Friday, September 24, 2010

如果 there anything like if??? ever done something and then think of, if i were to choose this? if i were to go there?

ever turn right and think what might be waiting at the left turning?? everything happens in a split of time...a flash of light and a tick of a minisecond...every decision we made bring us to next level...ever think, what will our life be when we pick the unchoosen pathway...

things happen for a reason...but is the reason happen because we choose the route ourselves??? i remember saying this to someone when he asked why am i sad...past 2 days, out of blue, out of sudden, i feel emo..depressed in a simpler language...he ask "why emo??" ..i replied "emo over something i regretted"..yes, something i regretted...nt something but someone..

i actually think what super junior's song..what if..what if i told u what i feel, will we be the same like who we are now??? what if, i told u, to hold u in my arms..will u be just a simple friend of mine?? i regretted why i never take up what ange told me, to express myself..will i be who i am now??? what will happen in between both of us....i think some of you know who i am referring, if is that person u were thinking, yes...him..

i havent talk to him for a time...a time for both to cool things it right??? for not letting things continue??? i been thinking, is he really someone for me?? is it worth for me to wait?? are we suitable for each he...someone i ever wanted???

a lot of question..a lot of it a wise choice??? i think a lot...too bad, i nver ask any...neither do i did any...i type out those words i wanted to say..instead of the button sent, i click on delete....let alone to be in my heart...let those fire to die off....

to that person who ask me why i am sorry for nt telling the truth...u say, to do what is the best and not to regret...i wasnt the decision i make that i regretted...but the decision not to face the real feeling of mine...for that person, it is too late to say anything..let just be friends...i wish u..all the happiness u ever needed...

"to you,

stop doubting..stand up and face what ur heart ever wanted..find that little happiness..that little happiness u ever need for ur life...=) even though it will hurts, but it worth the time it makes u happy... =)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

sarang hae dwel gga yo???

again...ntg to do with my just, i love putting the song im listening when i start to write in this blog...this is a song from yurisanja and been my fav song for the past 2 years.. =) never fail to make me smile even though it is slow...and sound sad...yurisangja ftw!! =)

owh and it just changed to Let's Not (super junior)...ahahah..dont bother bout the yeah, why am i here now..owh yea...i found out a picture which surprised me!! =) and i asked around using this pic..let me show u.. =)

who is it???!!! =)

Answer :


well, someone complained to me, i seldom wrote about myself..actually i plan to write on the Miri trip but then....better not..i think im going to complain more..=) i think i wasted my 1 month holiday though...ntg special..let me, eat, sleep...ahh...went to sports (badminton, swimming), watch song, dance..went to miri...whatelse?? ah..went to red box (as if i never went but then sing like crazy..3 hours..and only 4 ppl..but they charge us around rm10 per person..=) )..oh last but nt least..clubbing..went to the newly open voodoo...sound system nt bad..drinks, i dont know since i didnt touch at all but i had to pay rm30..== deejay nt bad..but it is over crowded!!!! saturday were packed with 800+ people!!! == the day i went, they say there is a fight..too bad i see ntg..== oh something, it is freezing cold like hell!!!! == unless u climb up the 1m stage and dance there..or u will be shivering by just standing and looking... went to moist too...and everything in USUAL..ntg special... =)

anyway, got any idea who is is karam from dae guk nam ah... =) many guessed kim jaejoong from tvxq...but isnt is my karam-ie!!! =) suddenly miss my nijishima takahiro...hahahaha...shall look what happen to AAA... boring recently..ntg to do....

at times i really miss them..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

who are the fool??!


i guess many knew what happen between the oh-not-so-saint-avex and also JYJ...
=) dont blame me for putting that name for avex...ever since their mistreat for homin, i hated them... XD beside they never fair..just some people were so blind to see it... ^^ saying this doesnt mean i agree i am clever to see it...all i wanna say is just BIASED really can close one person sense.. =) like how i used to biased for tvxq, super junior, u-kiss, shinee and the list goes on... =) *seems like i have no biased since i biased for all..and i used to say i might not like ze;a but well now, i think i am accepting them..only certain girl bands makes me @@ now..*

well, a lesson to teach...dont ever think a bussinessman is sincere.. profit is what in their mind...ah, my daddy is bussinessman...but then is true...daddy, mianhae!!!!!

it makes sense actually...for avex to pick sme over jyj..afterall, jyj might end up in sme!!! no point going against sme..avex has more to lost than sme...snsd debut in a very smooth journey in japan...their single were well accepted..super junior already have established their position in japan...shinee fanmeeting in japan are also a success...homin, i dont think i need to say more..same goes to boa...if u were avex, who will u pick???

but what makes me hate avex isnt their tactics in bussiness but their stupid lies!!!!!!!! to make everyone sound like a gain kick homin on their ass and then to foolishly accepting them back..avex u are so low..u are so pathetic to gain back all those money makers that u make urself sound like a fool....

stop pretending that u are the real i had been abandoned by the 3...oh holy that for the not~~ :D :D to me, u are making a fool out of urself..i shall see what drama are up for u guys, avex!! :D :D nicee drama..since i dont have much drama to watch recently..such a bunch of foolish clown~ :D

and sme...dont smile...u are nt anywhere better... =) u too are a clown..just that u ended ur avex's turn...or maybe i can see smexavex circus...=) nicee~~ double!! ^^

and to end this...i never trust c-jes too...=) that mr.baek is kwon sang woo ex-manager.. his infamous history, search it!! ^^ his dirty works everywhere...=)

conclusion : i never trust any words of the entertainment company...i trust what i believe and what i choose to short, i believe in myself~ :D :D

owh...beast (b2st) new single..part of MASTERMIND...this song is 주먹을 꽉 쥐고(Clenching a Tight Fist)..=) nice one!!! funny..i always like beast...but then, i cant recognise any of the member..i only remember popping dragon and also doojoon...=) and funnily i can recognise child of empire (ze;a)...maybe one day i will write a post on beast, introducing the member...and also for child of empire.. =) i did it for u-kiss...owh, i didnt do it for mblaq...woah!! busy day!! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i shall wait~

remember this fanvideo??? it even up in the korea media when it first shared...those who involved never knew they would get so much response...
the unition that once it still there..

there in this fandom??? i myself admit..i seldom enter the soompi forum..but last few days..i went back..back to tvxq official simple reason, they are really still my top favourite grp...

and they still there..those fans is still there..despite everything happen, the forum still move..carry on...230++ pages now..5th thread..who can move as fast as them..despite lack of news..lack of updates and performance..they still moving..even with a simple question..a silly question..

oppa..micky oppa,u say u saw this video...u saw us...but oppa, do u see us here..still waving the red balloon...for those many times i say i would just walk state of denial for nearly 2 month..i still back...oppa, do u see our determination to u know, we havent give up??? i hope u never give up...because we will be like u..waiting..waiting for the suitable time where separation becomes unition...we shall wait..even it takes a lot of tears and energy and time...we will never give up~~ because

for you it's separation, for me it's waiting~~

Monday, September 13, 2010

いつだって君に ~~


another beautiful masterpiece..but sadly only 3 out of 5... still nice song~

i couldnt help but notice the stare of the look sad...
the missing of the other 2 feel empty right??? but no worries...we were here to help all of u guys to pass the this storm..TVXQ HWAITING!!!!!
youngwoong jaejoong hwaiting!
uknow yunho hwaiting!
micky yoochun hwaiting!
choikang changmin hwaiting!

xiah junsu hwaiting! (never will kick duckie out!!)
dong bang shin ki HWAITING!!!!!! saranghae!!!

[MV] JYJ - Thanksgiving ã��ã�¤ã� ã�£ã�¦å��ã�« (Special MV Concert)
Uploaded by miya2008. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

SM~~ bout SM TOWN!! ^^

not really...just want to spam my own blog for THE TRAX!!! =) recently make their comeback for OH MY here is the trax!!!

the trax with shinee :

the trax with super junior and changmin (tvxq)

Jay of TRAX is guest rapping, Jungmo of TRAX in on guitar, Heechul is on the drums, and of course, Changmin is guest vocals

the trax and heechul

my fav song!! paradox!!

the trax with seohyun

the trax with heechul and fx victoria

the trax on cover of snsd

the trax and siwon (super junior)

the trax and other
Vocal : Super Junior Sungmin + IRIS Juni ;
Guitar : The TraX Jungmo ;
Rapper : Super Junior EunHyuk + Outsider ;
Keyboard : 2PM Nickkhun ;
Special Guitar : Boohwal Kim Tae Woo

the trax and CSJH

last but not least

SM TOWN (the trax,TVXQ,super junior, csjh and boa)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

lecturer...or not

lecturer...a person with high knowledge...


maybe not...

so yea, why do i say this??? am i out of my brain??? challenge the wisdom of the oh brilliant lecturers who had so much knowledge to stand in front of hundreds student, giving them the facts that help them in their future...but do all, i stress here ALL, lecturer has the ability to be one??? is all lecturer qualified to be the role model of students??

some might say yes...some might say me, YES but to certain lecturer..some are just urgh....lecturer/teacher/principles were supposed to have noble personality, wide knowledge and all the characteristic needed to be one...but what had happen to our education nowadays..principle being racist, teacher with bad knowledge to an extend that some teacher couldnt teach the right fact (and i mean it..i seen one but i dont wish to pinpoint) and now what..lecturer in hit and run with the lamest reason i ever seen..what had ever happen to our education system..teachers had once seen as one of the most noble occupation...teacher is the person who form everyone in this world..but with this, to who do we put our hope on??

why do i have the idea on writing this..on teachers??? well, because i come across with this :


to those who lazy to click in the link, it says that a UTAR lecturer hit a student and run off with the excuse : she has to go for lunch (== but story havent end), but then, she has no appetite to eat and thus drive back the spot where she hit the student in which she thought the student will be lying there still waiting for her (some good passerby had bring the student to the uni clinic for treatment..poor girl had a shock and external injuries..lucky for the idiotic lecturer, she has no serious injury)..well, this "good" (sarcasm..ahem ahem) lecturer did not even follow the victim to the hospital when she were asked to..and appearantly she say the insurance will cover for the damage....oh well, let just hope it is true because there is a few times, she did not turn up on time..=)

well the funny story did not just yea, when the shocked poor student says that her parents will come (which is normal..who wouldnt rush there if their son/daughter involved in normal though), she too say she will bring her parents (oh well, the problem here is that she is in her early 30 and and how old will be her parents?? 60?? or probably more??)..and well, when the parent of the student went to her house (yes!! she reluctant to come over and choose to hide in her nest), she refuse to come out from her home and she even reported to police that..HER SAFETY is THREATENED!! oh what the f is in her brain..who is so uncivilised and brainless compare to her...act like she is so clever when all she could think of/act is a piece of big fat shit!!

well to all UTAR student..becareful of this so-called lecturer of urs..because definately an idiotic baboon could think better than she does...i wonder how the whole drama is settled but based on my feeling, it would settle without a sound..anyway...who is the lecturer?? i think the UTAR student knew it better...not going to pinpoint the name because i feel if she read this or anyone who knew the story will be super clear who is need to point out the name...

lecturer??? yeah RIGHT!! u just gotta BE KIDDING!! =)