Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BoA EAT YOU UP? fav korean female singer going for usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg!! confirm she is least i could let off a few relief since TVXQ is not im not confidence with TVXQ but puhlease i dont wish they debut in usa..for first reason, their english is jfhsdjhf (although yoochun n changmin say pretty good english but..) no way they going to bring konglish with them although they are cute in konglish..2nd, spare them puhlease!!! they are busy like shit with their schedule now..and u want them to be there??? flying to and back korean and japan are enough to make them look like a walking vampire...flying to and back usa and korea?? tell u what, get a knife and kill is y i hope the boys are not debuting in usa..

now u could understand y??anyway this post is dedicated to my fav female singer BoA...unnie been a VERY successful singer in both korea n japan are now spreading her wings to usa
...tvxq is going for china i think..okay back...owh owh..i watched the album teaser and i think is great..the part 2 are nice!!! and the song are great...her english are clear...i will post up the song she sing with tvxq in eng and u will know y..anyway, LSM have announce a few stuff..and i go WOW for her is the main highlight :

1. At the conference, the single title song ‘Eat you up’ was revealed. The song is produced by Bloodshy & Avant, who also composed songs for stars Britney Spears and Madonna’s songs.Bloodshy & Avant, native Sweden, produced many hit songs like Britney Spears‘ ‘Toxic’ and ‘Do Something’, Madonna’s ‘How High’ and Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Brave’.

2. BoA’s choregrapher, who did dance choreography for Justin Timberlack and Beyonce, Misha Gabriel was also revealed.

3. Lee Soo Man announced that BoA will under the management of Max Gousse (who were responsible for stars like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, Jay Z and Pop Daddy) and SM USA.Max Gousse said, “(BoA is) one very fine and talented singer. And one of the best female dancers I have seen around”. And one of the helpers to the company’s production work Hayden Bell also said, “We are much confident that BoA will make it big as a singer in America.”Also another American record label Universal has also voiced their support for BoA’s advance into America.

told u guys SM are the best managing company!! they will provide the best for their artist although they sometimes seems like killing their artist with the hectic schedule..getting the best managing company which is AVEX for their artist in japan..and also a great managing company which is MAX GOUSSE for their artist in really impress with sm!! he is clever!! of course the other directors as well..rofl..
anyway, i think BoA will make it...i believe on her talent and on SM..give BoA a try...^^ anyway here is the video teaser for both part 1 and part 2..i would happy to see the collabration of BoA and Justin Timberlake..rofl..

the song are cool...(maybe im biased) but anyway, all the best unnie!!!! owh owh..the perf i said just now..rofl..BoA ft TVXQ - ONE SWEET DAY..rofl..enjoy!! ^_^ i think tvxq will be the next to be there..their T album actually rank #19 in UNITED WORLD CHART!! chukahaeyo!!!! but ahem..not now!!!!!! no way sm is goin to bring them way!!!

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