Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the comeback of the gods not talking about the latest hong kong drama semigod..i already ask my sister to buy it but it seems like my drama havent reach my hand till now..this girl, i soo goin to whack her and get the dvd as soon as possible!!! >.<
well, i mean the comeback of TVXQ..yea, they have reach korea like the past 2 days and i only mention it here today...rofl..A-NATION has over and is now OFFICIALLY starting their 4th korean album...their japan activites are suspended happy for their 4th korean album!! imagine waiting for it for the past 2 years...i can now proudly say i HAVE TRAIN MYSELF TO BE PATIENT!! wonder im not worried and wait calmly for my UNIVERSITY RESULT when my mum was soo worried of it...rofl..umma, im well trained by LSM..<_<>
thanks to him...i have been waiting for 4th korean album and dating on earth for the past 2 years!!! well, all cassiopeia are patient in waiting..oh well, not all..some lef for others..but then, i believe most will come back for them...^^ so its now bigeast turn to wait patiently for tohoshinki..rofl..but then, they dont need to wait for so long...1st of oct there will be a new japanese single...24th single..and i really hope the sales are high..although i dont think they can top with NEWS releasing a single on that same day!!!! >.<
but i just hope their sales are not too ugly..just good enough to be on top 3..because since 4th korean album is 2 weeks before i dont think much people will buy their 24th japanese single...where to find money to get both...T_T 4th korean album will SURE cost over hundreds..and for the single it will be 60++...but there will sure be some people buying both...rofl..their 24th japanese single will be featuring tracks from 4th korean album..i think they will translate the korean song to japanese song?? not sure..wait for more info from AVEX...
as for SM!! LET US KNOW MORE ON THE 4TH KOREAN!!! it wont kill u...i just need 1% of it...*sulk* let me know the cover song...or the accapella...or the ballad!! im sure all this will be for goodness sake, let me know either one!!!!!!!!!!!
oh oh..since TVXQ are leaving for side welcome them with happiness and one side is bidding goodbye with sadness..this happen when TVXQ left for japan on 2006...where cassiopeia bid them is 2 from bigeast (translated) to say bye and one from korean cassiopeia (not translated) welcoming tvxq back!! ^_^


well...this what happen but then im happy for the devoted of them..their undying love for TVXQ/THSK...we are the greatest and bigest family ever!! TVXQ JJANG!! CASSIOPEIA JJANG!! BIGEAST JJANG!! INTERNATIONAL TVXQ FANS JJANG!!

talking about fans..this group of FANBOYS really getting on my could their nuna fans but they are TVXQ what are our relation???? talking about SHINEE..rofl...they been confessing their love to TVXQ..>.<
but they are really sweet!! ahaha..i will post about shinee with their info later on..not now..maybe 2morro or next 2 days..rofl...depend on my mood..^^

credit : + estelgrace@soompi + jOLyN@gossipwhatever

and here is more..from his hyung..
종현: 동방신기 선배님들은 데뷔 전부터 직접 밥도 사다주시고 많이 챙겨주셨어요. 이번 공연 리허설할 때도 시아준수 선배님이 음악 좋다고 칭찬해주셨고요. 최강창민 선배님은 모니터를 해주시고 장단점을 짚어주세요.

translated to :
Jonghyun: DBSK sunbaes have bought us food and took care of us since before we debuted. At the performance's rehearsal, Xiah Junsu sunbaenim complimented our music. Choikang Changmin sunbaenim moniters us and tells us our good and bad points.

they did talk about how yunho oppa teach them dance and how jaejoong oppa teach them how to hit the song with great vocal and also how their hyungs teach them the importance of hard work and teamwork and how to success in a group..all this are mention in interview ever since SHINEE debut...fanboys..>.<

and here is the video of them talking on their hyung/sunbae!! ^_^ (mainly on yoochun oppa)

and tvxq talking about their dongsaeng..i wonder why did they ever mention on super junior?? rofl..and stop sticking to TXVQ!!

Shinee: hello!
KEY: why are they saying "hello" at the end! ^^
Junsu: yoochun, get out of the way.

JH: it was so much fun today! and it was an honor to perform with the sunbaes. i hope there will be more of these to come!
KEY: what's the best concert of this generation?!

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