Tuesday, September 2, 2008

counting down the days

ahhh!!!! intake on 16 sept!!!! i dont want it to start soo soon!!! -__-
not till i got my 4th korean album from my mum!!!! gosh, now i dont think she will pay it..T_T she says "STUDY FIRST!!!" die!! not fair!!! study and 4th album IS NOT RELATED!!! no way..i need to get it from her..>.<
nani nani nani nani nani
soo bored this few days...totally no news on oppa!! ajushi lee, when are u letting us know 1% of the 4th korean album??? im goin crazy with this curiousness!!! onjena!!! onjena!!!! aaaaa
that is soo mean of abuji!!! shiroh!!! sigh...we just know they hair theme..since the exposure in the airport and a-nation...^^ and their bulky body..those muscle..OH MY GOD!! abuji, are u trying to tell us u never torture the boys and they had enough rest n they do eat OR is that one of the theme in 4th album?????
ahah..my latest song addiction come for SHINEE...surprisingly!! LOVE LIKE OXYGEN are addictive and nice..rofl..its masterpiece from yoo young jin sunbaenim anyway..rofl...

that song are really great..i play it like numerous time in my playlist..rofl..yoo young jin oppa really had this great talent in composing song...want to know some of his masterpiece?? rofl..here is it..:
*ALL SONG OF SES (remember this great girlband from sm entertainment..SHOO, EUGENE n BADA)
*ALL SONG OF BOA (the queen of sm entertainment)
*SCANDAL FROM KANGTA (im not sure if there is any but well the king of sm entertainment..but then kangta wrote his own song..he wrote all the songs in 4th korean album-eternity according to pynic/fiona)
*TRIANGLE, RISING SUN, TONIGHT, O JUNG BAN HAP, PURPLE LINE FROM TVXQ (not sure if any but this few songs prove it..isnt it?? rofl..from the top boyband in korea and also one of the money maker and top in sm entertainment)
*DONT DON BY SUPER JUNIOR (if im not mistaken U are also from him...no idea, not ELF..)
*LOVE LIKE OXYGEN BY SHINEE (the 2nd TVXQ and also the upcoming famous boyband)

im not sure on SNSD n CSJH..but then the song up there have already proves it..rofl..and his own song?? AGAPE..that is a great song...rofl..i really respect him..he is a great composer and SM ENTERTAINMENT are lucky to have him...rofl

sm entertainment is goin for USA...and people are wondering who is goin there..will it be BOA?
will it be TVXQ?? or they will have new artist for it...dont ask me..i will say, BOA MIGHT go but TVXQ MIGHT not...tvxq manager had said TVXQ WILL CONQUER ASIA BEFORE MOVING TO WESTERN...so they might not goin..boa are potential in debuting there...either way, i will wait till conformation from sm..rofl

yay, i have new wallies for my youtube account!!!
thanks to ichigo!!rofl...
jaeho as the main theme...rofl...but i like jaesu..
she is making another for me..^^
waiting for it...
and of course the subbing..^^
busy girl..she need to finish for GOESS..rofl

since im talking on shinee..here is something..rofl

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