Monday, October 27, 2008

my cutie dog

cute dog of mine.. ^_^ just a small picspam for her..."u should be proud by now, stupid dog!!!"

Saturday, October 25, 2008


ghee!!!!!!!! is SM ARTIST under mirotic???? spell casted not only on fans but the artist as well!!!!

well, see..we have shinee first...


okay, after shinee..we have SUPER JUNIOR!!! yay!!! it wont be long untill we see heechul dancing it in radio station...^_^

and last!! who else???? SNSD!!! we have taeyeon dancing to it in chin chin..and then the whole dancing part of it...oh well, the dance fever!!! ^_^

lastly!!well, i just one to post up one video...2u couple mc-ing with solbi!!!! cute!!!! and solbi sing part of mirotic!! rofl...well, since they are there mc-ing, for sure they will be here is their perf as well...enjoy!!! ^^

and at last a little of mirotic in family outing!!
the dong bang family are BORN!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

love like oxygen

the other name of this song is you like oxygen..who is the singer of this song?

ahaha..wad a lame opening for my blog..=.=;;;
anyway, hello everyone!!!!! i AM BACK....and the first thing im going to do is

OMEDATOU TO TOHOSHINKI!!!!!!!! congrats for getting your 4th #1 oricon weekly consecutively with JUMUN!!! ^_^ guys are the best!! and well, jumun (mirotic) are really nice!! both japanese version and korean version...and well, the second song is doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou remix version...u can beat the nice beats!!! LOL...

apart from tohoshinki, omedatou to big bang for getting #3 in oricon daily for their number 1...ahahhaha..i agree that the song are nice and addictive..LOL

okay, done with the kpop big star..owh owh..VOTE FOR THE BOYS IN AIRANG MKMF AND ALSO MKMF!!! and also visit shinkinomochi for the dl of the LAST PART OF T TOUR!! thanks ichigo..and i help u to spread the dl..LOL..i may be the translator but then i cant just post the link please visit shinkinomochi to get it..^^ i have my deepavali holiday for..ermm 5 days????? and after this holiday on FRIDAY, i have my EGAP PRESENTATION!! wth!!! i havent did anything..sien!!!! so yea, my holiday is going to be a busy one...busy with dls..busy with books and busy kicking my brother away..LMAO...busy busy busy...and sien sien sien...LOL

not really much to say..well, my life is like usual...making noise, study and joking and fooling just that, i met new people everyday...rofl..some picspam of me and karen..u know, well, just something to do during a boring afternoon..LOL

CASSIOPEIA AND TVXQ NEVER GO APART..THAT IS MY LAPTOP DISPLAY PICTURE..but then, i change it to lotte picture just now..LOL..their lotte promotion pictures..ROFL....

a picture taken by me..that is our smooth muscle...i took it with my zooming it into the microscope..well, technology helps again!! ^_^ isnt it pretty???? rofl
get enough sleep the night before!!!! see what happen when someone has not enough sleep?? sleep with the epidermology book somemore!! ghee, tsyr xiang, i know that epi are bored..i use it to sleep too...believe it? i read 5 lines from the book and i slept!!!!!!!! =.=;;; that is even worse than history!! at least history i read for 2 pages..

well....i remembered something...LOVE IN THE AIR!! now i remember why i use that title as my post air..IS NOT ME!! is oh loo wen!! is the conversation...hahahahahahha....i said i will post this up!!!!!!! ROFL

look like its kinda small...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, October 16, 2008

valuable time

hello readers!!! im back!! oh well, i seldom update lately since well, my schedule really pack and i have to lower down the time to online..oh well, that is my life recently..and im kinda guilty for not updating...=.=

well, it almost one month ever since i step into this AIMST..a place where i call it prison..not yet a hell to me..well, it will be in my 5th year..or probably..end of next year when i have my..yea..finals for year 1...met me in hell..

anyway, there are time when life in hostel are fun!! not really fun when u have friends who are serious..something like..well,some people who are inconsiderate and wanted to study till 5 in the morning..or people who are so proud of themselves and give others those unwanted and unfriendly stare...=.=;;;; I PITY THEIR ROOMMATES!!!! and im proud of my housemates!!! for some reason, they dont on the lights till the next morning for the sake of themselves..they dont give people those irritating stares and they say THANK YOU WHEN I PRAISE OR HELP THEM!! =.= talking about the fun, we actually try cooking porridge and the ingredient?? rice and...tadaaaaa!!

well, how it looks like?? dont ask me how it taste like..because i didnt put any of that into my mouth..LMAO!!! but then, its tsyr xiang hard work and it do smell nice...rofl...

finish on that...its been a month since im here..there is no way im not showing u guys..CADAVER!! but then, this stuff are displayed in the museum with formalin water in for the real cadaver, i couldnt take picture of it...well, its not allowed and also, to respect those deceased..not like someone, keep korek here and there..=.=;;;; dont know how to appreciate those nobel man/woman...*shake head*

oh well, that is the fake skeleton..and the last pic is wan teng..a cassiopeia oh!! sister in law..she say TVXQ is her husband.. and i say oppa is my my sister in law..LOL!!! and im older lei...yay!! me and changmin got someone to bully!! LMAO anyway, enough of those here is some picspam of mine..LMAO..long time since i updated my own pictures..ROFL

i know is ugly!!! bleukx....

alright..come have some moment of kpop and jpop..oh well, so TVXQ comebacks creates a chaos in korean music industry...but then, they are TVXQ..what we expect rite?? LOL..but then one thing that surprise me is TVXQ 24TH JAPANESE SINGLE TOP THE ORICON SINGLE CHART YESTERDAY!! i mean, everyone are hyper up with the 4th album...i rarely heard anyone buying the 24th single..and it top the oricon all we could is to pray for them to top oricon weekly..LOL..they top a few stuff right now..mcountdown and waiting for them topping #1 in music bank...=.=

oh well, here is 2 videos...the first are SHINEE SINGING MIROTIC IN SHIMSHIMTAPA...well, dongbangshinee again!! i love ONEW and MINHO!! 2nd video come from family BIG BANG AND DONGBANGSHINKI LOVE..daesung and yunho are really cute..junsu are kinda quiet..and i nearly fell off from laughing when daesung ask yunho if he can beat junsu..LOL..he had to call both of them hyung..LOL..and and daesung are really cute when he start nagging to yunho on how to pick vege!!!!=.= he is too cute for a word!! LOL..anyway, watch FAMILY OUTING if u havent watch..its funny!!!!!!!!!!! but of course, TVXQ and BIG BANG are the idol in a family..jaesuk oppa purposely ask both daesung and yunho go to pick vege...-.- watch it!!!

i wish for more BIG BANG AND TVXQ LOVE...and for now, i back off..


Sunday, October 12, 2008


yay!! its been so long since i update on TVXQ...well, its been the 3rd week..the first day of third week since the first released their album..and its been one week since they are back in sbs inkigayo..anyway, in 3 weeks, they sold more than 200k ONLY ON VERSION A for not sure if that included international pre-orders..exact amount of album sold in 2 weeks -208,345!! topping the yearly chart in just 3 weeks!!!!! that is my TVXQ!!!

just some random pictures of the boys attending one of the radio station..

and well, their japanese single will be released soon..the japanese version sound battle-ish..well, at least to of the great pics in their japanese album...i really love the photoshoot..well they are handsome and cool and matter what pics of them will be what hui ting always say..pretty people produce great image although in the worst condition..^^

so, as i said before, the boys are back in inkigayo for one week..and guess what..they won their first mutizen!! chukahaeyo!!! im proud of u guys!! are indeed the top of korea..

i love u guys..and again..DONGBANGSHINEE!!! yerrrrrr, im envy of shinee..they got the attention of dong bang shin ki...sulk

anyway, the cheers are back loud..the traits of cassiopeia are back..i really love the cheers and pa!, michyeo, pajeo, wonhae and aaaaaa...LOL.. never underestimate the power of the 5..they move millions!! LOL

younha!! playing miduhyo!!and cassiopeia sing..and its soo loud!! imagine the number of cassiopeia there!! i almost deaf at the end when all of them scream...and younha is a pretty girl...i remember i posted her wearing chuseuk before..and she is so pretty!!

fans are something the boys love...well, they love fans as fans are their source of income..and it is always the dedication of fans that make things work..but there is time when fans turn into something bad to them..something scary..-_- cassiopeia, please stop making the boys scared of fans..^^ and well, here is some dongbangbang..and i mean dongbangshinki and bigbang!! LOL..seungri and yunho!! ^^

well,check out on happy together..its really funny!!!! ginaya sub all those videos..ahaha..and here is something funny..the placards of yoochun!!! those fans are really brilliant in getting the boys attraction!! and well, when jaejoong mention the international soo happy!! well, at least that include me..and he knows what we did..i hope he knew we love them as much as any cassiopeia and bigeast love them..^^ there been dongbangjunior here..well, both group using each other name..yunho(TVXQ) use SUJU name and TVXQ use SUJU..LOL..they are close isnt it?? (DR PRAKESH trademark)

they actually mention on the guiness record they hold..THE WORLD LARGEST FANCLUB WITH THE NUMBER OF FANS - 800 000!!! AND THE PRE-ORDERS OF 330 000!! but i forget which part is it..but im sure is in happy i wish junsu and changmin are there..oh oh, apart from happy together watch the radio interview with mc funny..and touching at the same the end, i cried!! when the members exchange message to each other..

here is the intro of family outing!! check out the full family outing..the FOS will sub the video..but then famous subbers of TVXQ video will be subbing it as well..just catch up the show!! its funny..and there will be dongbangbang oh!! dongbangshinki and bigbang!!

i love you guys!!!

well, for some non-TVXQ news..check out

for the downloads!! and well, i just dled rain (love story) and bigbang japanese cover song(number 1) and well, is nice..and for anyone who didnt download wonder girls(nobody) u guys, can actually check out the song..all this song are nice..

anyway, 2008 Big Music Festa performances Canceled!!! the performer are TVXQ, BIG BANG, SNSD ,SHINEE AND WONDER GIRLS..and here is something..and something tell me, ONLY SM ARTIST WONT BE PERFORMING!!! from sm official :

The "2008 Big Music Festa" Event had insufficient
preparations and insufficient communications with the Sponsors.TVXQ, SNSD and
SHINees performances thus were cancelled.Thus we think it would be not be safe
to have TVXQ, SNSD and SHINee in that area.We understand that the news is an
inconvenience to the fans and all involved as there were many high expectations
to the Event.We send our sincere apologies.The sponsors have not complied fully
to our requests and attending is not possible, for the sake of our artists.Again
we sincerely apologise and state that TVXQ, SNSD and SHINee will not be
performing in todays Event.

so no TVXQ, SNSD and SHINEE in the concert...left big bang and wonder girls..anyway, TVXQ will be performing for korea-china friendship concert..and if im not mistaken, wonder girls and big bang are not attending the concert as well..



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the rainy day..

shiela and karen..karen with her yogurt...and the yellow shadow is not just our porn star..teoh tsyr xiang..LOL last..the trio...shiela, tsyr xiang and karen...and well, they are all wet actually..LOL..and i am the camera girl!!!! LOL

me, shiela and karen..i hate my hair when it is wet!!!! and well, karen dear, y such face???

yeah!! the 4 insane girl running under the heavy rain..and we were suppose to bath..but then someone suggest we take photo first...LOL

-no comment-

we call her the porn star...LOL..teoh tsyr xiang!!!!!

it wasnt like that when we walk down to the cafe!!!!! the sunset..the pretty orange color displayed within the look nice blended with the sky blue and the whiteness of the cloud..

walking down to the cafe..with the green field...and the red pathway...the view is just too great for a mortal..happily when to cafe and get my dinner..and this supposingly tradegy but it turn out to be a great memories for this bunch of 4 immature going be future doctor..well, after we got our dinner...went to buy some snacks..(well, i have my chipsmore, karen had her yogurts- helps in her constipation and tsyr xiang bought some candies...) and happily chit chating while walks to our hostel only to find that the GOD had pour its tear on this mother earth...left with no choice but we had to run all our way back to our hostel under the heavy rain...

well...not only the GOD pour down its tear..ME ALSO!! i watch this video and i cried watching it!!! -_- its just too touching..they are close..and the bonds are strong...and well, its nice that once in a while they confess to each other..oppa, saranghae!!!