Friday, April 22, 2011



hahaha~~ uri maknae group of SME, F(X) had their comeback in mubank today!!! wooohhooot!!! amber is back finally..XD as usual from fx..great dance song...XD and u can bet their live is even better~ =)

anyway, my housemate were listening to the song after it's release...weird huh~ XD here is the mv and their 1st live performance..:

today it's mubank 600 days anniversary~ so is extra great performance from tvxq..they perform keep your head down and also rising sun :

bt i hate how they crop homin pic out from HUG picture~ =.= i hate it...rising sun is the first song that brings me into the live of kpop in dec 05'... and the rest it is history~~ rewatch this...makes me heartache~ =(

my favourite song from G.O.D (the ony grp i acknowledge GREAT from jype)

n cn blue cover for jo sungmo~

and cn blue intuition~!!!

4minute did a cover for boa num 1..but im sorry to say, 4minute failed in it...sigh~ better try next time girls.. == how can 5 girls failed to sing a song from solo female singer~ anyway,differ in training i guess..and boa was around 16 when she first sang that song??? sigh~ sme is really a great training center for singers...some company should really learn from them..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wanna Be

nah, not saying about Wannabe by spicy girls or wanna be as in wanna be~ =) recently debut Block B, new hip hop group with their debut single Wanna Be.. and yes, raps can kill me instantly.. =) because i am so addicted to it already~ XD

anyway, the reason i write this post is...i'm going to say about R.E.D association!! =)

so yeah, our batch comes out with an idea where we will have really devoted in idea that needs a lot of efforts just to maintain it~ how we actually come out with the idea of creating a 'foundation' : R.E.D association??

im in my 3rd year, going into my 2nd term~ in the last 6 months, me and my batch mates had been practicing our practical in a local-training hospital. what we had been learning, from the process of getting know the patient, talk about the patient condition, to examine the patient and discuss the case, we had it all from the patients...seriously without patient, who is the doctor???

with this, we think we owe the patient a debt of return their favours, we feel that we had to do something in return to those patients...even with the sick they had, they attend to the endless question we throw at them....with a smile, they let us to learn everything on them from head to toe... and we attend to the hospital to know of a way to help the patients..and from them, we know that there is this needy and underprivileged patient..who are they actually??

well, they are those poor people and with some chronic illness and had apply for government welfare but unfortunately their application were rejected by government (for example: cancer patient).. they couldnt pay for the medical expenses and they couldnt receive any treatment for they couldnt pay for it and yet, they couldnt not get treated by doctor... with this, thean sim started with an association...and after a serial of discussion, we come out with the name R.E.D (Reach out, Embrace, Deliver) association. this 'foundation' were built up and so this people who got rejected by the government welfare, could at least get some financial aid from us..we filtered their information and paid them a certain amount depending on their condition..even though we couldnt help much but at least we help a little in a way..

so yeah, in conjunction of launching this R.E.D association, we kick off the very first charity concert (anyway, such 'foundation' in medical university is first to formed in our university...actually it worth to be mention in the newspaper..hehehe!!!) the charity night is to raise the first bucket of gold for the 'foundation'....

yes!! charity concert!! each ticket cost rm10..and there is 1500 guests!! with a list of performances..=) hand in hand, everyone combine their energy to help out in any way we could..even though exam is around the corner (pediatrics bedside examination and assessment) .... to practice their own performance, to rush up with the events planning and to study for the exam~ everyone work hard for the concert..

even if one bought the ticket and couldnt attend the concert, the ticket will be given to orphans/disabled people/old folks to attend the will be like a charity..a donation~ =)

anyway, for anyone who wish to donate, u guys can message me~ =) every donation counts for each live saved~ =) and to all who supported..THANK YOU!!!!!!!! XD i appreciate the help/supports given~ =)

Friday, April 8, 2011


ever use that word??? hahahaha.. everytime when one use that word, they always mean someone who look alike..=) but then, how many knew the real meaning of doppelganger??? i admit..i dont really knew the meaning when i start using it..i always thought it meant someone who looks/act/behave like us..then we found our doppelganger.. =)

here is the definition according to wikipedia:

sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. Doppelgängers often are perceived as a sinister form of bilocation and generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death.

after reading it...are u happy that you found your doppelganger??? hahahahah!!!!!maybe i should tweet this to heechul~ =) he loves the word doppelganger~ =)

anyway i finish my 1st paper after 6 months!!! so long since i last had my exam...when i first study for this paper, i almost dumbstruck!!! i actually lost the interest on memorizing or reading the!! *singing dangerous by MJ* crazy crazy~ =.= but im happy that it end at last!! wow!!!! *Scream* ta yi da~ =)

should i post on kpop video?? =) i lazy to find here is the list~
1. Heart to Heart - 4minute
2. Mirror Mirror - 4minute
3. Intuition - Cn Blue
4. To Me - Rainbow
5. 0330 - U-KISS
6. Stupid Liar - BigBang
7. Love Song - BigBang

and yay!!! Cn Blue become the 3rd idol to past 100k marks~~ after TVXQ and BIGBANG~ =) CONGRATS!!!!