Saturday, September 1, 2012


listening to Junsu Uncommitted...

the first phrase :

It was all a dream
Reality was far from
the safe picture she painted for me
She told me I was the one and I believed
until the dream dissipated so suddenly

a dream, a reality... i used to say i had to dream of reality because how reality be is how we want it to be...
we work for our dream, to make it a reality... a dream come true as long as i believe..

what define a dream?
what define a reality?

it would be a lie that i dont felt a thing..
after each and everything that had happen, for each and everything that had turn memories, if i would say i dont felt a thing, it's a lie... a big lie that i said to make life easier for everyone...

probably im the only one... maybe i think so much of the unreal..
to believe i could create a dream.. to create an inception

is it possible???
will it be possible???

i lied to myself everyday.. every single morning is a dream i create for myself to lessen those heartache..
every single morning i just wanna hid inside... to hid myself from every sunlight..

i get myself a list of excuses, a list of lies... hypnotized myself...
wake up and face the world with a smile... end the day and to get up the next day with a brand new lie...

sooner or later i might be a better actress than some malaysian actress.. =)