Saturday, September 13, 2008


press conference for the leaders..^_^ sm town shanghai press conference attended by only the leaders were up...^^ they are yuri(replacing taeyeon (snsd)since taeyeon are not there yet as she had radio broadcast and will be late), eeteuk (leader of super junior), hankyung (leader of suju-m..well u know y this is special), yunho (leader of TVXQ), jang riyin (solonist) and onew (leader of shinee)...something im mad is no one from CSJH attended the press is stated the girl fly from japan and is late for the press...oh well, TVXQ fly from japan too!!! i dont know what happen but the girls arrive earlier..they arrive when the fans left and reporters there is no pics on them in the airport..sigh,,father SM..BoA will be late for the her song is on the last...anyway, yunho oppa really stood out in the like he is the leader of all the leaders attended the meeting..and he is cute in smirking when fans shout yunho yunho..they are suppose to be quiet during the press conference...^^ their rehearsal fancam are up..for junsu dance battle practice, jae & lina duet and purple for pics get it in soompi..i posted there..and everyone is spazzing over yunho's charisma...and oh yea, the place of the historical..but still i think is small...fitting up to 30 000!!! anything could happen by then..and only a concert like smtown concert the fans attending are 45 000!!! what more if is solo TVXQ??!!! i know..that place is ONLY for national signification...and solo perf are rare..but safety..just hope nothing happen...and since korean cassiopeia are maturing..i believe they will control themselves...^^

talking about leaders..i wonder what happen to our national leader..really making me sick...
i mean, y the one making the controversial statement are ONLY suspended 3 years and not arrested while the one writing out what he said is DETAINED under ISA?!!what the heck!!!!!!!!! 3 people are detained in today headlines!!! wtf..not im dissing them but well, penangites unite..even yunho makes a better leader..>.<

owh owh owh...i really love the song by pussycat dolls..WHEN I GROW UP...^^check out the live..^^ great live..

talking about english...LSM possess a fluent clear english that makes me jump...-___-
his wonder he is strict on his artist's language...rofl..anyway cant wait for tonight sm town shanghai concert!!!! ^^

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