Sunday, September 21, 2008


gahhhh...the showcase has started!!!! ^^
i cant wait for the fancam and pictures!!!! and well, its 7.01pm which mean ITS SOOMPI DAILY MAINTANENCE!! cant they stop it just for this day?!!! and on this hour??!!!! sigh we got the 3rd teaser on their album...^^ i cant wait for the whole mv!!!
and i have been blasting my house with the song the whole day..its really addictive and well, TOLD U THEY NEVER FAIL TO DELIVER..

well, i will be editing this post...right after i got my stuff on their 4th korean album...^^

credit : ichigo

anyway, ichigo had make a new forum...shinkinomichi...get it in my webmaster...well, im just a small mini translator..rofl...and gossipwhatever is another forum u could join for MOREEE kpop..because shinkinomichi is MAINLY on TVXQ...gossipwhatever are more to all kpop..^^
im staff for both forum..recommended?? rofl..u could join if u want..^^

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my said...

yer gili lor ..
why always korean 1 :(