Thursday, March 31, 2011

knock knock

hahaha!!! recently dancing in the room..had to exercise getting fatter already~ =) since there is no new song..(wait, im waiting for 4minute heart to heart dance..) so i just dance to T-ara (Why Are You Being Like This , YaYaYa) and Hyunah (Change).. =)

i did wrote a post on tuesday night, when my anger level reach my cerebral cortex...but then..i decided not to post it so i just throw it into the recycle bin..well although im nt the one at fault but then, *sigh* forget bout it.... no further explanation... XD i dont want to ruin my happy mood anyway~ =)

while waiting for my mum to finish her drama and take me to night market, here i am, nagging on my blog.. owh thud!! i just lost my swagger-ness by saying nag~ =X

i actually doubt if i am swagger or just innocent puppy?? okay, i admit..NOT INNOCENT PUPPY!! i know i KNOW!!!! shud it~!! =) i know i am as annoying as the orange...i will be lettuce then~ XD bt one thing, i am NARCISSIST! =) full of vanity~~ =) but definitely not snobbish!! i am not snob~ =) and not noob! XD

recently, i used a lot of words like SHIT, WHAT THE HELL, SHUT UP and WHADDA!! and also my own native language, chiak sai which mean eat shit~ =) all pretty much thanks to my friends...or should i say my housemates.. =.= urghh... this turn me from being swagger to totally grumpy old aunty~ =.= urghh!!! i hate them... here is one (AND I MEAN ONE OUT OF HUNDREDS!!) of our conversation:
.. *teachers explaining about asymmetrical atonic reflex*...
miss A : don't get it..can u show us??
teacher : sure..*walk towards me*
teacher : assume this is the baby *touch my head*
my housemate , B : haha, hydrocephalus baby (baby with big head because of pathological condition)...
other friends : *laughing n giggles*
me : SHUT IT!!! =.= *control from getting angry while lecturer continue to teach with my head*
another classmate : hydrocephalus baby with apgar score 0...
me : WHAT THE HELL!!! =.=

so just one scene, i said 2 of the phrases.. =) im not's just, we are playing around and yeah, although got all those stupid comments, i know my friends didnt mean it.. so yeah.....=)

i just wanted to say, we never expect what will happen in your life... every seconds, every minutes are important marker in our laugh away every minutes, making it memorable~ =)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Kanashii kako mo wakasugita hibi no ayamachi sae
Kimi ni deaete fukai umi ni shizumerareta no ni

Ano koro no boku to ieba ai shikata sae mo shirazu...tada...
Bukiyou ni kimi wo kizu tsukete yasashisa wasurete ita

Tada aitakute...mou aenakute
Kuchibiru kamishimete naiteta
Ima aitakute...wasurerarenai mama
Sugoshita jikan dake ga mata hitori ni saseru

Saishuu densha boku no kata ni kao wo uzumeta mama
Neiki wo tateru nani yori mo shiawase datta yo

Ima naraba sakebu koto mo kimi wo mamorinuku koto mo dekiru
Mou modoranai jikan dake wo kuyande shimau no wa...naze?

Tada...itoshikute...namida mo karete
Kimi no inai sekai wo samayou
Wasuretakunai...kimi no kaori wo mada
Dakishime nemuru yoru ga ah kodoku ni saseru

Tada aitakute...mou aenakute
Kuchibiru kamishimete naiteta
Ima aitakute...wasurerarenai mama
Sugoshita jikan dake ga mata hitori ni saseru


My sad past and the days of youthful mistakes
Were submerged in a deep ocean when I met you

Back then I didn't know how to love...I just...
Hurt you carelessly and forgot to be gentle

I just miss you...but I can't see you anymore
I bit my lip and cried
I want to see you now...I can't forget you
The time we spent together makes me lonely

On the last train, you buried your head in my shoulder
Breathing deeply in your sleep and I was so happy...

Now I can shout, now I can protect you I regretting the time I can't get back?

I tears have dried up
I drift through a world without you
I don't want to forget you...the nights I sleep
With your scent in my arms, ah, make me lonely

I just miss you...but I can't see you anymore
I bit my lip and cried
I want to see you now...I can't forget you
The time we spent together makes me lonely

I just...miss you

Romaji and translation by Megchan

i dont know but i wanted to sent this song to yoochun...=)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

still air before eruption

ever heard that before an disaster, there is always a still night before??? could still air a sign before some bad eruption begin???

anyway, nt writing about japanese disaster...i wrote one about it..anyway, peeps, help them in anyway u can~ there is no reason why one should poke jokes on them..imagine yourselves in their shoe... there is absolutely no reason why we should laugh when one is crying.. unless u are those brainless idiots-thinking-you-are-so-clever-because-u-could-think-out-of-the-box-by-imagine-ultraman or thinking u are part of those DEVELOPING COUNTRY trying to teach those DEVELOPED country on how to prevent natural disaster by going green and feel proud by the fact u could thought of why earthquake happen in japan n not ur own country~ =) *total sarcasm..because i know sarcasm dont work online* oh well, my country leaders are really thinking out of the box..thinking stuff that can makes people go stunned, then blue then laugh~ and end up, we are gag country for the whole world.. we live up to what our motto, MALAYSIA BOLEH~ =)

anyway, i am actually going to write about human explosion.. and that human is none other than myself.. =) surprised that i actually wrote bout myself?? hahahah~ yup!!! i almost explode yesterday.. so damn angry that i might have cussed if i open my mouth that very minute~ =.= and recently, because of that, my sarcasm have return! T.T

okay back...

so there is this miss A who had been pulling a long face and acting like she is in some chronic depression for the past 1 month...okay, if she had been in bad mood and wants all her privacy, i dont blame nt mad at her... and i know i being one of the friend, i had to ask what happen..okay, i admit it was my fault for not asking her what happen, bt i had ABSOLUTE REASONS for why i didnt do it..

first of all, i am not a person who will walk over to a person looking all gloomy and acting as if the whole world is going to collapse any moment... i know it is a right thing to do, bt being a carefree person, i probably said something i always choose to keep myself quiet and let the person in her/his own private space...i am very sure one can recover from the depression or mood is self-resolving illness anyway~

2nd, it is nt just one day or 2... and dang,despite the statement above, i actually did ask her what happen... bt since what i got is "im okay.." "no problem" and yet the situation continues EVERYDAY for almost a week, i finally decided that i should just leave her alone instead.. because asking it will lead to same answer~

and 3rd reason, the MOST IMPORTANT REASON...the fact that she actually pull long face in front of us ONLY drives me mad... =.= giving us sulky face all day for the past 1 month and gives others a wide smile sparks my anger... for our neighbour (who is also our classmate..and one of them is her crush??), she has the warmest welcome, and sweetest smile ever... and yet to us, her own housemate, she gave us the dirtiest look and the sulkiest face ever...

and lastly, we did not did anything hurtful!! =.= first, none of us hurt her (except she is serious on the jokes make by the other 2..=.= or she believes that i actually badmouth her when i clearly state i dont)..second, we did not isolate her in fact, we always invite her for dinner bt she reject saying she is saving money (okay, i shouldnt mad at her, BUT!! when others ask her for dinner, she goes without

okay,enuf with the reason... so yeah, after this been going for almost 1 month, i keep still bout it.. keep my anger inside, giving a cool appearance... try to cool myself down....what i angry is the fact that, she acts like all of us did something bad on her and she is victim of bully... when we did absolutely nothing.. =(

i try to cool myself down, afterall, we are housemates... any argument will lead to awkwardness in the house... and since living together, i wish the awkwardness could reduce to 0.. everyone feels happy and free in the house...with this, i suppress my own anger...trying to kick of the anger by surfing youtube... suppressed it down..till last week,wait,supposed to be this week...yeah, this week...

after "abused" by her sulky face for the past 1 month, i finally give up controlling my own anger...still, i stop myself from volcano eruption.. and finally, one day, i just cant take it~ =...= i finally burst..nt really burst..i didnt even say a word..i didnt even cuss!!! =3= i just finally pull a long sulky face..nt long sulky face bt a face clearly written "I AM SO PISSED!!" and i think she realised it~

what i wanted to say is that...everyone had their own limit.. stop giving us you-all-owe-me-$$$$$ face each day....or acting like you-guys-just-isolate-me-and-i-am-sad-by-it..when clearly nobody did is irritating and annoying you know.. *sigh*

i actually suppressed myself real hard...if i had burst, it will be be more than the 8.8 earthquake faced by japan... if i were to burst it will be as big as the eruption from mount fuji... with all the flowing larvae.. i would have spit something like "just move out!! just move out, god-damn-it!!!" if she were to cross that line, and i erupt, it would be a nightmare...and i wonder what will be the atmosphere if that ever happen~ =.=

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i'm so HOT~

hahaha!! nt..nt talking about wonder girls, SO HOT...neither am saying myself are hot.. =) *pssh, if u were talking bout having excessive fats to burn and therefore hot, then yes, i am~ =)*

anyway, today, no, yesterday midnight, oh well today, this morning, 2 mv had been release by both sment and wheesung.. =) oh yeah,so what does that had to do with hot??

it's because both mv contain hot guys and yes, the mv are superb! =)

the first, should i go with wheesung or tvxq (ops, i just broke the tense..=)) then i shall go for wheesung.. i am cassiopeia then dont get me wrong...i like wheesung too.. and my baby joker is in it~ =)

wheesung just release a new mini album with 가슴 시린 이야기 (Heart Aching Story) featuring Beast coolest rapper JUNHYUNG (bt i loveeee doojoon n yoseob rap!!!) .. oh back, so, yesterday night, junhyung tweet bout the song released at 12am, and yes, i wait till 12am before i actually climb to my bed~ no doubt, it is from wheesung...good song, great song lyrics.. truly a great singer + lyricist.. so here is the mv.. credit : myBEASTyboysX

did i mention rap from hottie junhyungie are cool?? with the white specs.. the only thing i dont understand is, why there are 4 girls behind him?? no significant..besides, every fangirl will actually only look at junhyungie~ =)

anyway wheesung oppa, u are really really cool~~!!! keep it up.. u never fail to amazed (although i kinda hate insomnia~ bt still...=))

lastly, mv by sment.. TVXQ!! released their new repackage album and comeback with BEFORE YOU GO... this mv is EPIC!! i wish it is a short story... it is nt long enough!!! and 3 hot guys + a pretty girl~!!!!!! who could resists it~ i mean...damn!! =) sment is rich anyway..high budget mv~ XD enjoy the song : 이것만은 알고가 ...the mv is really with heaven voice of yunho n changmin...this is great piece!! =)

i'm so HOT~~ huh huh~ hahaha! XD

Saturday, March 12, 2011


MBLAQ and BEAST.. the 2 new grp debut last year, said to be rival to each other, actually turn out to be a grp of good friends!! =) all 10 of them are good friends... oh well, they are actually close friends.. =) this remind me of bigbang n tvxq or tvxq n ss501.. they are all close friends... yet ppl always compare them and making them sound like rival..

top of being close..junhyung(beast) and seungho(mblaq) are actually schoolmate~ =) well, here check out their funny moment.. anyway i didnt post every video on mbleast.. it's too much~ =)

lastly...leader of beast n mblaq beatboxing...go doojoon, go seungho!! =)

Friday, March 11, 2011

이것만은 알고가

A:before you go..
A:before you go..
B:yah, what u wanted to say~
A:Before You Go...
B:what u wanted to say?!!! before i not going anywhere!! =.= i just wanted to go to toilet now..
A:i didnt say you are going anywhere..
B:what with the sentence Before You Go?? dont tell me
A: YES~!!! i am talking about TVXQ REPACKAGE ALBUM.. they just release their mv teaser - BEFORE YOU GO.. i dont even care if u are going out from this house or u are going to toilet..
B: .....
A: oh and if u are going to kitchen please get me my coke~ =) *continue youtube-ing*
B: ....... *angry n frusfrated*

yes!! our 東方神起 has released their latest mv teaser.. featuring both yunho and changmin, go ara and actor choi joon yun... =) doesnt the teaser look more like a drama teaser?? i wish they make a short movie with few of their songs.. and dang, sme is so rich that even their mv teaser look so freaking rich in budget!! =) all sme artist never fail to make their audience go wow!! =) they are really good~ =)

please do support the boys.. they dont deserved to get kick aside like what most of those "fans" say~ dont isolate these boys.. they work so hard for it.. and they did a very good job... and yet... sigh~~ anyway, yunho or changmin, i will always support u guys~ =) even if i gave up on cassiopeia fandom~ =)


let's pray for the safety of japan and affected country for the earthquake and tsunami.... i cant bring myself to imagine how it will turn out be.. all i could is to pray for world safety... prayers and thoughts out for those who were affected by the disaster...

dear god, please let this disaster to stop in this very minute~
those with twitter, do help in tweeting #PrayfortheWorld =)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

stay the same~

Don't you ever wish you were someone else,
You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are.When you learn to love yourself, you¹re better off by far.
And I hope you always stay the same,cuz there¹s nothin' 'bout you I would change.

I think that you could be whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize, all the dreams you have inside.
Don't be afraid if you've got something to say,
Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.


Believe in yourself.
Reach down inside.
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive.
Have faith in what you do.
You'll make it through.


♪♪♪always stay the same.. =) u will never know what is so precious in you that people love you~ ♪♪♪

Monday, March 7, 2011

nae qingu yah~

i actually knew that at times, i am just a irritating,annoying person waiting for a slap...i at times knew how i speak.. and i actually aware of the time i am mean and sarcastic...

i actually knew all this... i tried to..tried to nt be that mean.. try to be understanding....i could be very aggressive and spit out things i know i shouldnt..using hurtful words and tones... i tried nt to do it though~ bt it seems like, it still stuck with me...

i know my words are more toward hurtful than sarcasm~ i know i should change then...i tried and i still the same...i will continue to change it..although i couldnt guarantee i will completely mean time, do bear with me~ =)

i dont mean every single words i said~ XD im sorry~

Friday, March 4, 2011


well it still be the same.. the same moment like it used to?? after all this that had happen... afterall, will the feeling still be the same..

if we could rewind back the time, will u rewind it back to the time we had our happiest time?? rewind the time to look what we had gone thru.. those smiles, those tears...those route we used to walk together... if it pass in front of your eyes like a slide show, will you, at least for a second, feel like crying??? feel like hugging each other back???

let's have the very honest confession...


eodumi geochigo huimihan jomyeongi hana dul kkeojideon jogeum chagawotdeon saebyeok
neomu neujeotdago bochaeneun neoreul bomyeo ilbureo meolli doragatdeon iksukhaetdeon gil

*dan han beondo neo eomneun naega doel geora jamsirado saenggak motaesseo
eonjenganeun sigani heureumyeon amu il eobseotdeusi gieokhaji mot hago da ichyeojigetji

ajikdo gakkeumssik cheoeum naege dagawa immatchudeon neol itji mot hae chajaganeun gil
eojjeoda uyeonhi neon geu goseul geotge doemyeon jamsi meomchwo useo neomgigo gadeon gireul jaechokhalkka


namjadapge malhaji mot han sujubeotdeon naui gobaege
joyonghi naege dagawaseo gidaeodeon nega neomu geuriwo dasi doragago sipeo

yeongwonira mideotdeon jeonbuyeotdeon neol geuri swipge jiul su eobseo
eonjenganeun sigani heureumyeon oraedoen ilgicheoreom jamsinama miso jitgo maneun
yeolbyeongieotdago chueokhamyeo nan sal su isseulkka


The darkness is lifted, The dim illuminations which slowly turned off, the daybreak which felt a bit cold.
As I watched over you whine saying “it’s too late”, The familiar long road we purposefully took as we returned home.

*I couldn’t think, for even one moment, that there would be a time when I would be without you.
But as time flows, it will be as if nothing happened and we wont be able to recollect.

I still… time to time, I remember the time when I first approached you and kissed you… and I can’t forget, so I find myself traveling the familiar road once more.
If by chance, we meet on this road, will you pause and smile for a second and rush by?

*I couldn’t think, for even one moment, that there would be a time when I would be without you.
But as time flows, it will be as if nothing happened and we wont be able to recollect.

At my shy confession which I couldn’t say like a man.
You quietly stepped over to me and embraced me. I yearn for you… I want to go back.

I believed in eternity, I can’t easily forget about you who made up my life.
But as time flows, as if I’m reading an old diary, I’ll smile for a moment and pass it off…
Will I be able to live again reminiscing, thinking tha it was just a momentary fever.

Credits: +KimKenoa@twitter+Jaejoongi
Shared by:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♪♪♪Tonight ♪♪♪

BigBang is back!! *imitate gdragon way of saying it*

yes.. BIG BANG big comeback~ releasing their 4th mini album - TONIGHT.. *throw confetti* i totally bewitched by the songs~ =) coming back after 2 years plus...Big Bang never fail to impress the listener, the fans~ =) actually i am so happy on their comeback, i dont really know what to type here.. everything sound so great..and if i were to start writing, i will spazz instead.. =) well, get the album already..what are u guys waiting.. =) it's B to the I and G..B to the A and N G! BIG BANG! =)

Tonight ♪
6 songs + Digital Booklet :
Hands Up
Somebody To Love
What Is Right
Digital Booklet-Tonight

get it on:


i actually like the part where GD crash the guitar.. although feel it is then, he is soo cool with that!! *gd bias here.. =)*

*Laugh Die Me*
this is epic! =)
1. Gdragon being the girl
2. Top imagination of gdragon
3. Taeyang's hair..
4. Seungri way of talking
5. TOP become the girl
6. Top sit up with Gdragon << Notice Taeyang and Kwon Twins
7. Top becomes girl
8. Top and Seungri Kiss
9. Top and Gdragon Kiss
10. Daesung being the mother~ << this is most EPIC.. *smell~~*
11. Gdragon gt hit
12. Top real tears!! =)
13. Top and Gdragon moment again~ =)

holla.. after a long break from my blog~ =) before i proceed to bigbang's new album post... i feel like having a little 씽 picture spam here.. well, nt really.. just wanna post some old picture of KEVIN (of now U-KISS), JUNHYUNG (of now BEAST) and YUME ... i wonder where is Yume anyway.. this 3 is like my absolute biased in 씽 (Xing).. of course kevin being the top bias~ =) wait, maybe Yume is my top bias.. oh well, i distribute my attention to this 3 actually.. and well, here is some old picture spam~ =)

i think u guys had heard about what happen in U-KISS.. i dont angry over the members.. they probably were forced to accept this reality.. i mean alexander and kevin were closed like hell.. it's not just any publicity bt u can see their closeness in twitter... i blame more on NH Media though... what they mean by member replacement?? kibum may have less line than others, and well, i dont think he is weak ... he sure had his own unique area.. is just the company are stupid enough to find out~ or should i say, he never gave the chance to show it~ == alexander, he is famous!! being u-kiss leader, he did a very good job.. and yes, a lot of people knew ukiss, thanks to him!!! why he is out also?!! == i love u-kiss as it original.. *sigh* whining here and throwing tantrum doesnt help.. the decision is hard to unturn.. i wish the best happiness for all the members.. i wish alexander re-appear in his twitter... i miss his tweets so much~ i miss all tweets from u-kiss member.. where is those cheerful, happy-go-lucky boys went?? T.T

beside being sad and frusfrated, i am happy for the success of BEAST..i know i am being irony~ =) bt success of beast need to be applause.. so yeah, clap please.. *claps*.. congrats on the success of the concert.. and good luck in japanese debut!! XD i know u guys can do it~ =) HIMNAE!!!! XD

i wish yume re-debut.. i miss yume now~ T.T