Sunday, August 31, 2008

the so-called meme by fiona






(fiona tag most people in my blog)


lets ignore about the stupid mix feeling and get on with TVXQ COUPLE!! we go with TVXQ COUPLE MARATHON..yay


HOCHUN (or 2U couple..)



JAECHUN (or SOULMATE couple..^^)


JAEMIN (or SOULFIGHTER couple..^^)


YOOMIN (or KISS couple)

MINSU (or KANGXI couple)

yay!!done...a picture with tribute for each couple...which i love??? lol
i love this..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a mix feeling

im sooo confuse now...sulk..
i dont know to be happy (^_^) or sad (T_T)
sigh.. all i can think now is (-_-);;

that man from AIMST called be just now..and say you are accepted..i was like huh?? because u see what..all i think off is i would NEVER EVER accepted in that university..since that man said till the competition are THAT GREAT...and say till like " miss, u got only like 0.5% of chance entering" sulk...and i thought..then its okay..i will go into january intake in IMU..(afterall IMU are my 1st choice and AIMST are my 2nd choice) soo surprise by that call and all i could is a soft yes when the man ask are u interested..and he said pardon me? and i said again yes but still in surprise state...all i could burp out is..when is the enrolment date..he told me sept 15...and i was like even more (o_O)..then he said is it okay?? i said okay and hang up..

im happy..but im sad too..
sept 15..soo near to 4th korean album..ello!!!!
i want to stalk on them that time..
a lot of things must be up for their comeback...
their comeback on sept 22 (if im not mistaken)..
guess i wil have to check on them once in a blue moon...sulk
well, i will have time to rest..and that will be my on9 night!! rofl..

let me get rid of my surprise first...sulk..
stupid watching THE LEGEND by bae young jun....
and great to say..IM LOST!!
weird enough...those people couldnt die easily..rofl..
and watching the drama..all i could think of is the song..
its a nice song although is kinda slow..rofl
owh yea, music fair is up...thanks to ichigo!! LOL..
exile and TVXQ are both soooo humble!! ^_^
i loveee them..and i hopee they will get a collabration..rofl..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Geu Sarang...Yokhaji Mayo

Geu Sarang.. Yokhaji Mayo - Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace

translation... 'That Person ... Don't Curse Him'

You're asking me to separate, saying that he's a bad person,
Though he spoke harsh words, that person
How well do you know him? If you haven't experienced,
Things like this, then don't say anything

When it comes to separation, everybody is the weak person,
Throwing somebody away is much harder than keeping things in,
That person…He told me separation while trying to use his confidence,
(I'm fine) Don't curse him, because my heart cries in pain

If separation is easy, that isn't a good thing,
It just means that it wasn't love, as I turn around,
I say I've forgotten him, but I can't even stop my falling tears

When it comes to separation, everybody is the weak person,
Throwing somebody away is much harder than keeping things in,
That person…He told me separation while trying to use his confidence,
(I'm fine) Don't curse him, because my heart cries in pain

If we ever meet, let's no avoid each other,
Let's not be sad, and let's no look back

When it comes to separation, everybody is the weak person,
Throwing somebody away is much harder than keeping things in,
That person…He told me separation while trying to use his confidence,
(I'm fine) Don't curse him, because my heart cries in pain

song by CSJH THE GRACE..NICE!! ^_^
anyone have it?? i want it!!!!!


yay!! im back! rofl..after the long post below...i dont have any idea what to write..i guess that is my longest post ever!! rofl...but then its kinda fantastic to find out that the fanclub under SM would have internal war almost the same time...i didnt even check if the international ELF have solve their problem..LOL...i just know cassiopeia vs bigeast have cooled down and shapley vs sone do not fight anymore..or they did just that i dont know..maybe sone got their pink and claim IS THEIRS?? watever....they are always like that..being rude to other and yet claim IM THE VICTIM..they shud just start on acting..they could get best actress ne...rofl...okay stop with sone...i dun wish to continue on them...sone or soshi..but are just nothing to cassiopeia,shapley and fly high!! i will back to cassiopeia!! about my fav artist..TVXQ!!! so guys, remember about the official count of cassiopeia and bigeast i post not long ago ????ahaha...ya ya! i got update..rofl

as for cassiopeia is 930 000....i got update is for i told yea bigeast got around 50 000 member?? well here is something from tohoshinki official website..ahaha.....its said that April 01st, 2006 - August 2007, there are 20 000 members in bigeast..and on april this year is 40 000 member and in 4 months later NOW!! the number multiplied!!! is MORE THAN 85 000 members...

gheezzzz....even japanese member are surprise for the increase..oh well, they are getting MORE n MORE famous in japan..and they did now
cassiopeia - 930 000
bigeast - 85 000 (i take it as 85 k)
so the total of REGISTERED OFFICIAL FANS IS 1 730 000!!!!!!
jesus christ!!!!!!!!!! 1 million fans~~and that did not include..yay people like me..INTERNATIONAL happy for them..and i know..LSM is even happier!!! and i wonder what is their pay..rofl..they are rich!!!!!rofl

talkin about making it big in is a few things!! rofl
#1 KIM JAEJOONG becoming the only 1 foreigner in the chart of JAPAN MOST WANTED LOVER..jaejoong oppa rank #8 in the chart...good job oppa!!!i want him to be my lover as well..rofl..(no hey say jump member in it!! rofl..2 members from kat-tun rank the 1st n 2nd)
#2 SUMMER DREAM rank #6 in CDTV 20 SUMMER SONG YOU WANTED TO LISTEN IN BEACH..ahah..chukahae again...and well i thought of box in the ship but summer dream got it..congrats..(summer song from YUI got 1st..and if im not mistaken no hey say jump too)
#3 TVXQ rank #16 in YAHOO JAPAN TOP 20 MALE SEARCH...exile got 1st..LOL..and hey say jump rank #19...LOL...they dont get any last year..this year they pop into top 20....yay!!

congrats to them!!! this is not easy for foreigner to achieve in japan..rofl..especially when japan are spazzing over JE BOYBAND..and is hard to make it big with JE dominating the music scene..and its really a struggle for them...not easy..till JE take them as rival..rofl..applause to TVXQ!! good job!!! ^_^

owh...they are back in oppa need rest desperately!!!!!!!!!
on the brighter side..they are hot in the pictures!!rofl
what i expect!! is them!!rofl

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the fanclub of sm town

i have idea of writing this after visiting super junior's thread in soompi..i went there like once in the blue moon..but then yesterday night i got a shock as i visit it..rofl
yea..some wars..not to say big wars but i would rather say internal fight..a fight between the a well know dangerous fanclub in korea, ELF is always label as scary and immature together with their so-call cousin, cassiopeia, which i always denied it...oh well, i am a cassiopeia myself..apart from ELFs pushing a girl to death (which many will deny to it) i dont think they did much bad things to for bashing, come on give me a fanclub that never bash..-___-
i myself bash on some1 too...rofl...okay, back to the topic, i went to the thread yesterday night..planning to get some caps from the sukira...(eeteuk oppa and eunhyuk oppa never fail me in their famous radio station!!!) but instead of getting a glimpse on my fav sj member (i stress..they are fav but not most fav...ryeowook and yehsung are my most fav) i got kinda stun with what happen the creator of the thread..ask for the opinion on merging sj-m thread and sj thread..the story is sj-m consists of 2 new member, hengry and zhoumi..both of them should be in sj making them 15 members but ELF protest to sm and the plan where cancel making sj is 13..and accoding to ELF, their great oppa, the leader of sj say sj will always as 13!! no of course they now are fighting not to let the topic merge..merging topic means the sj thread now is not only 13 but always 15..rofl..but some ELF protest said sj-m are part of a they shud be in the sj thread and because sj thread do not allow any sj-m activities to be in it..they wont be having the pics or news of the other sj member and i mean hangkyung, ryeowook, donghae and siwon..and well, ELF always making noise on the incomplete set of sj in their activities...they not always full 13 because u see bum are busy with acting and sj-m are busy with their china activities..making sj never show 13 members..but they show up 13 members in sm town much as i could say sj is always 13 members..i feel is unfair for zhoumi n hengry..and hey,hengry are VERY TALENTED!!! they much deserve something for themselves..what i mean here is recognition..people see them as "owh, sj-m member but not sj member!!!" it feel like u are in half but not fully...and its kinda unfair..father lee, get pity of them..they much deserve something better and all this happen because of ur so call "great" the way this war much involve ONLY international soompi..rofl...y there is a need of fighting??? yea...father lee had declare they are leader had confirm they are 13..korean ELF had let the matter rest..y the heck u guys make soo much noise now???? -___-
but then, the matter will not be end if sm did not think of something..and i told u, the probability of sj breaking up into 2 which is sj and sj-m will be will end up in 2 different group...-__-

oh well, this plan was originally plan on tvxq..rofl..lucky father lee did not..or i and another 1 million fans will kill him INSTANTLY...^_^

finish talking about is something on cassiopeia..oh well, 2 biggest fanclub in korea and well know troublemaker...(i dont agree with it!!!) there been a LOT..and i mean it..a lot of boygroup debut recently..rofl...there are 2 that makes me laugh...they are SMASH and 2AM..rofl..u will see how..ahahah..okay, i agree that cassiopeia USED to be a very immature fans...they did a lot just to protect the 5 boys and i would say they are over protected...they did a lot of stuff and lead to people calling them scary fanclub..i remember the host in the reality show in korea said "this is dong bang shin ki, give respect or your house will gone by 2morro morning." (i dont remember the show but he meaning something like that) this show that the fans are a lot and dangerous...they did threaten to burn sm building and boycott sm products when the rotation plan are disclosed..not sure to be proud or not, they are powerful enough to make sm change the plan n schedule of TVXQ...dont ask me how they did it...they just did it..rofl..and i know they recently help to remove a bit of program from tvxq schedule and they help to get 10 days holiday for the guys..remember the begining of the year where the boys have 10 days holiday n changmin help on the oil spill..junsu and yunho stay in japan for their dance..they got their break thanks to cassiopeia...rofl..okay back to SMASH n 2AM..i will start on SMASH, their maknae had a stagename HERO..i dont know his real name but his nickname is HERO..and well, the fans are worried that he will be bash for having the same name as the lead vocal of TVXQ..youngwoong jaejoong...rofl..and 2AM, there are 2 members with same real name as tvxq member..they have KIM JUNSU and lee CHANGMIN...oh well, they are scared because if u guys remember the case of I THE TRI'S TOP (ITT) maknae, JANG YOOJOON? he is bash for having a almost alike face with jaejoong and was said to copy from jaejoong oppa (which i totally disagree...THEY LOOK SOOO DIFFERENT!!!) that poor 19 years old were bash front of his house and his cyworld..he was soo afraid to walk out...poor guy but then cassiopeia did not did anything after that..and ITT now were peaceful..this cute guy can go anywhere now..rofl..i just wanted to say, cassiopeia were immature last time but having the same name are just normal...we cant go and blame the parents..the name are soo normal like there are tons of people with the same name..rofl..and i pretty sure they wont bash people with same name..and 2AM are doin soo for SMASH, u guys did it peacefully isnt it?? i believe cassiopeia already mature now..because they didnt bash CSJH..y i say so? remember jae hug lina in sm town concert?? cassiopeia did not say a word and they say is because lina from csjh they have no objection..(this prove cassiopeia is only after snsd..rofl) and they even support csjh..cheering for them in sm town concert...but they said sorry to shapley for not cheering good enough...but if want to compare the cheer for csjh n tvxq, i think they did a nice work..isnt it??? at least they make the concert great and make the csjh comeback worth it...not like some would just "bully" their senior because of those temporarily fame they got..-__- and some will know who i mean the way, they make me smile with what they their undying love to the 5 boys and support the boys...even the international fans are very unite..they unite and support the boys and well, they did a lot of stuff for the boys and although sometime is small but its for their 4th album..i just hope all..and i mean ALL fans unite to buy it...although there been a bit of internal war between korean cassiopeia n japanese bigeast a few weeks back...but the matter were laid to rest as they are goin for same aim which is to support the boys and well, TVXQ promise they will not let either korean cassiopeia or japanese bigeast disappointed for their for that, they sing love in the ice korean version in sm town..oh yea, the war between this 2 supposingly-tvxq-fans-but-different-name fans, is korean cassiopeia say bigeast being impatient and cant wait for tohoshinki when they have to wait for 2 years for dbsk...tohoshinki release a single in oct 1st after a few weeks after 4th korean album..they (kor cassiopeia) want tvxq to focus on their korean activities..and ask jap bigeast to wait...and they said, y there are korean song translated to japanese and release as single for the bigeast but not japanese song translated to korean song and release as single for this 2 years..and they mean song like rising sun, O Jung Ban Hap, Purple line(this is origianally korean song),you are my miracle, harudal and beautiful life..i think cassiopeia had a point here...its crazy to have both 4th korean album and 24th jap single in such short time..are u trying to kill people they goin to promote the korean album and japanese single in the same freaking time??? and mind u, this time the japanese single will be up fighting with NEWS from JE..the chance of topping the chart are damn small...-__-

okay...enough of the we talk about sm 2 famous girlgroup..csjh and here we are talking about internal wars and fansclub so there is nothing to do with csjh and snsd...its about shapley and sone..rofl..okay, this two having war not long ago..i think before sm town concert and the reason is the official fanclub colour..well, both are pink..sone wanted pastel pink for their fanclub which pastel pink was originally given to shapley when they first form..and during the song "MY EVERYTHING" they use pearl pink (i got this from dont blame me for giving wrong info) and now sone is form they want pastel pink...and DEMAND (they dont even beg for it) shapley to use pearl pink...duh..obviously shapley wont want it..pastel pink represent the 4 grace...and they are kinda shock on what sone did..afterall they support sone during the dream concert incident..but after this, they were really sad on what sone did...there are even sone saying csjh are less active in korea so they much deserve that pink for sone..shapley are really taken aback..i say, csjh deserve pastel pink..afterall, who is the sunbae here??? sone?? duhh...back to learn ur manners kiddo!!!anyway, cassiopeia and elf and jumping boa think pastel pink belongs to csjh and sone shouldnt give out such ridiculious demand...having act first and being the most powerful fc in sm..cassiopeia leave a msg to shapley asking them to hold on to pastel pink and they will back up shapley..(how sweet...shapley, next time choose who to support and who dont...i dont think cassiopeia did the wrong thing during dream concert...those really need some punishment...look who back up at last?!!) anyway i think another reason for cassiopeia to do it is because of sone..they are biased on them remember?? rofl...but any reason they are just sweet to give a hand during this time..oh yea, i heard shapley wanted to solve this thing peacefully..and sone did use nearly the same pink as shapley making csjh hard to detect shapley during the concert...(stupid!!!) this had made a lot of shapley sad after that night..they feel guilty...if the issue had been settle?? dont ask me..i dont know..because sm havent said a word...and i bet the bully goes on...pick the rite to support next time, shapley..

so this is what happing involving fanclub control under sm town..interesting isnt it???? internal war on nearly all the fanclub control under them..the only 2 fanclub will be club KIT which they will be cool down since kangta in military and next will be jumping boa..boa stay in japan for soo long and i guess they will focus on boa??? but seldom heard anything from them..mature fanclub???rofl

and talking of cassiopeia undying is one of a great video make by chinese cassiopeia to tvxq!! is forever love chinese version..the lyrics are beautiful plus with the video clips..i tear up watching it!!go cassiopeia!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

once again

Alone in the end of time, my heart
Don't be afraid because you were left alone
Till the end of time I'll let you know my love
I'll protect you, you know
Because I love you, I’ll let you know my love

how is it??
nice?? here is more..rofl..

Just like the star that doesn't leave the dark sky
We’ll carry this dream forever together with love and trust
If I were that person
Once again
I’d hug your hardened heart tightly in my arms forever

meaningful isnt it??!!!
i just loveee this song!!!
this is a part of love in the ice korean version translation...
ever since tvxq had this song
it had been one of my fav song!!!
and it been a real..i mean superb song!!!
the whole translation get it in hangul and romanisation..
oh oh..i will put a bit of the rom..

geu saram naega dwil su itdamyeon dashi hanbeon gudeobeorin geudae mameul
yeongwonui ttaseuhameuro kamsa aneulgeoya

ahaha...i really love this is the perf..rofl

i wanted to dl it..but then...with all the annoying scream..i rather wait till the album is out..ahaha...then i will listen from my own from screaming!!! ahahaha
i will post up the translation for japanese version..rofl

It's not your fault those hands are cold
Holding on to the hurts from the past
Afraid to love someone
Turning your back against the true meaning of the story
Like ice, the heart that is hugged
slowly melts

To be loved by someone or whoever
It makes life shine like thisIf it was me
I would make your heart once again
warm with eternal tenderness

Fate's play
Even if it makes your heart hurt
At the end of the tear
A stream of light
Comes down from the dark
We can know it
We can feel the strong painful feeling
A person's warmth

Sadness and loneliness that everyone has
Looking for the place to recover
Yes for you that place is here
Don't worry don't hesitate anymore
I will protect you

切ないほど(My heart) 美しい愛だから(Don't be afraid)
Because it is a beautiful love as it is sad
儚いほど(Let you know my mind) 麗しい(you know) この時を(Let you know my love too)
This beautiful time as it is ephemeral

To be loved by someone or whoeve
It makes life shine like this
If it was me
I would make your heart once again
warm with eternal tenderness

and here is one of the great perf of their japanese version of love in the ice..rofl

both are great song!! and of course..they did great job for both..both are my fav!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

love in the ice

its cold here...been raining all this few days..if not raining, is cloudy...ahh
even with a fan im cold...i need..ahhh chiuuuuuuu
damn!! im not sick..dun worry...i need something to make me warm..rofl

yay..i have change my blog here from tenjochiki and cliff a nice song!! seriously..i wanted to put ss501-my girl and davichi-love and war...and now im thinking of tvxq-doushite accapella version but then i still stick to here la..ahaha..and this song is featured in a jpop drama..and the lead actor teppei koike are cute!! super cute!!!!! omg omg...but of course junsu are biased..rofl..but junsu recently scrap the cuteness and goin for charisma..i will miss the cutie junsu!!!!!!

talking about TVXQ..ghee..the whole soompi are spazz over the count on the official cassiopeia..okay..they are big..and probably one of the biggest fanclub in korea and no doubt of it..and the count that are real and counted last 2 years or maybe 2007 are 800 000...and some said it decrease..and some said increase..and i mean CASSIOPEIA...not tvxq fans...cassiopeia means u are registered!! with a card to prove it..rofl...and cassiopeia not bigeast!! rofl..but then for this 2 days soompiers are talking about the count and rite..the count now is 930 000...nearly 1 million m i right??? rofl..and for bigeast is around 50 000 which i think not really since their concerts are attended by 150 000..maybe the another 100 000 didnt need money to lets count with the unofficial ones..tvxq has fans over 1 the unofficial ones..and now some say the 930 000 count is from daum..which only accept koreans..okay i went to daum and yes the whole freaking thing is in korean...daum is a some site which all artist have a website in it..and for tvxq it has 930 000 members...and for dnbn, some said is 800 000 and dnbn accept foreigner..and i check it..yeah..they did..and u can change it to english..but of course not the what is the official count?? LOL..i know they got like more than 500 000 fans but i dont know the official count..anyway both daum n dnbn, u have to pay before u can join for international cassiopeia i did try to join when the application open early this year..but then i cancel need hundreds over per year to join..crazy!!!!!!!

enough of the goin crazy with the figure..anyway i can confirm that they got over 1 million..mix the cassiopeia,bigeast and international yeah, they are one of the greatest boyband in the world! rofl TVXQ HWAITING!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tag by fiona chan!!

Number : 8 or 2?? i like 8 more...

Colour : duh...BLACK and WHITE!! and maybe red and blue?? o_O but I HATE PINK..rofl

Day : holiDAY!! rofl..who hate

Month : all month look the same to me...july maybe..since im a july baby! rofl

Song : need to mention????? ermm...all song in my playlist...ahah

Food : i lovee all kind of food!! ahaha..

Sport : ermm..badminton??ahaha

Drink : errr....skyjuice??? LOL..

Candy : lolipop!!!

Ice Cream : chocolate flavor..and and..i love all kind of chocolate.. ^_^

Season : winter and spring!!! ahaha

Band : TVXQ??? oh oh..TOHO BAND!!!rofl

Movie : none...-__-

Website : soompi?? and TVXQ source.. <333


Item of Clothing : anythin makes me feel comfortable and fashion..rofl

Word : huh?

Place : my home!!!! ^_^

I tag : -___- just tag my sister laa...

Monday, August 18, 2008

hotness alert!!!!

freaks!!!!!!!!!!! my photobucket bandwidth exceeded again!!!! -___-
how many should i open..aishs
leave it alone first ba...i open a new photobucket already...dont care the old de laaaaa
but then the pics in gossipwhatever...-__-
ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! what should i do????????????????????? -_-
okay...back to the main point...IS SM TOWN LIVE CONCERT 08!!!!!!!!!!
woah...tvxq are just ...omg omg...sooooooo....ahhhhh *gasping for air*
H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough*
i need oxygen tank puhlease...*breath in hard*
they are really hot..and their new hairstyle...its just PERFECT!!!
*junsu oppa 's hairstyle makes him 93758357935729759236587394732957037x more charismatic!!!! oppa, now u are charisma overload!!!!
*yoochun oppa look 308573975384939579037593840238x cuter with that hairstyle...and it look stylish on him!!
*jaejoong oppa are much much 9024823904720935727592375973x younger with that shorter hairstyle and he look great with any hairstyle unless the hairstyle in HUG...-___-
*changmin oppa obviously look o2094732857389749032748327597327538x younger and hotter with that hairstyle and color....he is just the hottest maknae in korea boyband!!!!
*yunho oppa hair are just perfectly on him!!! he is 9374387592849-374973250973948x more hotter and makes him look younger...
ahh..get it in gossipwhatever PLUS the streaming link....ahahah..all posted i guess..picture are posted but i dont think i posted for streaming link...-__- i will update it later on..rofl

Friday, August 15, 2008


hey...JAMSIL STADIUM ON ROCK!!! owh owh?? why i say so?? owh come on...think laa...NO, ITS NOT BECAUSE OF OLYMPIC!! think!! got it????? now holding 2 of the most awaiting concert in korea!!!!! lol..still thinking???? aishs
2 of the biggest concert on town...on the same day and same is the day for korean fans....-______________-
so lucky!! i wish they had it here!! but then..sigh..wait for TVXQ 3rd tour laa..ROFL
and i will make sure nothing block me!!! ahahahahahha..
owh owh..continue...SM TOWN CONCERT is held in the main stadium with the capacity of 100 000 seats and SEO TAIJI CONCERT is held in baseball stadium with the capacity of 35 000 seats...and well...SM TOWN CONCERT sold 70% of its tickets and SEO TAIJI CONCERT sold out..but then SEO TAIJI CONCERT are around twice the price of SM TOWN CONCERT...but then if we would be the same...but the 70% sold out i got it like a month before the sm town concert..i dont know if they succeeded selling the ticket...but i know confirm around 20 000 cassiopeia are going that time...i dont know if the amount increase...but that is the statics i got last month..ROFL
the concert start like 2 hours ago??? and all i could confirm is SNOW DREAM are performed..
oh well, i did heard that sm are goin to reduce the performance of snsd...and snsd are not in for SNOW DREAM...shinee is not involve in any of sm town idea how they goin to perform the song..-__- maybe take out BoA n Kangta part for them...but its like only 1-3 they even have 3 lines...LOL..the most i guess is 2...and maybe they will get it from TVXQ as well...oh well, TVXQ has more..jaejoong has at least idea how they will do it but im sure they will give some for shinee...ahaha...dont ask me y snsd perf are goin to be cut down..i dont wish to explain on them...-___________- sm representative say they goin to discus with CASTEL (is CAS-cassiopeia, T-triple s and EL-elf) about it..the result..I DONT we will see if snsd perf is goin to cut down..LOL..and about CASTEL, puhlease dont ask me why they had that name..all i could say is they form before dream concert and group up this 3 big fc to do something to punish get it??? i dont wish to talk much on that and also of course..SNSD..
urgh..SM TOWN concert seems to lack something without kangta...i miss kangta!!! owh owh, i heard there will be anyband performing for the china concert because BoA is in for china sm town concert...junsu and boa will be performing..i hope tvxq will be there..LOL..but i still miss Kangta...there are 40 artist performing for sm town concert tonight...LOL
sm town are big isnt it! LOL...imagine 40 artist in next sm town song..and i already excluded kangta!!! rofl
OMG!!! TXVQ perform love in the ice in sm town!!! OMG OMG..i should check the thread rather than sitting here... -_________________________________________-
its said to be in korean version!! OMFG!!
i will wait for fancam and post it here..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i loveeeeeeeeeeee love in the ice..and if is in korean version..then it will be great!! OMG OMG
wait till sm town end..LOL
but i cant wait!!! -_______________- im soo excited!!!!! my dear oppa!!!! omg omg..cant wait for it!! omg omg...oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

just now i had this num of people..LOL..we use back the 70% of its 70 000..
i heard from baidu that 45 000 cassie is here..
i heard :
csjh had 480 seats so its 480 shapley
snsd had 1500 seats so its 1500 sone
shinee had 2500 seats so its 2500 fans (they dont have name yet and wow..more than their senior)
BoA had 300 seats so its 300 jumping boa
TVXQ had -- seats but cassiopeia attend are 45 000 (is soo tvxq concert)
and left with 70000 minus all above and num of elf is 20 220...

okay, enough for a fangirl!!! here is in a-nation!! okay, look out for TVXQ takayoki stall and bigeast(they bring along a green tower) ^_^

and next will be yoochun in hiyaya!! omg..yoochun, u really know how to play with the fans!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...dangerous act!!LOL but he is still cute!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


oh well...people who are clever will jump to my post rather than wasting a few secs trying to read the title and a few mins trying to figure out the meaning...LOL..
i randomly type dont ask me what it means..i hv NO IDEA....rofl
so hui ting said im missing in did i???
nahhhh..just lazy lazy lazy...lazy to update it...ahaha...
i just didnt update yesterday..o.O
owh owh..since i have nothing to do...i might as well write somethin here..LOL..owh owh
rayi online just now..and she subbed big bang's haru haru and super junior's pajama party..LOL..well, despite the comments i give when i first listen to haru haru (i said it didnt got me)..oh well, the 2nd time listening to it..its a nice song..ahaha..but im not addicted like rayi,nini and fiona...probably set wern..LOL but then..its a nice song...pynic agree is a nice song too..LOL but then both of us cant recognize who is who in the mv...pynic can recognize TOP and i can only figure out who is TOP,GDragon and Seungri..LOL the other 2 (taeyang and another i hv no idea what is his name) sorry!! -_- oh oh..they release a new mv for oh my friend before leaving for japan..ahha...shinee release a new teaser for their album but i havent watch..LOL...sorry shinee but noona is saving for TVXQ album...rofl....there is new boygroup..6 member and said to be pretty boys,good dancer,composer and lyricist..LOL
hey TVXQ can do it too...ahaha...talking about TVXQ...all of them have new haircut...^_^
but then i dont think i will be posting up the pictures...since somethin happen to my really something but the bandwidth exceeded!!!! -_________-
i hateeeeeeeee it....aishs!!
owh owh...cassiopeia and bigeast are fighting over TVXQ schedule...sigh
they should just stop it... -_- not really interested to know what are they arguing...had it all the time...-_- i rather spend time looking for TVXQ news...ahahaha...oppa, im better fans rite??? LOL
and i dont know if they sing this for true...TVXQ singing WITH ME..and i find it nice!!!! ^_^

and this is
SM Ent. 08' Global Audition...they are cute..and jaechun!!!!!!!! ^^

and cassiopeia!! i love ur undying support.. (cassiopeia here don not only refer to koreans!! but japanese and other international fans!!!so here..i will be posting up all the clips when they got their awards!! ^_^ get some tissue for me!!! )

SBS Gayo Awards :Popular Song First Debut
Mnet KM Music Video Festival : Best Music Video Award for New Group
KBS Popular Music Award: Best New Artist
MBC Top 10 Music Festival: Best New Artist

Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Best Music Video
Mnet KM Music Video Festival: People’s Choice Award

Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Music Group
Channel[V] Thailand Music Video Awards: Best Music Video
Channel[V] Thailand Music Video Awards: Best Asian Artist
Virgin Hitz Awards (October 28): Popular Vote Asia Artist
Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Best Group
Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Artist of the Year
MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Daesang
MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Bonsang
21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Daesang
21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Bonsang
SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Daesang
SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Bonsang
*golden disc*


*16th MTV seoul gayo-can't find the clip*

SEED Awards, Thailand (January 31): Best Asian Singer Award
MTV Video Music Awards Japan (May 26): Best Buzz Asia in Korea
14th Annual Korea Entertainment Masterpiece Award Ceremony (October 6): International Popularity Award
Best Hits 2007 Japan (November 26): Gold Artist Award

Bonsang is awards of best music video and daesang is artist of the year..^_^
im not including the awards like people's choice, top fav song and mobile popularity putting in the important awards...LOL..they had too much! -__-

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

photo photo

listening to son dam bi's song..
oh well...its nice..u guys should try it..although i like Zi-A more..LOL
but then its nice...
ghee...i just did a thread for fanclubs color and name for kpop artist..
although its NOT all..but consider a lot...and i include pics as well..if i found..LOL
i wanted to put in for monster but i accidentally close the thread and im lazy to find it all over again in soompi... -.-
do not blame me puhlease...the topic in soompi are like hundreds!!! and finding it are super ma fan!!! is the link to the thread..^_^

too bad actor/artist do not have color...i hv no idea for name..or no idea if they even had i do not do it for them...btw, there are a lot of singers do not have name for fc...and some like shinee and riyin do not have it because their management company havent gave it....and i seriously do not hope shinee had blue or red or it will come head to head with either sj or tvxq..and seriously they cant win like how snsd fans dare to force csjh fans..because this 2 fc are just too big and too scary!!! i mean which fc in korea dare to disturb elf and cassiopeia??? o.O y am i talking about this?? o.O cheh..owh owh..doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou is certified as one of the gold single of july!! yay!!!! im proud of them!!!! keep on hwaiting oppa!!

owh owh..i got another new photobucket account!! -.-
so i have altogether 3 account... my life aint better for this week....i hate this week!!!!
i open this photobucket less than 2 months!!!
really frusfrating..i might try out imageshack next...-____-
although i loveee photobucket!
my imageshack acc still there...hopefully i havent forget the username and password...

Monday, August 11, 2008


yes!!! is storm mood for me now!!! im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo piss at someone before this..and now some group added to my fucked anger!!! urgh....
i will say why im soo fucked up!! let me getting breathless!!! urgh..

first of all..for all sm towners town summer concert is around the corner and fanclubs are getting ready for the big scale concert! owh town concert and seo taiji concert are scheduled to same date and same place!! jamsil stadium...but sm town concert is at jamsil main stadium while seo taiji concert will be at baseball stadium...which main stadium beared 100 000 capacities and baseball stadium around 35 000 puhlease dont compare both...-.- although seo taiji concert SOLD OUT and sm town concert sold for 70%...(the main reason people compare both concert is to compare the power of tvxq and seo taiji)..ok back!! i heard that csjh are given 300 seats in the sm town!!!!! -.- and snsd got 1500 seats!! wth!! WHO IS THE SENIOR HERE??!!!!!!!!! urgh..lets not compare tvxq and sj..both add up will be getting like 60% of the seat...with cassiopeia graping almost half...-.- but csjh with only 300 seats????? this is crazy!!!!!! where are all shapley?!!! and why such unfair thing done by planner?? why 300 seats ONLY reserve for csjh fans????? they at least shud be getting the same amount as snsd...i bet this amount is even less than shinee and zhang li yin...-.- UNFAIR!! they are great singer..but too bad, their popularity are low.....-.-!! im kinda hot when im reading about the seat reservation for each fanclubs in sm town concert when i read about the balloons issue and i goes o.O
and by the time i finish reading the balloon issue i was already scolding like there is no end!! appearantly, snsd and csjh has the ALMOST same colour for their fanclub and well, sone ask shapley to change their official color!! sone is snsd fans and shapley is csjh fans...and more thing, SHAPLEY SUPPORTED SONE WHEN THE DREAM CONCERT INCIDENT HAPPEN AND NOW THEY TURN TO BACK STAB SHAPLEY..what the heck!!! and it turn out, cassiopeia, elf and jumping boa(fans for tvxq, sj and BoA respectively) support shapley and say the pink should belongs to csjh...and cassiopeia as the biggest fc in sm..(might be in korea) promise to support csjh and cheer for them...oh well, snsd is sooooo goin to get LESS cheer in the sm town concert...who ask them to disturb other..and be soo rude to their senior?? o.O here is the post on the battle of balloons...i told yea csjh fans and snsd fans will be fighting over the issue when i saw the almost same color of the fc...-.- But all Shapley want to resolve this nicely without getting into fight or anything.

so now know why im sooo angry??? o.O
but both are connect to csjh....but then i still feel its ridiculious todo that even though csjh is not that famous like others in korea....yes, they are inactive in korea for some time..but is that mean they could do that to them???????????? T.T but im glad for cassiopeia support to them....although i know they actually taking advantages to fire on sone but then im still glad they show their support to shapley for this least sone dont dare to do anythin else to shapley...^__^

Sunday, August 10, 2008


ohaiyo!!!!! not really morning 1.20pm...i should be saying konichiwa!!!
LOL..being addicted to some japanese phrases lately...>.<
like urusai...and baka! LOL... using them quite a lot and since people around me know what is baka and not for urusai..i use urusai a lot..^^
wow..just finish subbing mid-tv a-nation for my friend..LOL..i have subbed 2 video lately! mid-tv and also making of t movie..^^ getting more n more in love with subbing..^^
but i dont think i have much time to sub after i went to uni...>.<>
i posted somethin in soompi...and and..I DONG BANGED A PAGE!! and is page 715...indicate my burfday..15 july! yay...soo happy!!! tvxq thread in soompi move fast!!! its their 3rd thread and now is in page 716!!! o.O only 2 artist has 3 thread..which is tvxq and super junior...and super junior i think have around 400 pages....and this 716 page is goin to shoot up a lot by september...when their 4th korean album comes will be dong bang fever all over!!!! u can bet finding me in those spam post!! i mean post..i got like 40% warning already..i dont wish to add it...-.-
their 4th korean album is schedule to september..and their 24th japanese single in 1st oct...
and guess of the fans wen to cdjapan (oh well, pre-order is available) and saw the cd daily ranking...mind you the link to pre-order are release just YESTERDAY..and they rank #3 for jacket A and #4 for jacket B!! fans are FAST!!!! oh well.....they are a lot too....-.-
i cant imagine for the 4th album...oh oh..hope enough stock!!!!!! >.<>.<
yoochun oppa with his new hairstyle..i found him cute..and well, he has his style..i cant wait for their album..wanted to see the theme and also their fashion there!! and of course the songs and mv!!!
i downloaded last angel in t tour!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that perf!!! <3333333333
cool!!!!! is just great!! ahahahah.....saranghae to koda and tohoshinki!! they are just great!!!!!!

oh oh..i found something interesting..LOL..someone watch pops in seoul and well, this is the fan account..LOL V
I just watched Pops In Seoul last night and there's this viewers votes thing on the "most awaited Korean album". I found it kinda funny (idk why though) because they gave this kind of "reasons" why people would probably want their albums because example is Rain's is because he's a "World Star" and Shin Hye Sung was because of his "priceless voice" but for TVXQ it said "you don't even need any reason"... really XD it's true for my case XD anyways although TVXQ didn't get the top spot.... DJ Isak did say that TVXQ'S NEXT ALBUM WOULD BE RELEASED IN SEPTEMBER.

LMAO!!!!! no reason for TVXQ!! well, i suppose they are just meant to come back and they are just too perfect for a you dont need any reason to buy it because you are GOING TO BUY IT!! lmao!! so isak unnie say the album is coming out in least some time to rest before proceed with the promotion...they had a-nation till end of aug..and then have some before proceed with their 4th album promotion...and i hope is around mid they had some time before they had to do promotion for 24th jap single!!!
their killing schedule!!! this is just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


1. At what age you wish to marry?
age?? after i finish my studies obviously..and it takes probably like another 15 years??? o.O count it urself!! LOL..

2. Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?
nope i guess...o.O

3. Do you smoke?
NO NO NO NO NO!!! i hate smokers!!!! smoking cause lung cancer..i still want to live another couple of years...

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
* colorful haptic
*an angpow with USD$ 1,000,000

5. Who did you text most lately?
loo wen!! i receive her complain sms almost everyday..o.O

6. How old are you?
im born in what is my age????

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to your mind. Who will you most likely date?
can't u put up to 5 person?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T but come to my mind now is
* browsing his pics..he had new hairstyle!!!! LOL
*jaejoong...i cant stop laughin on what he did...LMAO
*junsu..LOL..y???? no idea but he pops up..LOL
and who i likely date??? none of them...LMAO..i want a peaceful life with no bashing..-.-

9. Where do you wish to get married ?
milky way!! can i??? o.O

10. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by love?
do i look like a fortune teller?? o.O

11. How many kids do you want?
2!!! a pair of twins of different sex! yay...

12. Are you in love?
do TVXQ counted?? if yes, then yes!! LOL

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
ermm..latest??? errr....forget what it called..LOL LOL...

14. Name the latest book you bought?
i dont buy any recently...-.-

15. Do you believe in God?
ermm...not really does...-_______________-

16. Name your favourite game or sport.
do online counted??? LOL..badminton i guess..LOL

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
pynic..she say she got style!! LOL...

18. The most exciting place you want to go? where i find nice and comfortable..where my heart say, this is the place for you...and if im goin to will be sweeden..^^

19. Hugs or Kisses?
hugs...i love warm hug...^^

20. How do u judge someone? Is appearance important?
ermm..personalities? yea..personalities....appearance is nothing..owh come on, after u had live here for like 40 years do u seriously think u will still look like 20???? o.O

21. Point out 5 things about the person who tag you.
*loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee big bang and Christian Bale
*sit for pmr this year
*say herself acting cute in a gifts in her blog
*one of the youngest in zoopeians
*"twin" to lee ka mien in zoopeia..

22. Tag 3 person who you can think of
since fiona tag rayi and set wern.. i will tag
*nini..she is too occupied with farm..make her extra busy a bit
*pynic..muahahah..dont scold me unnie
*hui ting..kekez..

enjoy!!!!!!!! ^__________^

Friday, August 8, 2008

freakish day!

not really freak...just that i have sore throat...urgh...bugging me.... >.<
and this few days....totally not in good mood!! urgh...i just feel not right!!! not everything goes as planned...=.=;;;
just hope this storm goes away...even the worst storm will pass..and we will found some sunlight...and the sunlight with the rain drops form the rainbow and end of rainbow will have a pot of gold..hope i would find the gold after this freaking storm...=.=
i have this urge to pray my granny..n i feel uneasy...=.=;; my mum ask me to go tomorrow....ahhh....whine to my granny about everything although im not sure if she heard it.....>.<
no idea but i have been thinking of her this few days...and it dont feel right...>.<
maybe there is somethin for me?? o.O is like there is somethin keep calling me to go pray....and well is HUNGY GHOST this month!!!! >.<>.<
i assume she wont sprang out from the ashes and talk to me i guess...i will jump down from the first floor if she did....=.=;; okay..stop saying those stuff..not fun although i always joke of those stuff...>.<
i have to go calm myself as well...^^ actually i dont really care..since i know she wont harm us...recently my mother went to see a fortune teller and and...that man say my granny "visited" us...=.=;;; and and...among the people who dreamt of my granny is my mum, my dad, me and my not sure if my sis dreamt of it...another will be my little cousin sister, my cousin sister who works in singapore and my cousin brother...and my mum keep dreaming of idea...but this...this is just weird...
just end the topic...>..<

oh oh..recently there been A LOT of fake news about 4th album...>_<
i hope those people would stop the news prank... guys..dont believe it until the news is verified!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

unfortunate day

first of all...i would is kinda not that smooth for me..first of all, i hurt my precious hands..yes!! is handS~~ BOTH OF IT....i fell down....stupid patch hole...=.= i just hate patch holes!!! hate hate hate...=.= i hurt both my hands n the nerve in it as well.....T.T is soooo sad..i hardly press the keypad on my handphone to reply sms...and also it hurt wen i try to type here...the nerve hurt...loo wen ask me to give my hand a rest but then..LOL...i feel not right for not replying others sms and also in chatting half a slow manner..ahaha...
i cry today..i cry watchin the live perf of kiss shita mama sayonara...this song is just great!!! their strong vocal, their passion and emotion in it..i rank it 10/10.... and apart from this..this song released in the week of my granny funeral..we suppose to mourn for 5 days...on that week i couldnt online..rayi told me TVXQ involve in accident...remember during the global fansmeeting...i heard the news and i online...i found the song and i downloaded it...i listen to the song all granny is a kpop drama lover..and she knows i love kpop too...and im always her fav granddaughter...and oh, she knows about TVXQ...and on one afternoon, my aunt ask me to sing a song for my granny..she say "your granny love korean soo much and u are the only one listening to korean song..sing it.." i sing a part of i'll be there..and then i put my phone with this song on her coffin and play kiss shita mama sayonara..i stand there and look at her..tears keep dropping..i force myself not to granny say if she is dead we are not suppose to cry...i wipe today, wen i listen to the song again..i remember her again..and weep in front of my comp..i just hope she rest in is the perf..

ahaha...a little of my sad story..i really miss her...
my hands are hurting me like hell...i will end it then...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

laughing dAy

darn..i really laugh till my stomachache today!! i mean this afternoon..LOL..
it happens when my sister playing my laptop open you tube and searching through my playlist..LOL...and she found the whole xman i keep in my playlist..the whole xman #69..i keep a few but this whole xman i keep in one playlist because its the only xman all 5 of them attend..and is super she start watchin it..n since i have nothing to do i watch again..n again i LAUGH AND BURST OUT SOO LOUD!!
its total funny!!!! ^^V both of us laugh soo loud..told u she aint hate TVXQ but just dont wish to admit that the group i actually like is soo perfect!! LMAO...wad she say nice i never say pretty..wad i say perfect to her is a total shit..LOL...this is how both of us actually communicate but then both of us know..ahah..they are actually great and then we both are just joking...LOL..
but then to any DBSKer who havent watch that xman u shud watch worth the whole afternoon! LOL..i mean it worth an hour of your life..LOL...i watch a few times and yet i still laugh at what u guys think?? LOL
after watchin the funny that almost bring tears for laughing so hard..i check my youtube file and yeah...ichigo sent me a vid..LOL...MAKING OF T TOUR!!!! i loveee her soo much!! and well i know what the 5 are craping because of the chinese sub..LOL..if depend on my limited japanese i will understand like least than quarter??? if is in korean then i could understand more..but japanese fail me even though i learn japanese earlier than korean...=.=
i cant share it here since its private..LOL..she is afraid of avex...^^ anyway if u found out any link on worth watcin it..soo funny!!!!! ^^V
people request for parody...and a few parody are funny!! LOL...and i cant find the doushite parody....i wish i found it though but then..-.-
i gave up!! anyway posted a few chibi pics as requested in soompi..ahaha...i search through my thousands pictures to find those..LOL...not all there is a few i didnt post..
oh oh..TVXQ is goin to perform in song asia festival this oct...yay!! their live perf on their new song!! its worth watchin!!! LOL...i hope they got the stage blast!!! they with cassiopeia..they rock the asia song festival!!! yay!!!!!!!
i wish i could buy T TOUR though..hope my mum allow me to buy it....T.T and yea...she say she is paying for 4th album!! and im sure she will!!!!!! yaya!!!!
no pics here...and no videos today..aahhaha....or maybe i will put in if i found..LOL

Sunday, August 3, 2008

blast the house

yes yes yes...blast the house....blast it with tokyo lovelight..
havent update my blog for soo long..ahah..LAZY laa..LOL...i dont know y but havent open my blog for the past few days..LOL...too busy and too confuse on what to do i guess...LOL...
forget bout that..ahah..yesterday i went to my grandma house and guess what..set wern msg me to msg rayi and ask where is lee ka mien...=.=
forget bout it..LOL.. i went to my granny house..and it happens that every afternoon at 3pm will show music bank and at 6 will be open at 3pm i on the tv and i saw tablo..but that day, the list of performers didnt attract i leave it..and wen i open to watch open concert, i saw wonder girls performing tell me...=.=
i close week is a must watch!! TVXQ!!!! yay..ahaha..
so yesterday is saturday..and of course is a-nation day again..but then this time they change their playlist...this is the playlist..
*purple line
*choosey lover
*somebody to love
*summer dream
they sing choosey lover instead of beautiful you..LOL...either song..i still love it..ahaha...i saw the caps of T TOUR!!! makes me feel like buying friend are sending me links to the korean will be by end of this month according to her...oh oh..she is my new friend from half globe away from me..ahaha...and she went to hollywood jealous...T.T
anyway i found the link of yesasia for japanese version of T is the link

or u might wish to help them in is the oricon friendly site CDJAPAN

yesasia had it for RM193.40 and CDJAPAN had it for US$ 50.78...if u want another will be from AMAZON JAPAN..and it had it for ¥ 4,466

here is all the link to the web where T TOUR is sold...oh oh..and the link to the cap..the naver said cannot get out from the place without their permission...-.- dnbn has it..but its also from the i will only put the link here..LOL

ahah..i saw the pics of them with their jap dancer AT LAST!! not really that excited..all i have is the pics of them with their korean dancer A-Z ^^
oh oh..someone make a vid of O Jung Ban is the vid..not bad..

oh oh....they are coming back to korea every next day they finish their a-nation!!
they are back again today
and they will go back on fri for a-nation n i bet this will go on
and of course after a-nation will be their 4th korean album promo..
might have showcase but damn it
i cant go!!
anyway they look smexy in the airport pics..its sleeveless...
except for yunho oppa...
other wears singlet..ahhh
smexy hot cutie!!!!
oh my god!!