Saturday, September 27, 2008

here day!!

hip hip hoorayy to all shapley...or shud i say shapleyian..i mean like cassiopeia - cassiopeian..rofl..anyway, yay!! the mv for here are out!!! i know i have to blog on my medico 2nd week life...i will do it after i finish uploading my pictures into my photobucket..^^

anyway, the mv for here are out!!! the girls are sooo pretty..really love them there!!!!its soo..what should i say..classic??? ermm...simple?? anything..i just lovee the mv!!! is the pv...^^

i wanted to download it..but is stated there, i will wait for the HQ..hooray to estelgrace, cdm and tenjo*affinity..they are the top shapley for international me at

anyway, there is another group of girlgroup releasing their mv...WONDER GIRLS - NOBODY..but then to be honest i prefer so hot lo...this song not really hit me...i could group it with tell me?? lol

the mv also normal...anyway,how come i havent heard anything from snsd?? although i hate them, but they are releasing album around this month...nothing de???? -_-

ghee!!and yeah!!!! TVXQ mirotic officially sold today!!!! and for today only is stated 44k!!!!!!! plus with pre-orders...well we take it as 350 000...OMG!!! surpass 400 000...anyway, please notice version C,D and E havent official sold yet...^^ im miroticed!!!! lol
the new cassiopeians vocabulary..rofl..their albums really good biased anyway..rofl..

owh owh!!

oh yea...karen and tsyr xiang is here in penang for their one day trip..^^
and well, after they went back only i realise im fever!!!

sore throat and fever!!!!
why now!!!! during my holiday?!!!!!

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my said...

Wei tot you want to write about EPIDEMIOLOGY 1 ?? I m so looking forward to read what you're gonna write about it ler !!!
hahahaha ... engkai belisyok that you are sick during holidays ...
BOOooo ~!=P
Wei your blog very confusing neh .. hate those k pop articles, i have to scheme and skip all those k pop related articles in order to find a juicy bit of ur own stuff. k lar ..
my only demand for your blog, write more stuff about urself instead of k pop =P bluerrrrrrr
arikato ....=D