Thursday, February 25, 2010

am i qualified

am i qualified???
im freaking for my dog... am i even qualified..i wasnt suppose to be freaking out...

but i am...what am i suppose to do!!! i know epitaxis would take a few days to recover but im soo worry and i even cry~~ what sould i i qualified???

i shouldnt be a doctor..i shouldnt~

Saturday, February 20, 2010


my dog is worried~~ T.T

please, please let her get well....

sigh, i myself had gastric the whole day~~ ==

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a dream come true a DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME!!! WHOOT!!!! :D i loveeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..woops, who is the director again? ahahah...anyway,

YUSUKE YAMAMOTO, SETO KOJI AND TAKAHIRO NISHIJIMA is in for a jdrama, TUMBLING!!!!! i love this!!! omg..all my favourite jdrama it!!!

here is the news :

This spring, TBS will explore the world of men's
rhythmic gymnastics with a new drama series titled "Tumbling." The show will
feature a cast of popular young actors, led by Yusuke Yamamoto (22) in his first
lead role in a series.

Yamamoto plays a high school delinquent who has a
weakness for women. When an attractive transfer student (Azusa Okamoto) joins
the women's rhythmic gymnastics team, he responds by joining the men's team and
soon discovers a passion for the sport. Since last fall, Yamamoto has been
undergoing special gymnastics training for the role.

Although men's
rhythmic gymnastics originated in Japan, the sport is still dominated by women.
It is estimated that there are only about a thousand men involved in the sport

The supporting cast of "Tumbling" includes Koji Seto,
Shohei Miura, Shunsuke Daito, Takahiro Nishijima, Satoshi Tomiura, Tomo
Yanagishita, Kento Kaku, Soran Tamoto, Rei Okamoto, Jiro Sato, Ryoko Kuninaka,
and Nene Otsuka.

TBS plans to broadcast the series on Sunday nights at
7:56pm, starting in April.



the lead, yusuke yamamoto

supporting actor :

seto koji &

takahiro nishijima

actually out of 3...i like nishijima the most...but since all of them in, i love this drama!!! :D :D should i download?? YES!! hahahahahaha...yay!!!! all the 88 baby...oh yea, another 88 baby.. SHIM CHANGMIN PARADISE MEADOW is showing on april too..LOL..or march?? omg!! all the 88 going to pawn the movie world!!

shim changmin

and oh yea, SAENG ILL CHUKA MAKNAE!!! saranghae!

other supporting cast in tumbling
1. Miura Shohei

2. Shunsuke Daito

3. Satoshi Tomiura

4.Tomo Yanagishita (same group with seto koji - D-BOYS)

5.Kento Kaku

6.Soran Tamoto

7.Rei Okamoto (see a girl at last..==)

8.Jiro Sato (uncle~!!!!!!!! ahh,they need a daddy and a teacher..haha)

9. Ryoko Kuninaka (another hot nijji, my yusuke..die!!!! == )

10. Nene Otsuka (hahahah~ the mother appear..:D)

seems like a lot of lengzai...2 hot babe..1 uncle and 1 aunty...hahahahahahah...not really a lot of lengzai but still my 3 favourite is

for changmin paradise meadow, the lead actress i think u guys know..
lee yeon hee

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

of those who are up..and those who are down

is a world of SME and YGE..we all know how SM and YG artist fight all this while..from last generation to this generation..they are well known rival~ JYPE??? no offence, get out!! not even qualified to be the #3..same goes to DSPE...:D :D serious!!! of kara & ss501 (DSP) and oneday & wondergirls (JYP) compare to TVXQ & SUPER JUNIOR & SNSD (SME) and BIGBANG & 2NE1 (YG)..well better stop with main light is on SME and YGE...

okay..after a day out with my babes, come home and online to check on..well today is WEDNESDAY...what u guys expect, IS ORICON DAY!! oh yea, just before i forgot, CONGRATS TO TOHOSHINKI FOR THE 228,542 SALES ON BEST SELECTION is the oricon list :

*1 228,542 東方神起
*2 *16,822 AAA

congrats to AAA too...takahiro nishijima!! :D is is me or i sense #1 for their oricon weekly?? LOL..congrats!!! anyway a new single will be out for tohosinki...toki wo tomete and 2nd song?? CHECKMATE..

ahh, why am i keep running off from the main topic??? kay back

so i went to soompi and saw this interview..from GDRAGON (for ur knowledge, he is leader of BIGBANG)..he was talking about how JJ (TVXQ MAIN VOCALIST) approached him and then they make is yoosu..and he say how close all of them are and how he pester them to buy him food in japan..oh yea, GD is even younger than the nice for GD to get tvxq sunbae buy him food!!! == *envy envy*

anyway GD is not the only member who are close to TVXQ..daesung are close to yunho and junsu, taeyang is close to junsu and others...seungri?? he is junsu biggest FANBOY!! should i even mention TOP??? the real F4 : TOP, HYUNGJOON, JAEJOONG & YOOCHUN!!!!

lol..yeah, bigbang and tvxq are indeed close to each other...:D :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010



1st day of CNY!!! *throw confetti*
as usual..gather around..makes lots lots of noise..and also collect angpow...ahahah..nothing really special..but then it is something worth to remember...

some of my cousin not here in malaysia..but then, thanks to the help of technology, we get to see each my big bro, it been long time since i last see you..i missss uuuu!! do comeback next year...

anyway, will be back tomorrow to post my #2 of cny!! :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

imma star~~

wanna spazz on sataroooo and masaruuuu and shooo!! yes yes yes..watching Atashinchi no Danshi!! XDXD

sataroo...(BY SETO KOJI)
Seto Koji Pictures, Images and Photos
Seto Koji Pictures, Images and Photos
Seto Koji Pictures, Images and Photos
name : 瀬戸康史, Seto Kōji
date of birth : May 18, 1988
profession : Japanese actor and singer ( Koji was also the lead vocalist of the Band J-Rock Band TETRA-FANG)
Blood Type:A

* The lively and bright multitalent is nicknamed Setomaru (瀬戸丸) and one of the youngest members from the acting group D-BOYS.
* get his work here :

masaruuuu....(by YUSUKE YAMAMOTO)

name : 山本裕典, Yamamoto Yūsuke
date of birth : January 19, 1988
profession : actor
Height: 180cm
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A

* get his filmwork at :

got both of 88 baby!! yay!! adding my 88 circle...XD

ah..yea, shoo..(BY OSAMU MUKAI)
mukai osamu Pictures, Images and Photos
Mukai Osamu Pictures, Images and Photos
name : 向井 理, むかい おさむ
date of birth : February 7, 1982
profession : actor

* more about him :


Monday, February 8, 2010

tik tik tik...

aww!!! i likey taecyeon here..and JUNSU-shii, u are just fit in ur role!! likey how he act like a manager...nickhun, just as hot as ever..wooyoung is just adorable!!!

yoon eun hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what else can i favourite actress of all!!! ^_^ ^_^ saranghae!!!

well, since im starting with artist....ahahah..tohoshinki!!

so yea, appearently, all JAPANESE MAGAZINE EDITOR is blogging about TOHOSHINKI and how they are inviting all of them into the magazine..and the one who already has them, PRE-ORDER SOLD OUT!! yes, i am saying PRE-ORDER SOLD OUT!!!!!!

so who say tvxq is going to disband..even if SME is going, AVEX is not going to...oh well, SME is not going to let them off...who wants to let a duck laying golden egg left their own farm...who is that well, mr kim young min, let me see ur resign letter SOON!!!!!!! i would say GOODBYE IN ADVANCE!! *evil laugh*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

on twitter

out of boredom today..i sign up for twitter...
so..since JOLYN (in all the form i like) has taken up by ppl and i dont want to be soo vain to put TVXQ in my name...i use my blog my twitter page is...*drum on*

oh well...find the list of kpop celeb in my twitter...happy tweeting!! ^_^

Thursday, February 4, 2010

a post of words~

ntg just

i am fascinating on how people never appreciate on what they always have..and grumble and nag and angry on what they never just life..human nature is to be over greedy..

human~~ i just saddened and angry over could she ever could say those words...she never just realise the love given...who the hell would be such a princy on giving everything u demand..

to give you give you food and a home where u could just realise anytime u feel give u what u need and luxury even they had to work their butt off..who is that noble people if it wasnt your own parents???? depending on the guy u say u love??? they give u a pretty much shit unless u found urself a good half...but how big possibility would that be...

for such a little lecture, u say u going to move out?? and who will be paying ur home cost??? you work??? how much can u bear to work under other people demand when u never even start suffering at home...just a remainder, u never even swept the floor once at home...remember!!

to give u car right after u passed ur P..never had u worry about ur show your hand when u need money..never ask to where u spend...never even stop you from doing what you just a little thing in life he demand and yet u never care to listen...

u call yourself call yourself call yourself clever..