Thursday, August 30, 2012

could it be?

i am a dreamer...

a sentence i never want to deny... i admit that i am a big dreamer.. i dream on everything and i see things so magically and mysteriously, i live just a life like that.. a naive thinking?? or probably an empty minded.. a real empty skull... just like my mum said.. you are a dumb at times...

i do agree.. i am a dumb not at times but for most of the times.. to think bout how dumb i could be... life just had to move on...

since u know im a dreamer, why do u even start initiating my dreaming point??? o.O
if i am a dreamer like that and u knew it, why dont just stop me from dreaming?? instead of letting me move on to stage 3 then 4 and then REM...

i had been in REM sleep too long... it's about time, to wake up~~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

not good enough?

heard this song... and kept me thinking..

probably not all, bt most of the movies and dramas i watched, there is always a part where either the guy or the girl, left the one they loved because they thought that it would make the other half happier and more blissful..

the act that they thought it is so generous, so noble that they are letting their other half go despite all the love that both side portrays.. thinking that they are thinking on their behalf, letting them off so that they could receive more love... is this really so generous?? is this really so noble?? should the other half thanks them for all those so-called "scarifies" ??

this normally seen when one learned they had terminal disease or that they are going to another worst stage of their life..

i dont know about you people who might had another thought but for me, when both person were in love and agreed to be each other half, completing each other, where we said till death tears us apart,

why would one part could ever think that to back off, could bring more happiness to another half??
who are you to determine what i want it to be?? why would being sick or being anything a barrier for 2 person??

how could this become generous when if there is anything happen, regrets and sorrow follow that person all the time.. as opposed to generosity, this is a self-fish act instead...

why would one say they are not up-to-par to a person they like?? have you ever even tried?? giving it up by saying that "she will be happier without me" who are u to even say that?? if the other half who loved you so dearly, and by that, showing your generosity, isnt it show that the other are materialistic? the other half is so weak that a little test from god, she/he couldnt even handle it??

i always thought that, even if left a day, i would want someone i love to be with me... at least, we could make use of the time to built the world best memory.. to able to talk it out, and to face it together... at least no regrets of not being able to say anything that left in the heart..

i knew how it felt to be in such deep regrets, because I, had something left unspoken, and for this, it will remain unspoken for the rest of my life... no matter how much i wish i could turn back the is just not possible...anymore~~

i should have said it...