Friday, September 26, 2008


jumun is the korean word of spell..which is also the korean name for mirotic!! oh yea oh yea...
im soo happy that i havent pre-order the album lo..cuz now..IT HAS 5 VERSIONS ALTOGETHER!! yay is the other 3 version...^^

C Ver-Includes Showcase
D Ver -members compose songs
E Ver -Special Version, im getting the VERSION E..!! yay!! pynic said she is going for VERSION D..anyway pynic said is 6 version malaysian version..

so now u know what will i buy rite?!! soo happy that i actually wait..rofl..anyway, here is a few video related to jumun...i will write about my 2nd week of medico later on..rofl...a lot of stuff on there..rofl..

oh yea..actually i dont think we need to worry for TVXQ for this end of the year mkmf..i know a lot worry because of the viewers in youtube video for big bang and wonder girls hit millions views..but not for TVXQ..but then, do u really care on that?? i mean come on..there are A LOT of uploader for TVXQ..we diverse out..and yeah do view in youtube more important or the sales of the album??? i mean big bang hit nearly 130 000 sales till this month...give wonder girls a 100 000 sales..(like big bang)..TVXQ have 400 000 sales lei!!!!!!! so stop worry..ok??? keep on supporting for our boys!! TVXQ HWAITING!!!




oh yea, i got all the song in 4th korean album..a big thanks to ange baby!!!! i lovee u!!!!!!

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