Tuesday, November 30, 2010

crazy love

crazy love..by young jee..ft junhyung..
how long since i last update this place?? blame it on study~ aii..there is no time for me even to blog...TT.TT beside keeping myself on par with the ever crazy hectic life of 3rd year, i had flu since last wednesday?? by tomorrow it will be a week since i last gt cough and flu!!! how frusfrating!!! hate it!! *thud*


last sunday i fetch my ex-roommate back to sungai petani..ever since i move out, that is the 1st time i pick her...been so long since both of us talk to each other for an hour!! seriously!! we used to talk bout everything, it seems like now, i hardly could talk to her...definitely nt just because we were staying in different place but yeah, we had different posting as well... and it been ages since i eat with her, talk to her, discuss with her..and play around...all those countless time where we creep out and enjoy the view/scenery of sungai petani.. those random trip to everywhere we want...top of all, in front of this ex-roommate of mine, i didnt need to pretend..even by a soft stare, she could understand probably 80% of what i am thinking...

talking bout that, she told me another ex-housemate of ours,hugged her and cried saying she miss all of us a lot..those noisy time....even shouting at each other turn into something i deeply miss....i do miss those time..even at time, when she is nt around in the room, it is even merrier than the place im staying now... im doing a serious honest confession here.. walk into the other room with the notes on my hand, study a while and joke a while..even the sentence "can i pass my exam" which it should be a pathetic question...become something we could laugh at... is just..hostel is really more happening than where i am..i couldnt say it to my mum..i was the one who decided to come out from the place..the place i thought i wouldnt want to spent even a min in it... but it seems like i just jump from a merry place to a graveyard...

here is just creep..and lifeless..

at times..i really wonder..did i really make a very wrong decision?? will it be the same lifeless life if i move in with my roommate?? what if im still in hostel??? i know staring at those 4 walls arent tiring..but to me...it is...nobody could chat the way from medical building to hostel...when gt annoyed by the notes, there is nobody u could complain to...turning back to it..it wasnt human..is just my bookshelf.. those walk around aimst university after an intense revision,i really...really deeply missing it...still remember the time when both of us thought there is something whispering from the anatomy dissection hall and run off like nobody business.. =D or just suddenly on youtube and start singing our lungs out.. =D

just too much of the moment im missing....im just missing the hostel life that i decide to throw away...in which now, it is my top regret...=(

TEOH TSYR XIANG, GAYATHRI, GOMATHY,REKHA and SHEELA, i miss u girls!!!!!! i really do~ TT.TT

Friday, November 19, 2010

midnight sun

ahahahha..sorry, the name of the vid im going to post remind me of jun-chan, OH MY GOD SUN!! :D :D just forgive me for my addiction on jun-chan... he is my fav of all kpopers.. hahahhahahahaha...

anyway, let's have some shout out to KAN, LEE U, JINON n YEJUN!! welcome back yo!!!! =) =)
recently had their comeback.. MIDNIGHT SUN..in the album GEORGOUS.. and they are freaking hot in it.. hehehehehe... oh, their theme for this *NO MORE THOSE FLASHY CLOTHES AND SAY NO ONE NO ONE NO ONEEE* but suits, tux and VAMPIRE!! whoot!!! they should invite robert pattinson..which is the most influencial clan if not for the CULLENS.. hahahaha.. owh, i wonder what happen when cullen mix with the potters? hahahahaha... anyway back!

so here is MIDNIGHT SUN!!

and next..same time, returning with mini album, is BEAST!! with BEAUTIFUL... owh, one georgeous and one beautiful..hehehe.. what else do we have.. =)

gikwang, junhyung and dongjun makes me smile~ :D :D so yeah, BEAST~~ say beautiful to all beauty~ :D

MBLAQ is coming back for their A+....well, no..NOT HANDSOME,u silly... no info released for now..but they do hint of their return...but they took part in their daddy's drama , FUGITIVE ost.. so here is the OST :

thunder!!!! so many lines... =)
thunder, mir, seungho, lee joon and go..snuggles!! :D :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sound or need you baby??

2 new group for today!! =D
a girl group named VNT..and a r&b grp (only guys) named t-blue (okay, nt new..but 2nd single released)... =D
should i proceed girl first or guy?? well, ladies first..so here is VNT :

VNT is a South Korean Girl group from Media Line. Originally named V-92 (V-9-to the 2), VNT was originally scheduled to debut for September with 4 members. Unfortunately due to undisclosed circumstances, one member ended up leaving the group, forcing the new trio to come up with a new name.

So Yumi
Park Ji Yeon (Lil J)
Kim Chae Won (Tina)

Other Information
Origin : Seoul, South Korea
Genres : K-pop, dance-pop
Years active : 2010 – PResent
Labels : Media Line

Songs :
1. Sound/YeYe
2. My Boo

i personally like MY BOO more.. =D anyway..hahaha..up to personal preferences~ :D

and here is T-Blue..=D

티블루 (T-Blue)
Company: True M Entertainment
Naver fan cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/tblue7

Members :
주상빈 (Joo Sang Bin)
Born: August 12, 1992
Physique: 186cm, 62kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/Ribbonnn

신성용 (Shin Seong Yong)
Born: June 15, 1991
Physique: 185cm, 63kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Computer, singing
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/A_19man

박용성 (Park Yong Seong)
Born: July 25, 1992
Physique: 180cm, 68kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Composing word and piano lyrics
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/BESpadol

CO-ED recently released a ballad..so here is their new song :

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DBSK International Fansong Project 2009 & DBSK International WWW Project 2010

This new project is entitled "DBSK International Fans - One Year Later".



A year has passed since our boys have stopped performing together as 5. So this video will be about your thoughts as a fan in the past year. This is not a video meant for any bashing or support for any particular side. It's meant to be a sincere video about how you truly felt as a fan in the past year and your wishes for the future.

Please try to participate and give a REAL INTERNATIONAL representation for this video! If there aren't enough entries, the video will not be completed.


1) Register

Email dbskfansongproject@gmail.com with your name and country by 15th November 2010, Monday (Seoul Time) to register. Please register only if you do wish to submit. I had quite a few people who registered and never submitted their videos for the last few projects.

2) Shoot

Once you have registered, take the video by ensuring that you film a clear video of yourself or a group of you talking to the camera about the following:
- How you have felt as a DBSK fan in the past year.
- How you feel about their solo activities in the past year
- What does "Always Keep The Faith" mean to you?
- How would you feel if the 5 get back together someday?
- How would you feel if the 5 do not get back eventually?
- Your wishes for them in future
- Any other words/encouragement

Please take special notice of the following. Videos or submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines may not be used.

1) You can speak in any language though English, Japanese and Korean would be most preferred. If you wish to hold placards with your words instead of talking, it's also acceptable.

For any other languages other than English, please subtitle your video with English translations. The subtitles should be at the bottom (where you usually see subtitles) in a clear, simple font such as Arial. Please avoid complex and curvy fonts.

2) Please limit your whole video to 1 MINUTE. Footage beyond the first 1 minute will not be included for consideration.

3) Please speak audibly and ensure that your words can be heard or seen. Please do not add any effects, logos and graphics to the video as it will complicate editing.

4) Strictly no needless bashing. This project is looking for SINCERE and TRUTHFUL entries. You may not love everything they do and you can express your feelings honestly but please do so in a sincere manner.

5) While I try to include your footage as much as possible, please note that only a segment of your video will be used due to editing necessity. Any videos deemed inappropriate or offensive for public viewing will be excluded.

3) Submit

Please check that your video is clear and can be opened before sending. Send the video to dbskfansongproject@gmail.com using yousendit or mediafire with your name and country on the file name by 22 November 2010, Monday (Seoul Time).


I'm afraid that I cannot guarantee if they will see it. If we help each other and get the word out, they might see it. I'll do my best so let's just try our best ok?

For clarifications/enquiries, please email dbskfansongproject@gmail.com.


funny?? ridiculous?? i say..

oh well..came over with a weird conversation..involving ME and nurses from a private hospital.. =D oh maybe probably more.. hahahah.. what happen? let's check it out.. =D

so i brought my dad to a private hospital after he fell down...from the stairs..thinking it could probably some fracture i had to get him a x-ray..so we went to a private hospital..1st time ever in that particular hospital, i had to help him register.. my dad was at A&E department (aka Accident & Emergency department)... here is scene number 1 :

ME : here is my dad's identity card u asked for just now?
nurse 1 : oh..erm, ms __ (nurse 2), can u help her for the registration..i had something on hand.
nurse 2 : okay. so the dad is at??
nurse 1 : casualty
ME : ermmm..but my dad wasnt..
nurse 2: huh?!!! what???
nurse 1 : yes..casualty
ME : aaa...he fractured his hand only?? *but voice too soft and thus, got ignored!!!*
nurse 1 : casualty!!!! *look at nurse 2*
nurse 2 : ohh!!! casualty department a??
nurse 1 : yes..
ME : * ==ll *

i know..in uk, emergency department also known as casualty department.. but please, make an appropriate sentence please..my dad only probably fractured his hand??? nt dead!! and yea *touchwood*

so here is scene 2..involving ME and nurse 2..

nurse 2 : so, u are the daughter??
ME : yup!! *smile*
nurse 2 : your dad's phone please??
ME : do i need to include mine??
nurse 2 : oh if u want..but since u are younger than 21, put your mother's phone..it would be better..
ME : but im... *the nurse walks into the office ignoring my call*
ME : whatever!! *again, ==ll *

so yea..everyone thought i am...a high school student..i should be proud but then is a bit...whatsoever!! ==ll

so here is scene 3..i had some health study ongoing in my uni, part of community medicine assignment..and since our grp is doing on visual defect..and since here i am in the hospital, i might as well grab some brochure on the visual topic im doing.. so here i am in the ophthalmologist department.. and i shall label the 2 nurses i come across as nurse 3 and nurse 4.. so yea..the scene :

*knock knock*
*ME peeps into the clinic and walk in*
ME : good evening.
nurse 3 & 4 : *look at me with the widest eye they ever had*
ME : i am from AIMST university,my uni had a health study ongoing and i wanted to ask if i could get any brochures for the health study we are doing??
nurse 3 look at nurse 4.. and look at me
nurse 3 : what do you want??
ME : erm, brochures??
nurse 4 : what she want??
nurse 3 : that is what i am asking???!!!! *a ridiculous look*
ME : erm, brochures for visual defects?
----the following conversation is in hokkien since..the nurse start in hokkien----
nurse 3 : for what defect??
ME : oh..just any u had??
nurse 3 * look at me*
ME : ermm..cataract, glaucoma, dry eyes syndrome and refractive error.. thank you
nurse 3 & nurse 4 look thru the brochures..
nurse 4 *in mandarin* : here..this..and this..and..
nurse 3 * in mandarin* : how bout this??
nurse 4 *in mandarin* : ermm...she probably dont know what is it so dont need..*laugh*
nurse 3 : *laugh*
ME *thinking* : are u both taking me for an idiot or what..gossiping me in mandarin..do i look like a total banana to you guys?? and..I AM NOT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT...==ll
ME : i think that is enough.. thank you for the brochure.. =D
nurse 3 and 4 : *nods and smile*
ME : *bow, and smile and walks out*

ME : aiiii~~~~ ==ll

so yea...what a day?? become a joke for all the nurses in the hospital.. =D
well..stupid conversation doesnt just end here..when i reach home, one of my dad client phone..to change something on the invoice..so here is mr **

mr ** : your dad sent me an invoice to my email just now..
me : yea and so?
mr ** : there is some correction i need him to correct..
me : oh...okay, and the correction is
mr ** : *telling the correction*.. (till a point) do you know the total amount i told u
me : err..im not sure..
mr ** : isnt that invoice type by you
me : er..no..nt me..he asked my little brother to do it
mr ** : and why your little brother and not you?
me : er...cuz i just come back to penang??!!!
mr ** : how come?!!!
me : i study in other state?? my brother form 5 and he is in penang???
mr ** : how come u are still studying and not ur bro??
me : er...my bro still studying *thinking - how come this person gt so many HOW COME?!!!!*
mr ** : how come ur brother need to work and not you??
me : i just come back?!!!!!!
mr ** : *obviously ignoring me* u must be living better than ur bro
me : errr...can u just tell me ur phone so when my dad return, he can call you?!!!!
mr ** : but i off my phone after work
me : *thinking - stupid guy!!! what is the use of hp if u off it* then u can call my dad directly.. =D
mr ** : okay~ :D :D

me : SWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!! ==

Monday, November 1, 2010


i wanted to write this post since yesterday..yet i doubt if i should do it..someone talk to me yesterday..content ntg much but friends and decision. i wasnt sure if i had really type something bad..obviously, i know and i know u knew it too, i wasnt standing on the line u wanted me to...im truly sorry for it..

wanna type out things i didnt write when i were talking to you..as i said, it was pointless that i pester u too much..i know u too much...u were hard and stuborn on ur decision.... u said it is ur wrong always, that line..do u know how evil-ish that line is??? to put urself in blame as if all of us blaming on u??? do u know how stunned i am..to how speechless i am???

to make it as if we are blamming on you?? to make it as if, "yes i am because u said it and not because i wanted it!!!" do you know how such a simple sentence could hurt?? i know i said something bad to make u hurt..i am sorry...i now i spit the wrong thing out..and it was even in my conscious i did it.. i said before, it u think it wasnt ur fault, then dont act as if it was urs!! friend isnt something like that!!!! *sigh*

something i wanted to say for a long time..at times, life doesnt go much with what we wanted..what we expected.. disappointment pretty much conquer more than satisfaction in our life, well, at least to me.. but in all those disappointment we had passed, it trained us to become who we are..to be stronger, to be wiser...to not too indulge in the fantasy world we always want..beside making the valuable satisfaction even more valuable... nt everything went along with what we want..nt everyone agree with the same effing idea we had in our mind... when this happen, frusfration, annoyed and anger comes in line..forgetting how much an event, a person had been importance to us..

friends isnt 2 person with same mind, same thought..but friends are someone who agree with who u are, be comfortable for who u are and accept that person.. it doesnt need to be in same thought, same idea and same era... it is just someone who u can talk to..who u can rely on.. and someone who knew what u are up to with just a flash of minute.. that is what we call true friends.. they could freely critics u and yet u know they are for your good.. friends doesnt speak only what u feel nice..they speak freely and hoping u could understand it.. and definately doesnt want the return by doing something for you...

to that person,

do you know why your person didnt accept the reason u gave?? do you ever realise, u use it too much? i could say u use it everytime u reject one person invitation...1st, 2nd, 3rd..oay, we accept the fact you are sick.. but then EVERYTIME??? is it a bit ___?? why nt just directly say,yes, i just dont feel like going because i just dont want...instead of using the same excuse over and over again... and i dont know if u realise it but then, everytime i ask u out, u give me the reason, i am busy... out of 10 times i ask you, u reject me 9 times??? do u realise u been using the same excuses all this while?? to the extent, i know ur excuse even before u answer me?? remember the story we read when we are small, that lies that are used over and over again, lost it's trustability..

my point is..if there is something nt right..if u dont want to go, be direct... be honest instead of saying u are sick or whatever... nobody is going to angry at you..at least nt your friend..at least nt me..but dont use the same goddamn excuse again and again that makes me feel like a fool..in friendship, we dont give and count how much we had given out..if between friend and things were counted till so clear, it isnt friendship afterall... is just 2 individual trying to compromise each other..ntg could be counted..ntg could be weigh... in friendship, smile, happiness and respect is the only element ever exist..others, are just ntg.. =D

just think about it.. =) but if u had to rebut urself, do it.. i dont really mind.. =D is just, i wanted to make myself clear...why i choose to stand there.. =D