Thursday, September 4, 2008

4th ALBUM!!

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im just complaining on SM for being soo mysterious n here is the updates of TVXQ 4TH KOREAN ALBUM!!!
apart from the pictures..there is previews of 35s n 57s of the song..and also the the concept of the album are also out!!!! im soo happy!!! the moment i step into soompi i felt TVXQ had put me into a paradise...i downloaded the song (GREAT THANKS AND HUGS TO ICHIGO!!!!!)..she send me the song immediately as she upload it in sendspace...^^ after i download i played it numerous time in my playlist...addicted to the song..its rockish..and well, another great masterpiece from yoo young jin..i assume is him since his been doin all TVXQ cover song...and well, he had all this addictive song with i assume is his masterpiece...^^
I JUST KNOW OPPA WILL NEVER EVER LET ME DOWN with their 4th korean album..and it is indeed great song!!! ^^
oh well, i posted all i got in gossipwhatever and u guys can just get it there...
rofl..the 35s preview n even the 56s preview dl link are there..rofl..anyway here is the 35s preview in youtube..thanks to ichigo!!!

owh is the link to the post i put up on TVXQ 4TH KOREAN ALBUM UPDATES!! ^^
happy downloading!! ^^

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