Thursday, May 28, 2009

im sorry~~
i never know it would turn out like that..
my bad..
i promise to do better next time and promise not to repeat it again..


Monday, May 25, 2009

when things isnt on the way u wanted
when u seem to have lost your path
when the world seems to spin without you

at soo many of this when..this time

i search for a shoulder to lean ear for me to release all my tears and weeps..where i dont need to crave a smile...where i could give out my true feelings..
where i could be the real me..

and only to realise, i have none...only to realise, im still the puppet of my own life..
only come to realise, i led such a fake such a fake person who smile when i never wanted to hold back my tears who were craving to release themselves...

im nobody...just a puppet to this realistic life...

boiling mad

i never knew how frusfrated it could be for people not to appreciate what u did...everytime aizah(ichigo) told me how mad she is when people couldnt appreciate what she did and doubt on what she had done, i would always ask her to cool down and calm and ignored those immature people...and today, yes TODAY, i got a slap for myself..

darn that girl!!!!!!!!!!!! she couldnt even spell comment right what the heck she doubt on my rough translation on that video...cant she see it, that is just a rough translation and i remembered i said clearly, IT'S MY ROUGH TRANSLATION..SORRY FOR ANY ERROR!!!! =.=

how dare she ask me where i got those translation!!!! she can check the truth on SOOMPI!!!!!! in tvxq thread, people posted that and credit: jOs2TVXQ who is me!!!!!! dumb head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how i wish i could bomb her off from the video but then i dont think yuulina will like well, i just brush her off on a simple reply...she is just!!!!! and i had that translation way before asianfanatics had theirs!!! =.=

and the video im talking about???here it is :

Saturday, May 23, 2009

angel and demon

yay!!!!! i had my hair done..soft rebonding..but i now miss my hair!!!
well this hair is a little bit, too flat...but its much more neat than my last hair..anyway, either way, i still loveee my dear hair..

went out for movie with tsyr xiang, tze hian and lawrence...the title of the movie?? is ANGEL AND DEMON..well, i rate it 3.5/5
its not bad but not really a movie that i will clap hands for (the movie i still think the best is THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) no idea why it has to be this, but then this movie is just..WOW!! anyway, i guess the wrong person as the devil!!!! and i mistaken the bad for the good..

the demon in an angel appearance..i guess what this title wanna mean..
well, we didnt take any, no pic spam..rofl!!but i will be back to post pictures on my outing in hui ting aunt's house...rofl

since it's been days since i post up anything...there is something new in sm town..yay, SHINEE releases their new single is the video :

with english to wondersmurf..

as for TVXQ..their baby will be featuring in AATVXQ3..owh yea, i mean their dogs..ahahah
claps and hands up for VICK, TAEPUNG, HARANG, XIAHKI and MANGDUNG!!! here is the boys with their lovely dog :

Monday, May 18, 2009

welcome back~

yay, so all students from local university had their breaks...end of their 1st year..^^ happy for them, miserable for final is coming SOON...very soon...T_T
well, cut the,hui ping, chia ming, li ling and loowen had a nice outing on 16 May 2009 (HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY anyway)..hanging out, relaxing ourself (they of course releasing tension after final, and me, of course releasing stress for upcoming final)
so here we are 5 girls, indulging ourself into singing for 3 hours...i hardly speak on sunday and monday!!!!!! T_T since all of us are camera freaks, there sure to be some pictures...surprisingly, this time, there is less expecting moreee..LOL
me and hui ping
hui ping and chia ming
hui ping and loowen
chia ming and the black figure, dont worry, it's not a ghost...its oh loo wen
li ling..
li ling and hui ping
5 of us...

"IM SCARED!!!!!!" kononnya..rofl
chia ming, li ling and hui ping
all the pictures above...other than the one karaoke-ing, is taken in this place..guess where it is..rofl...our lunch..well at least for me..LOL
taken by me in MPH...chia ming with her fav past-time...the other 3 were in snooker place...
well, look forward on next saturday and there is even moreeee people...^^

Saturday, May 16, 2009

pieces of songs

since im in a good mood....^^ here is something to download...GET READY TO BLAST ^^ :

credit : elejacc@youtube

2. 내 여자친구에게 - I The Tri Tops

3. 내가 못난 때문인걸요 - I The Tri Tops (Jang Yoo Joon)

4. J Style - Lee Junki

5. Aitai - Yuzu

6. It's You - Super Junior

happy downloading ^^

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yay me

yay!!! its practical training this 2 weeks we got ourself some clinical related practical training every afternoon...and what we did today??? we were divided to 3 groups...and only the first 45 people were involved...the other got themselves other day...we got CPR training, PATIENT TRANSFER and BANDAGING..^^
here is the pic labelling..kinda lazy and its 3.30am..i need my sleep...^^
karen the pyco killer...-.-
MR ICE10!!!!!!!! isnt he big????
just compare his hand and mine...=.=
non-related...captured that in car during mother's day...^^
on the way to mum dont want to zhi pai...=.=

Monday, May 11, 2009


inhuman aura
unearthly presence
nonexistence soul
a cloudy human shape

a pairs of eyes watching your back...u can't see them and u can't touch nor smell them and yet, u can feel their presence..a pair of legs hanging on the air..watching every moment of yours...and ready to attack or scared in u any means..

this is all how we actually start off a horror movie or a ghost story right??? ^^ i know u guys been thinking what the heck am i trying to convey here...chill...not any ghostly just

whack on the head

okay!! i will start off why i said well, it's nothing big actually...
u guys must have know i wanted to get some friendly unearthly occupance as my friend (from my personal shoutout in msn)..well yea, i not really wish but then i just wonder if there is some relation among human beings and also the deadly soul..

well, we couldnt denied it entirely because we dont know everyone in this whole wide world but then, is there any possible that a human had a ghostly friend??? and worst of it, a ghostly lover??? i watch too much drama i guess...blame this good nice japanese drama, GHOST FRIEND, is really nice and is about a girl who fall in love with a young male ghost...NISHIJIMA TAKAHIRO (AAA) are just too cute to resists... okay back to the topic, the drama for which i could only watch till episode 2 because in japan it airs till episode 5..-.-ll , show how a girl gets to see ghost after she met with an accident and the story goes on..BLAH BLAH it yourself if u wanna know what happen but then, its a really nice drama..

so im thinking, if a human could be a ghost friend and vice versa..i wonder how they look like after they were dead..are they able to think like they use to??? are they able to walk and jump and talk and do whatever like they use to?? we all know how a human's all depend on the body system..the heart, the muscle, the brain and the list goes on..and we know after one's departure, all this were consider...toooottt...damaged..or maybe i should just say, unuseable..ah, i know i had seen ghost before but as much as i recall, they appear like a shadow..or maybe a cloudy figure...i dont really saw the face or their expression...and top of all, touch it...-.- i dont know if they are gases or solid... guess they are partially solid and partially gas...and partially liquid??? LOL not funny...the upcoming new korean drama staring my tvxq KIM JAEJOONG, HEAVEN POSTMAN, too featured this ghost-human relationship...or maybe i should say angel-human relationship...

on top of all this crap, just a simple question from me..
if u were given a chance to know angel (like in ghost friend
and heaven postman), will u willing to try it or you will stick to your
usual-no-excitment typical human life???? dare to take up the

if were mee, and the angel look like jaejoong oppa or nishijima-kun....sure..y not..LOL!!!! bt then, if they do no harm...there is ntg to be afraid on...^^ they might be a great friend...who knows..LOL

Thursday, May 7, 2009


finance meeting!!!!!!!! here is where all who interviewed the finance department exchanges the info they got from 3 differ clinics or hospital..all except for me (busying taking pictures), zheng hao, zi yin and jie ling..^^

cheng fong and john yee...^^ look like someone is not that happy and someone is really happy there..ahahahah..

is them again...rofl..kinda blur..blame my shaky suffering from stoping-myself-from-giggling-syndrome..

IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SOME SERIOUS PICTURE!!! not till he pops lee tze hian, i didnt say im going to take your picture...-.-ll back to ur group please!!!

our sweet jayarubany..the ex-assistance class rep...^^

my group leader....i called him the one who giggle and laugh for no apperant reason - ISAIAH..^^

in front of female JIVETHA, JAYA and ME...^^ kalai is the photographer..rofl

their existence makes the bus nosier..include the photographer (JEEVAN) as well...from left : GANESH, DEREK, HARI, KENT and DINESH

i had some weird post..-.-ll half of the bus...or the noisy row of the bus

Dr. KAY KHINE...^^

another group picture : ISAIAH, KALAI, ME, JAYA, JIVETHA...JEEVAN is the photographer..

in the conference hall...KENT, GANESH, ISAIAH, DINESH


some out of topic pictures...ahahahah...just attach here for fun..rofl

karen show you what it takes to be a doctor...over-stress...ahem, karen you are in the class..-.-

KAREN and ME...and that is TSYR XIANG...^^

just feel like posting this here...dont feel like opening a new post for this...^^

7989 - Kangta & Taeyeon
So why are you smiling so broadly today?
Is it because of the person that I introduced you to that last time?
Is he making you smile? That happy man.

So why are you looking so blue today?
I’ve been sitting here for an hour, similing.
Don’t frown
It really makes me worried

We’ve been together for such a long time
Do you still not know?
Do you really not know me?

Is there really a dummy like this
Do you still not know?
I’m standing here with my arms wide open.

Where are you going in such a hurry?
I want to walk a little bit slower
This precious time I am spending with you,
I want to experience for a little bit longer.

Where are you trying to go so slowly?
I want to go a little bit faster.
I only see you once a week
and there are many things to do and see.

We’ve been together for such a long time
Do you still not know?
Do you really not know me?

Is there really a dummy like this
Do you still not know?
I’m standing here with my arms wide open.

It must be like this
I must be like this
We are standing in the same place
looking at different things
I’m only looking at one thing
but you don’t know
Can you please look at me?

We’ve been together for such a long time
Do you still not know?
Do you really not know me?

Is there really a dummy like this
Do you still not know?
I’m standing here with my arms wide open