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

how boring!!!!! how can life soo boring??!!! okay, i better stop whinning before some whack me shut..XD now but then, without my car there is absolutely ntg i could do,,T_T
but then, nvm..i borrowed my car to my aunt while waiting for her car to come out from the "hospital" ..i wanted to visit my poor-sick slave..but considering she is having high fever which is one of H1N1 symptoms and considering the fact i do not have sorry!! XD wait my car come back ba..^^

anyway, take care everyone..please, do please seek medical care when u dont feel well..i mean of course the symptoms of H1N1...take care of yourself unless u wanted to end your a miserable, take care!!!


since im in blogging mode..

how often we were spare from the reality harshness???
how often we find out that life isnt that fair as we thought??
how often we wake up in the morning to find that it was a dream afterall???
how many times we were deceived that no fairy tales in reality end happily ever after??

how many times we realise that life is a curse itself ??
how many times we see that evil always do better than the one following the rules??
how many times we sleep at the night trying to get a nice sleep and wakes up to find the problem is still there??
how many times we cried over the broken heart???

is it true that life always full of ups and downs but what is the ratio of up:down???

the weight of our life is our memories but which weight more, the good or the bad??? hardwork pays off but how much do it pays????
people says keep on believing, miracles will happen, but how many times we were let down by the so-called miracles???

we might have more tears than smiles and couldnt change the fact there is more sadness than happiness in life..but we could make the smiles more meaningful that it outweight the tears...

we might had put in the hard work and yet facing the same error, but at least we put our effort and have no regrets..

life might have a lot of ups and downs but that is what makes our journey colorful..

love might hurt but that is what makes it doesnt mean how long is it but if we have it before...even though some knew it hurts and yet indulge in it and that what makes love a was hated as well as needed by everyone....

we might earn something and sacrifices the other..whatever decision we make do not regret on it..treasure what we earn and let off what we let is not what has passed but what is coming on....rather than holding on what has gone, why not making ourself more prepared on what is coming next??

anyway, whatever our life is, it depends on how we think, how we manage and how we rate's OUR LIFE not others..why care on so much on others as long as we enjoy our journey?? it's our own journey..everyone will end in the same more ranks no more class..everyone 6 feets under with no fame, no wealth and nothing....the only lives on is the deeds we did... color our life as we proceed on to our meaningful all of us grow old, that is what we will look back and smile..^^

one says if there is no sadness there is no happiness..
if we learn from failure we never fail..
if we know what happen next, there is no more surprise

take care friends!! and enjoy your life and be prepared for the next surprise that might fall!!

just remember, when you felt you were all alone, dont forget for a bunch of people who will never leave you which is FAMILY and FRIENDS!! XD

Saturday, August 15, 2009

of up and down

they were the big names not only in korea and japan..they were one of the big names in asia for kpop music..the 5 footstep that shaken the world biggest gather around them wherever they went..cheers for them could be heard miles away..the 5 who come from different background, the 5 who were picked from 5 major competition, after all the hardship they went and harsh training,they were finally put together and debut as DONG BANG SHIN KI..with all the perfect vocal and great personality, they went thru the up and down and finally standing as ASIA BEST BOYBAND, with 2 GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD..they now was the national proud..the 5 who were loved by millions out there..on the 24th of july, something happen that shaken almost every, every cassiopeian...comments from all over the world, from different race and background, were worried for the same reason..the infamous rumors of 5 YEARS CURSE OF SM finally hit the 5 gods..3 out of the 5 filed a lawsuit to demand for their pay against their own company, SM ENTERTAINMENT..anxious filled everyone involved..the company, the boys and also the fans..

anyway,to all cassiopeia, i believe all this black cloudy will go away..things will clear and the bright sky is waiting ahead..the love and power of the red sea is stronger and more powerful than the so-called 5 YEARS CURSE OF SM..there is nothing could break the 5=1 chain and there is certainly nothing could block the 5 from being together and there is nobody could take over their position as DONG BANG SHIN KI because the red sea always rules!! because CASSIOPEIA IS ALWAYS BEHIND THE BOYS..^^

well things dont just happen to the top boyband in SM Ent..things happen to YG Ent top boyband too..

they dont debut as hot as TVXQ but their popularity shoot up after their 2nd single and from then their popularity never seems to stop..they debut in 2006 and were now having 2nd largest number of fans in korea..they too have 5 members..the 5 who shoot to fame in korea and then shaken ASIA, they were one of the national pride and now debuting in JAPAN and seems that they were welcomed by many there..for 5 who is equal talented and had their own solo project, they were their fans pride..but for recent heat, not only cassiopeia were on verge of anger, but VIP of the member, DAESUNG was involved in a car accident and were hospitalised..he is going for an might be not a serious condition but hearing own idol facing such condition, which fans wouldnt be sad??? beside DAESUNG, controversial happen for G DRAGON, the leader of the group..GD were critised first on his fashion and then again on his solo song, HEARTBREAKER..on one of 2NE1 interview, GD were spotted wearing a naked female t-shirt and well, although is blurred, blame the good eyes of netizen, they spotted the t-shirt picture and instantly, GD were up in naver and discussion among the netizen with thousand of comment firing..beside HEARTBREAKER which is scheduled to release soon, were critised to be similar to FLO-RIDA RIGHT ROUND..things wouldnt be big here but GD were known to have slight depression and as long as i know, he had symptoms of depression earlier this year..VIP were worried that his condition might get worst..

let just pray that all this could pass..pray for DAESUNG SPEED RECOVERY and let's look forward to his comeback in FAMILY OUTING..and for GD, let us show him more of love and support..i believe that VIP will be the strength of BIGBANG..

things just dont happen to both fanclub..Everlasting Friends or better known as ELF werent spared from the anxious competition..ever since SORRY SORRY promotion, the member KIM KIBUM wasn't there with the group..he was not there even in It's You promotion and finally statement from SM, Kim Kibum won't be in SUPER SHOW were worried for the not complete performance from SUPER JUNIOR..he is said first to be in AMERICA to take care of his sick mother and then said to have attend acting class..either way, only SM know what is going to happen in between SUPER JUNIOR..their 5th anniversary is coming soon..and for then let all ELFs be strong and went into their 6th year with peace and calm..

always 13!!! ELF is always there for SUPER JUNIOR!! nobody could change the fact the 13 were meant to be together..and ELF and SUPER JUNIOR stand as ONE!! and again the 5 YEARS CURSE OF SM is nothing compare to the blue sea!!! SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING!!

other fanclub such as
SHAPLEY waiting for CSJH THE GRACE comeback since the girls weren't scheduled in SMTOWN 09 CONCERT and fans were waiting for the girls comeback ever since the girls went to JAPAN..
and also
WONDERFUL which waiting for the comeback of WONDER GIRLS to korea and also worry for their debut to US..their future for US is still in midst and all fans could do is to wait and pray for the best outcome for their US debut..

things might be rather rough for fanclub nowadays, but i believe it will be better soon..keep on supporting the fanclub..days will be better tomorrow..^^

as for other, TRIPLE S is celebrating for the success of SS501 success concert in BUDOKON concert and their concert tour..although there is some disappointed with HYUNGJOON ripping his t-shirt in the concert..good luck SS501!!!
SHINEE CITIZEN is preparing for the debut of SHINEE in Japan and their first fan meeting is as successful as usual..all the best SHINEE!!!! XD
Kamillian is as cheerful as usual for KARA success REVOLUTION ALBUM..congrats kara and well done kamillian..^^
and although days wasnt soo clear for CASSIOPEIA, but there is good news to share around for CASSIOPEIA, that AADBSK3 top HANTEO CHART for both daily and weekly chart..good old cassiopeia!!!! and also, TVXQ hasnt been topping japan yahoo and amoba search...and for STAND BY YOU single, it is going to achieve platinum cert in no time!! congrats boys!!!!! omedatou!!!!
for VIP, be prepared for GD new released solo album!! ^^ GOSSIP MAN~~


RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to copy-paste this note, and answer all the questions. At the end, choose 15 people to be tagged - including the person who tagged you. (I'm so not going to tag anyone. You can reply the tag if you want)

ABC About You Questions:
A - AVAILABLE: yesss
B - BIRTHDAY: 15 July 1988..the most meaningful date in the history..XD
C - CRUSHING ON: couldnt say a crush anyway..
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: carrot juice with milk! XD
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: OH LOO WEN, my busy-ignored-master slave
F - FAVORITE SONG: too much to list..
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: neither..ewww..lolipop YES!
I - IN LOVE WITH: LAPTOP..the only thing that can kill my time..
J - JUGGLE: do i look like someone from the circus??
K - KILLED SOMEONE: in my dreams! XD
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: KL?? is not that long afterall..XD
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: all flavor..erm, honeydew??
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 2..and im the eldest *proud*
O - ONE WISH: become a doctor and celebrate TVXQ 10th anniversary (which means they didnt disband)
P - PERSON CALLED LAST: KLA bro who remembered to call me..XD
R- REASON TO SMILE: no reason
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Di Diao - Nicholas Teo
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 7.00am..
U - UNDERWEAR COLOR/PATTERN: come and see it yourself..=.=ll
V - VEGETABLE(S): my favourite dish all time..
W - WORST HABIT: getting fat!!! *sulk*
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: once..for my uni enterance..
Y – YOYOS ARE: bored game..=.=
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: cancer..^^

Random Questions About You:
Spell your name without vowels: JLYN...XD nice name!!
What color do you wear most?: Black..^^
Least favorite color?: Pink!! eww!! ewuks
What are you listening to?: 12:34 (Nothing Better) - TVXQ
Are you happy with your life right now?: why not?? XD
What is your favorite class in school?: all???? ahahahahahahhaa..they are typical the same 1 hour class..XD
When do you start back at school/college? : 28 Sept 2009
Are you outgoing?: depend on my
Favorite pair of shoes?: all my shoes are my favourites!!
Where do you wish you were right now?: talk to certain people
Can you dance?: what you think?? o.O ahahahaha
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: never try and will never try it..
Can you whistle?: can!!! *proud*
Write with both hands?: if u can read my left handwriting..yes?? XD
Walk with your toes curled?: hmmm...yeah

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: why not?? science can't prove everything..XD
Do you believe in miracles?: there is where dreams come from..LOL
Do you believe in magic?: NOPE..
Love at first sight?: yes...
Do you believe in Satan?: nahh!!! they scared of me moreee
Do you know how to swim?: yes yes yes...
Do you like roller coasters?: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...height phobia

Have you ever been on a plane?: yeah..i dont look like some kampung girl right?
Have you ever asked someone out?: yeah..just ask kevin out..XD
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yes..
Have you ever been to the ocean?: penang is surrounded by ocean..XD
Have you ever painted your nails?: did i state my gender above?? ah, a

What is the temperature outside: just rain..come measure it yourself..
What radio station do you listen to?: my fm..
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: i forgot the name..a restaurant in Sungai Petani
What was the last thing you bought?: thai rice..XD
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: watching tv while blogging..HAIL THE JUDGE

Who was the last person you IM'd?: kevin
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: jolyn ch'ng!! which basically myself
Who was the last person you said I love you to?: my mummy..

Ever really cried your heart out?: yes!!
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: yes!!! always
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: yes!!!!! during my birthday
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: yes!!! XD
Do you cry when you get an injury?: nope!
Do certain songs make you cry?: yes!!!! TVXQ most sad ballad makes me cry...

Are you a happy person?: if im not, i dont think there is no other..XD
What can make you happy?: anything that makes me smile..^^
Do you wish you were happier?: im on the top level of happiness
Can music make you happy?: yes!!!!

How many times have you had your heart broken?: not really hurt
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?: no!! that is stupid

What is your current hair color?: black..^^
Current piercings?: one pair..mummy say, doctor should look decent
Have any tattoos?: nooo..mummy say, doctor should look decent
Eye color?: black..wait till i wear color contact lens..XD

Favorite eye color: no exact color
Short or long hair: no exact hairstyle
Height: Tall. taller than me..170 at least..XD
Best clothing: casual and look good in it

Been to jail: nooottt in my life!!
Mooned someone: never!
Ran away from home: never and never will
Laughed so hard you cried: yes!! XD
Cried in school: yes sadly..

Thrown up in a store: nope..
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today: always..wakakakakaka
Gone skinny dipping: come and measure my fat..=.=

Pepsi or Coke: neither!! no carbonate drinks
McDonald's or Burger King: McD!!! yay
Single or Group Dates: depends...
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate!! my fav all time!! XD
Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries..^^
Meat or Veggies: both in appropriate amount..LOL
TV or Movie: i guess
Guitar or Drums : drums!!!i must look cool with it..^^
Adidas or Nike: no exact brand
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: neither..^^
Cake or Pie: cake..^^
MTV or VH1: neither..LOL

phew!! this is long!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

nothing better~

(Junsu) jinan gwageosoge heuteojyeossdeon sigandeulgwa
sujubeun misoleul nanun ulideulyi geoli
geu saileul salmyeosi muldeulyeojun bolabic bada
ajig geuli olaedoen yeonineun anijiman
neowa na gateun goseul balabomyeo hana dul saegyeonoheun
hyimihan baljagugi naege isseo Nothing better than that

(Changmin) eoneusaebuteo jayeonseule naeane jalaon oeloume
naanin nugungaleul sojunghage saenggaghanjeog eobsdeon naldeul
(Yoochun) acimeul goelobhineun nunibusin haessal
neujeun bam gil bicuneun hwanhan dalbic
jaggo sunsuhaessdeon gieoge tolajigo gaseum seolleeo

(Jaejoong) ije ggaedalassjyo dan hanayi sarangingeol
namollae heullin nunmul gieognaji anhge eonjelado
ddaseuhan balam doeeo neol gamssaaneulgge
gaggeum hwansangceoleom sarajilgga dulyeoweojyeo
eonjena bigawado cilheulggati kamkamhan eodumi wado
geudae gyeoteseo gidalilgge Nothing better than that

(Yunho) suhwagi neomeo gyesog jaejaldaedeon suda
ddaeloneun neomeojyeoseo tultuldaeneun
naegyeoteul jikyeojuneun ni maltu ne momjisi naleul usgehae

(Junsu) jinan gwageosoge heuteojyeossdeon sigandeulgwa
sujubeun misoleul nanun ulideulyi geoli
geu saileul salmyeosi muldeulyeojun bolabic bada
ajig geuli olaedoen yeonineun anijiman
neowa na gateun goseul balabomyeo hana dul saegyeonoheun
hyimihan baljagugi naege isseo Nothing better than that

(Jaejoong) halue ggocpigo sideuneun sesang sueoggaeyi sarang
(Junsu) saegyeojigo jiweojyeodo neol hyanghan naemaeum (ggeuti eobseo)
(Changmin) sel su eobsneun sigan ceonceonhi heulleogado
ceoeum sarangeul yagsoghan geunal geudaelo yeongweonhaltejyo

(Jaejoong) ije ggaedalassjyo dan hanayi sarangingeol
namollae heullin nunmul gieognaji anhge eonjelado
ddaseuhan balam doeeo neol gamssaaneulgge
gaggeum hwansangceoleom sarajilgga dulyeoweojyeo
eonjena bigawado cilheulggati kamkamhan eodumi wado

(Yoochun) geudae gyeoteseo
(Yunho) namuga doeseo
(Changmin) swil goseul jugo
(Junsu) hemeji anhge deungbuli doeseo
(Jaejoong) neol gidalilgge Nothing better than that

The scattered past times,
And our timid smiles we shared are becoming one by the purple ocean,
Although we haven't been lovers for long,
The footsteps we imprinted one by one while looking at the same direction are with me,
Nothing better than that

The days I could not think preciously of another person other than me,
Because of the loneliness which became natural for me,
The incandascent sun which bothered the mornings,
The bright moon which lightened the road at night,
The small and innocent memories make me sulk and restless

I've figured it out now that you're my only love,
I'll become the warm wind and embrace you,
So you can't remember the tears you cried without my knowing,
At times I'm afraid that you'll disappear like an illusion,
No matter if it rains, or it becomes as pitch dark,
I'll wait by your side, nothing better than that

The converastion we shared over the phone,
The times you complained after falling down,
Your expressions and body language make me laugh

The scattered past times,
And our timid smiles we shared are becoming one by the purple ocean,
Although we haven't been lovers for long,
The footsteps we imprinted one by one while looking at the same direction are with me,
Nothing better than that

The world in which flowers blossom and fade in a day,
My feelings for you, despite the millions of love which engrave itself and erase,
Although the uncountable times pass slowly,
The love I promised you on that day will always remain forever

I've figured it out now that you're my only love,
I'll become the warm wind and embrace you,
So you can't remember the tears you cried without my knowing,
At times I'm afraid that you'll disappear like an illusion,
No matter if it rains, or it becomes as pitch dark,
I'll wait by your side, nothing better than that

By your side,
I'll become a tree,
I'll give you a place to rest,
I'll be your guiding light,
And wait for you,
Nothing better than that

arrangement by others

to download, get from boajjang! XD

always keep the faith~~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

moody days

guess everyone had guess the storm happen in SM ENTERTAINMENT...
korea top boyband, asia boyband and japan first non-JE idol boyband that break JE barrier, TVXQ is having lawsuit with non other than their own company, SME...

sigh....sound like there is no hope bt the boys are going to disband soon
bt then i hope that all cassiopeia could keep their faith to the boys...the boys is not going to disband as they assure it themselve...AVEX promise that the boys is going to be in japan as TOHOSHINKI (there is no way they going to let a money maker going off) and SM representative says they are doing everything to retain the boys...

what nonsense i type here...sighh

dump that anyone who wanted to stop in DNBN here is the new link :

like the korean cassiopeia...let's have faith on the boys!!! XD
i believe they will stay together...i believe in do you???

a piece of news here..XD

All five Tohoshinki members will be participating in the ‘30th Annual Jingumae Fireworks Festival’ hosted by Nikkan Sports newspaper in Tokyo on the 6th. All members of Tohoshinki will perform on stage at the National Stadium in Tokyo as planned. It seems as though their appearance at the event is official because earlier today, Nikkan Sports posted a bulletin on their hompage, announcing that DBSK will be present at the event.

So, it seems as though not all of Tohoshinki’s schedules have been cancelled or postponed, as previously announced. Apparently Yun-ho and Chang-min attended the ‘A-Nation 09′ event in Japan on the 1st and happily performed together, without showing any signs of tension. Also, the word around town is that Tohoshinki will also attend the ‘SM Town Live 09′ concert in Seoul on the 16th.

credits: arama

let's look forward to their group performance..XD