Monday, September 15, 2008


wow!! smtown shanghai concert ended successfully~~~ if u asked me who has the number of fans i would replied you, is cassiopeia..but well, elf have quite number of fans too...and the green lights in the pics is not triple s!! im not mistaken is cassiopeia..well, the color of jae is green..and junsu is im not sure if some of the blue is junsu's fans or elfs..^^
and well, i thought with BoA not going to the concert, jang riyin will have more song to sing..but it turns out that she still have only 2 songs..NO CHANGE!!

there is a lot on dongbansuju and dongbangshinee...i will go off with dongbangjunior..rofl..there is a lot of dongbangsuju when both group sing SHOW ME YOUR LOVE..the stage full of the dorkiness and playfullness of 2 top boyband in SM or korea...they are just cute!!!! here, enjoy the dorkiness..and yunho are really good when he try to mop the rains and the stage are full of water..he mop the place n yet yoochun pour water on him...and when eeteuk jump on the cart the other member push him away..rofl..both leader are bullied by the members..and heechul!! omg..ahahahha...

then lets move on to dongbangshinee...dongbangshinee are spotted during the smtown song..^^here is one of the be honest, most of the dongbangshinee pics include shinee with PARK YOOCHUN..rofl..a really caring sunbae..rofl..

cute boys!!there is another where ONEW with that sungmin saying, yoochun should be with me instead of u guys..dongbangsuju first!!! rofl..and well i really enjoy seeing it..well i couldnt find tvxq moment with csjh or snsd...too be honest im happy..oh oh..there is tvxq moment with csjh and snsd...jaejoong & lina (duet)...junsu & stephanie (dance battle) and yunho& hyo yeon (dance battle)...jaejoong oppa didnt hug lina what he did during smtown seoul for junsu and yunho..they touch the girls like passing to the girls..hankyung went half naked in the dance competition..and at one point i thought im looking at yunho!!!they look almost alike!!!! go get the video from my profile..i favourited it..^^ here is my profile :

all i favourited is tvxq for other..sorry..i couldnt find any fancam on snsd..or maybe there is..but the person was filming the black ocean..and not the girls....they perform 6 songs in less than 10 minutes...and for riyin, i havent look at any..i couldnt find..CSJH..i only watch 4 fancam...that is dance battle, jaena duet, haruman and boomerang...and boomerang is remix so 2 mins only!! or maybe the fancam not for SHINee..there is not much fancam...i think i saw the dance battle(the reason y this sure have is because..well, elf and cassiopeia getting glimpse of tvxq & suju) and run it....sigh...and suju..there is tons but i didnt check on i left with tvxq..enjoy!! there are a few which is FULL...something i like on chinese cassie..they got quite clear fancam and pictures..^^

done with smtown concert, here is something for all cassiopeia..ALLKPOP are giving away 3 cd/dvds on TVXQ..join there competition!! ^^ here is the link to the site..rofl..try it if u are interested...

get it if u want!! ^^ and also this...TVXQ got #3 in CDTV dvd chart..chukahaeyo!!!!
here is the video on it..

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