Sunday, July 29, 2012

love like this

when i wrote that i actually thought of avril lavign COMPLICATED.. ^^

back from my post-birthday celebration.. ate and had a chill..
it's a nice outing.. a time to chill around with a group of crazy friends making crazy rules...
has been some time since we did that but despite the lack of time we had spent together and when we had gather together for an event, it is still awesome like always.. =)

confession time for all :

1st thank you, for the birthday bash that you guys been planning despite exam week... i knew it is a birthday event plan from the day you people told me to had a dinner on saturday night.. but still, im touched for all the planning, and what even best, thank you for the self-made birthday cake... thank you so much...

2nd... i had been very bad in expressing myself.. bad in expressing the words, bad in saying what i had to say in my mind.. many times i had kept things in me, thinking that i might had caused less awkward, less misunderstanding and less trouble explaining myself.. sorry for the part of me hating explaining things i do and who i am... not that i like to ignore and laugh it away, but it is part of me that i hate explaining things around me.. i rather had it silent off itself..

but then let me say.. thank you for being here as my friends despite all the lacking that i had in me...
thank you for giving in to my frequent silly thought, silly words and silly act that may had caused a lot of frustration and annoyance.. i had always, AND I MEAN ALWAYS, had silly thinking, silly word and ask the most ridiculously silly question and answered question in the most idiotic way... thank you for coping up with me.. because if it is me, i would have erupt..

then thanks for giving in to my frequent childish rant and tantrum.. i knew i had threw a lot of tantrums and deserved a good spank for all this.. but instead of a scolding, with patient, you guys had pass it on.. this make me even more ashamed of myself..

what had i done to deserved this back?? i had being taking more than just giving in.. i had done so little to deserved so much from you guys... and i am even more sorry that i had even thought of giving up at times.. for someone who is so lacking and critics so much.. to even had myself to compare to you guys.. i am truly sorry for that...

for a person who is so incomplete and lacking, thank you for blessing me with so many considerate friends.. ♥♥