Friday, September 5, 2008

when rain pours

its been raining all day today...a very cold day...>.<
and well, lulu (oh loo wen) had been craping and nagging in the msn the whole day..could u actually imagine my life at that very moment???? i nearly cough out blood when she start to grumble how many stuff she need to memorize...and well, all the stuff she mention i could barely know any of it!!!!!! T_T
well, after my brother went to tuition...and my sister sleep like log, all i could do at that paradise moment is to blast my house with song!!! but then today i been stalking on a lot of videos...rofl...and the videos here mean performance from kpop artist..not those videos that changmin mention...^^ well, i watch on shinee and super junior special stage..both group perform miracle and well...I AM AMUSED!! well, been into shinee recently and u could see them a lot here in my nice to see some supershinee love after watching and reading soo many dongbangshinee love...but talkin on this i miss dongbangjunior moment!!! although there is their moment in smtown concert but still...ahaha..tvxq love to super junior are less by..ermm 50% because given to shinee??rofl...anyway, i still like this sm boygroup!! all 3 of them..rofl..and of course tvxq top...
and well as usual, i will visit soompi...and will waste most of the time in tvxq thread...dont blame getting news there..but all i got is tons n tons of discussion on their new concept..all i could say is WE COULD NOT PLEASE the truth..there ARE people hating it but then come on!! is just a concept..AND IS JUST ONE PICTURES!! y are u, saying u are cassiopeia, yet critics on them??!!!!! is not like I HATE THEIR IMAGE N IM NOT A FAN!!! so well, u are thinking like that, just dont be a fans..we here love TVXQ VOCAL rather than IMAGE..and is just 1 pics and is creating fuss over it..are we really want to see them during HUG days??? when their junior SHINEE are going for hot???? then wad are this sunbae are???? really cant understand them...sigh..

talking about them makes my day ruined!! ahh..i dled the LAST monday kiz MV....that is the last products from soo sad..and the mv are watching cooking cooking perf and was laughing at not really a some kind of reality show they invite fans to and sing cooking cooking..the fans are soo funny and im laughing at it..then i close it to watch the just download mv from monday kiz and yea rite!! i cried!!!!!!!!! the mv are touching..not to mention the song!!! >.<
and this makes me even miss them...aaaaaaa..what a great lost!!!!!!!i uploaded into youtube and mediafire and share it..then i off my laptop and watch drama...that is how i waste my friday..not to lee ka mien morning call wakes me up and call her for nothing...rofl
wonder where is everyone?? sigh..kinda bored nowadays...but then..not for long...after this, i wonder how is my life...anyway, i promise to u guys i will always be the same person!! yaksoku!!!

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