Friday, December 31, 2010


banmal? ban mal relationship??
have you ever speak formally to anyone u like?? being hard to speak informal to that person...well, uri seohyunie is the is so hard for her to speak banmal to her nampyeon, yonghwa~ =D bt then they are cute though~~

probably she got used to speaking formal to hard to speak informal..nevertheless, both are just too cute~ and yes, they are real!! =D

here is the banmal song, written by both of them...remember to catch the new episode of them tomorrow...oh, is 31st december, how is 2010 to all my qingu?! =D mine going steady n nt much i think i am going to make my 2011 GREAT!! =D saranghae!!

lyrics : havent found a full one..will post up later~ =D

Thursday, December 30, 2010


keep your head down!!!

yea...TVXQ (homin) ask you to KEEP UR HEAD DOWN!!! =) their new single...a comeback~
i shall post up when they release the mv and live~ =D
HOMIN is soo freaking hot!!! =D

anyway i do still wish all of them comeback for this hot song...
well, it is a wish~ =D

here is the mv teaser

first JYJ has W as japanese single
and now HOMIN has WHY... hmmmmm!!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


7 years anniversary...7, more than half a decade~
remember the 6 years anniversary back then? i wrote i wish, i wish for a comeback..wishing for the thunderstorm to the thunderstorm has been here for a year...

from my twitter : 5 years...5 years i have been with the boys..of everything i heard from them....i wish..i do wish they comeback as in reality it wasnt even like that!!! bt even though i know it wasnt like that, i still faithfully wishing for the comeback...from all the waiting..and waiting, do i hurt myself more??? i hold my fist tight, continue to walk forward..with the silent wish, with unknown future...even though with dark future,which hurts would be deep, i continue...continue to walk forward because i believe...every word from you is nt a lie~

yea, been a fans for 5 years already..half a decade...i am so be a fans for a long time..from rising o jung ban ur success in japan to mirotic..till the split...all those lies...all those trash~ all those news...coming one by another...each and every one of u debuting as actors/musical actor...winning award,receiving compliments.. i am happy..i am proud... as a fans, i know u guys give in just everything to stand on the stage..u did u very best in everything..excel everything..why i am NOT surprise by all this..because as a cassiopeia, i know oppa, u did everything well...u do everything well...and i am very sure all fans knew it...those hardwork...those efforts...why we never leave because we know.....and to leave is never an act of cassiopeia~

it's 7 years anniversary of TVXQ...i wish there is 5 of you standing...saying ha chul shi, anyounghaseyo, dongbang shinki imnida~ can i heard it once again??? is it even possible?? conscious telling me it is nt possible...but foolishly, i wanna pray for a miracle to happen once again...even it need me to wait for another 3 years where u guys celebrate 10 years hey miracle do happen right?!!!! =D

even it's foolish...even when everyone saying i am stupid~ even when everyone is saying stop waiting, they literally disbanded..i still with my silent hope...

hoping for the return of the god~ because ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH...i know...i know waiting wouldnt be a will fruit~ =D

oppa, hwaiting!!!!!!!!!

오빠 사랑해요

Friday, December 24, 2010

my story

BEAST IS RETURNING WITH A SINGLE, MY STORY!! =D with 3 songs..from the famous pairing..


out of 3, i love thanks to the most.. no!! not because i am biased!! not because of junhyung and yoseob~ i love all the 3 songs~ =) anyway here is the perf of all 3 songs.. yay BEAST!!


마지막 인살 내게 건네기 전에
majimak insal naege gŏnnegi jŏne
Before saying your last farewell to me

아주 잠깐만 멈춰서 날 보며 웃어줘
aju jamkkanman mŏmchwosŏ nal bomyŏ usŏjwo
Please stop for just a moment and look at me while smiling

잠시나마 나에게 빛을 준 네게
jamshinama na'ege bichŭl jun nege
Stay for just a bit, you who had given light to me

끝이라도 눈물 따윈 보이기 싫어서 나
kkŭtirado nunmul ttawin boigi shirhŏsŏ na
Even if it's the end, I don't want to show you my tears, so you

(너에게 웃음 지으며) 고맙다고 행복한 추억 내게 만들어줘서
(nŏege usŭm jiŭmyŏ) gomabdago haengbokhan chuŏk naege mandŭrŏjwosŏ
(While putting on a smile for you) I say thank you, for making these happy memories

(어색한 미소를 비추며) 널 이렇게 보내지만
(ŏsaekhan misorŭl bichumyŏ) nŏl irŏhke bonaejiman
(Shining with an awkward smile) I'm sending you away like this but

이 문이 닫히면 네 모습이 사라지면
i muni dathimyŏn ne mosŭbi sarajimyŏn
When this door closes, when the image of you disappears

하루를 눈물로 살겠지만 너와의 추억 때문에 혼자 남아
harurŭl nunmullo salgetjiman nŏwaye chuŏk ttaemune honja nama
I'll probably spend the day in tears, because of the memories with you, I'm left alone

행복을 더 바랄게
haengbogŭl dŏ baralge
I wish that you'll be happier

나 지금 이 손을 놓치면
na jigŭm i sonŭl nohchimyŏn
When I let go of this hand now

이제 또 웃을 일 없겠지만 다른 사람의 품에서
ije tto usŭl il ŏbtgetjiman darŭn sarame pumesŏ
I'll no longer have any reason to smile but when I see you smiling

웃고 있을 널 보며 나 웃어 볼게
utgo issŭl nŏl bomyŏ na usŏ bolge
in another's embrace, I'll try to smile

그 사람과의 길던 인연의 끝에
gŭ saramgwaye gildŏn inyŏne kkŭte
At the end of your long relationship with him

서서 기다리고 있던 나란 걸 알아줘
sŏsŏ gidarigo itdŏn naran gŏl arajwo
Please know that it'll be me standing there, waiting

잠시라도 그 사람 생각이 날 때
jamshirado gŭ saram saenggaki nal ttae
Even if you ever get flashes of memories with him

그때보다 웃게 할 널 약속해보지만 너
gŭttaeboda utge hal nŏl yaksokhaebojiman nŏ
I'll try to promise that I'll make you smile even more than those times but you

(나에게 눈물 보이며) 힘들다고 그 사람 곁에 이별만 남겨줘서
(na'ege nunmul boimyŏ) himdŭldago gŭ saram gyŏte ibyŏlman namgyŏjwosŏ
(If you show me your tears) And say that it's difficult, because there is only farewell by that person's side

(멍하니 네 손 잡으며) 널 이렇게 붙잡지만
(mŏnghani ne son jabŭmyŏ) nŏl irŏhke butjapjiman
(While I hold onto your hand with a blank expression) I'm holding onto you like this but


마음이 약해져서 다시 널 잡기 전에
maŭmi yakhaejyŏsŏ dashi nŏl japgi jŏne
My heart has become weak, before I can be with you again

눈물 흘릴 날 보지 않게 돌아보지 말고가
nunmul hŭllil nal boji anhge doraboji malgoga
So that you won't see me while my tears come out, please don't look back and just go


이 문이 닫히면
i muni dathimyŏn
When this door closes

Read More:



[Yeoseob] Nuhaegae kok hagoshipeun hanmadi
Unjaena We always singing just for you
Komawo nul woori geotul jikeojoon
[Y] You
[Junhyung] You
[Y] You
[J] It’s you
[Y] Thank you
[J] Thank you
[Y] For you

[J] Just thank you everybody, Thanks to ma fans
Uhdun malreul haeya nae mami poyeonie dwelji moreulgetjiman
Hangeulja hangeulja jeokgo ddo jeokuhsuh eejalbun track ahnae siluhsuh jeonhaeroreogo hae
Geudaeduel bateun, jigeumdo numcheo hulreul jungdoro batgo it nun
Sarang ddo kwanshimreul 100% da dolreol julsoonun uptgaejiman
Geulreado gogeumeenama nugill soo itgill

Yeah Bojal gut upduh yeosut motnanitduel moodae weero ollreo saewoahjoon
Mouhtboda gapjin mic sonae geewoah joon geudaeduel itgied
Oh neul do still rockin` this stage I`m flying like a g6
Ha neulreul nanun gibooniya nan matchi
Haengbokhan goom ssok eh bajin aheegatchi son japgo nalahga geudae deulkwa katchi

[Y] Nuhaegae kok hagoshipeun hanmadi
Unjaena We always singing just for you
Komawo nul woori geotul jikeojoon
[Y] You
[J] You
[Y] You
[J] It’s you
[Y] Thank you
[J] Thank you
[Y] For you

[J] mani jichiduhrago nuhwa hamgaerahmeon
[Y&J] It`s alright, It`s alright.
[J] mulri duluhjeo itsuhdo seororeul nulgill soo itdameon
[Y&J] It`s all good, It`s all good
[J] mani jichiduhrago nuhwa hamgaerahmeon
[Y&J] So fly, so fly
[J] Jigeum nae noon aphae dangshinae mami jinshimirameon
[Y&J] Thank you, Thank you
BEAST (B2ST) – Thanks To Lyrics found on
[Y] Like a paper and pen and beat and mic
[J] mulri dduluhjeo itsuhdo neugeojinun mameun
[Y] Dangshindeulae so unconditional love
[J] Japtgodo gill uhtdun illmeoneeran shigan dongan nuhwaswoorin chan mani gagawojin geot gateh
[Y] Ddaeron nall gamsajoonun damyogatea
[J] jip gateh chingoo gateh gageumeun gajookgatae
[Y] ohraettorok namajo naegeoteh

[J] hamgae together ([Y] Just two of us) boeeji ahnnun gillreul faechukhae Like ([Y] Columbus)
Geudaedulgwa hamgaemeon mothalgae mogaitsuh baekbeon numuhjodo dashi illuhnalsooitsuh
[Y] Always I sing the song for ya uhjaedeun geudaedulee wonhandameon
[J] norea bbulreojoolgae Like a ipod
[Y&J] I always thank you everybody, Let`s go

[Y] Nuhaegae kok hagoshipeun hanmadi
Unjaena We always singing just for you
Komawo nul woori geotul jikeojoon
[Y] You
[J] You
[Y] You
[J] It’s you
[Y] Thank you
[J] Thank you
[Y] For you

[JG] mani jichiduhrago nuhwa hamgaerahmeon
[Y&J] It`s alright, It`s alright.
[J] mulri duluhjeo itsuhdo seororeul nulgill soo itdameon
[Y&J] It`s all good, It`s all good
[J] mani jichiduhrago nuhwa hamgaerahmeon
[Y&J] So fly, so fly
[J] Jigeum nae noon aphae dangshinae mami jinshimirameon
[Y&J] Thank you, Thank you

English Translation

[YOSEOB] The one thing that I want to tell you the most
Always, we always singing just for you
Thank you, the one who’s always been protecting us by our side
[JUNHYUNG] It’s you
[YOSEOB] Thank you
[JUNHYUNG] Thank you
[YOSEOB] For you

[JUNHYUNG] Just thank you everybody, thanks to ma fans
What can I say, I don’t know if I’ll be able express my feelings but
I’ll write one word at a time, and keep on writing, and try to fit it into this short track to try to communicate myself to you
The love and care that we have received from you, to the point that it’s even flooding us as of now
I won’t be able to return all 100% of it but
Still, I hope that you will be able to feel a part of it

Yeah, the ones who let the unworthy, six fools stand on stage
The ones who placed the utmost precious microphone into our hands, was you, and so
Today, I’m still rocking’ this stage, I’m flying like a g6
It feels just like I’m flying in the sky
Like I’ve fallen into a happy dream, like a child, flying through the air with our hands clasped you and me together

[YOSEOB] The one thing that I want to tell you the most
Always, we always singing just for you
Thank you, the one who’s always been protecting us by our side
[JUNHYUNG] It’s you
[YOSEOB] Thank you
[JUNHYUNG] Thank you
[YOSEOB] For you

[JUNHYUNG] Even if I find myself exhausted, as long as I’m with you
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] It’s alright, it’s alright
[JUNHYUNG] Even if we’re being separated far away, if we can feel each other
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] It’s all good it’s all good
[JUNHYUNG] Even if I find myself exhausted, as long as I’m with you
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] So fly so fly
[JUNHYUNG] If your heart in front of me right now is true
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] Thank you, thank you

[YOSEOB] Like a paper and pen and beat and mic
[JUNHYUNG] Even if we’re being separated far away, we will feel each other in our hearts
[YOSEOB] Your so unconditional love
[JUNHYUNG] During this one year which has been so long and short, it seems like we’ve become pretty close
[YOSEOB]Sometimes, you’re like a blanket that envelopes me
[JUNHYUNG] You’re like home, you’re like a friend, sometimes you’re like family
[YOSEOB] Please stay forever by my side

[JUNHYUNG] Together, together ([YOSEOB] Just two of us)
[JUNHYUNG] Let’s create a hidden road Like ([YOSEOB] Columbus)
[JUNHYUNG] If I’m with you, is there anything I can’t do ? Even if I fall 100 times, I’ll be able to get up again
[YOSEOB] Always I sing the song for ya [YOSEOB] Whenever, if you want it
[JUNHYUNG] I’ll sing for you like a ipod
([YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] I always thank you everybody, let’s go)

[YOSEOB] The one thing that I want to tell you the most
Always, we always singing just for you
Thank you, the one who’s always been protecting us by our side
[JUNHYUNG] It’s you
[YOSEOB] Thank you
[JUNHYUNG] Thank you
[YOSEOB] For you

[JUNHYUNG] Even if I find myself exhausted, as long as I’m with you
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] It’s alright, it’s alright
[JUNHYUNG] Even if we’re being separated far away, if we can feel each other
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] It’s all good it’s all good
[JUNHYUNG] Even if I find myself exhausted, as long as I’m with you
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] So fly so fly
[JUNHYUNG] If your heart in front of me right now is true
[YOSEOB & JUNHYUNG] Thank you, thank you

*see the line I FLY LIKE G6, he got the idea from the parody by a is the parody*


Let it snow, Let it snow
Let IT Snow , Let IT Snow
Come and hold me come back to me
dagawa anajwo naege dorawajwo
Let it snow, Let it snow
Let IT Snow , Let IT Snow
I slept again, you wait in a dream
nan dasi jamdeureo kkumeseo gidaryeo neol

He was happy to come back to you and not sure of the time
haengbokhaetdeon neowaui sigani dasi ol sun eomneunji
(You can get back that no, you can not afford for me)
(Neo doraol su eomneunji, neol naege jul su eomneunji)
I don `t know why I` m doing this
I Don ` t know Why I ` m doing this
You `re ma sweetie, girl, ma lady
You ` Re milliampere Sweetie , Girl , milliamperes Lady
Cold, hold me my love
NAL chagawojin anajwo My Love

I hope you kiss your lips
neoui ipsureul neoui kiseureul barae
You want your love (I want your love)
neoui sarangneul wonhae (ne sarangeul wonhae)
Your sincerely hope you (yes really want to)
neoui jinsimeul barae (ne jinsimeul barae)
I want you tonight
oneul bam neoreul wonhae
You want all of you and all your
neoui jeonbureul neoui modeun geol wonhae
(Baby love you girl, baby love you girl)
( Baby Love you Girl , Baby Love you Girl )

Let it snow, Let it snow
Let IT Snow , Let IT Snow
Again you reach out your hand
neoege dagaga dasi soneul jaba
Let it snow, Let it snow
Let IT Snow , Let IT Snow
I’m nervous again, and then return to
nan dasi tteollyeowa geuttaero doraga

Can not give you back precious time that no
sojunghaetdeon neowaui siganeul dasi jul sun eomneunji
(Not sure you come back, I sure can not gateul)
(Dasi neo ol sun eomneunji, neol gajeul suneun eomneunji)
I don `t know why I` m doing this
I Don ` t know Why I ` m doing this
You `re ma sweetie, girl, ma lady
You ` Re milliampere Sweetie , Girl , milliamperes Lady
Come back to me my baby
Dasi naegero dorawa My Baby

I hope you kiss your lips
neoui ipsureul neoui kiseureul barae
I want your love (I want your love)
neoui sarangeul wonhae (ne sarangeul wonhae)
Your sincerely hope you (yes really want to)
neoui jinsimeul barae (ne jinsimeul barae)
I want you tonight
oneul bam neoreul wonhae
You want all of you and all your
neoui jeonbureul neoui modeun geol wonhae
(Baby love you girl, baby love you girl)
( Baby Love you Girl , Baby Love you Girl )

Snowing here today
nuni oneun oneuldo i goseseo
I wait for you to come, will come back smiling like you
nega ogil naneun gidaryeo, dasi neo useumyeo ol geot gataseo
Did anyone ever there, I’ll be here in
hoksi an ondedo naneun yeogi isseulge
Baby love you girl, baby love you girl
Baby Love you Girl , Baby Love you Girl
Baby love you girl
Baby Love you Girl

Let it snow
Let IT Snow
Let it snow
Let IT Snow
Let it snow
Let IT Snow

i love u guys!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010



comeback with ATHENA ost~ =) yes yes yes.. u are nt dreaming.. i can prove me ur face *Slap!* *ouch* see..u are nt dreaming.. =) the tall hot brother is singing for athena ost~ and i love it sooooooo much!!! hahahah~

but my christmas wish is still...5 of them on the stage together.. i miss them so much.. so well well, stop the spam let's fly over to the song.. =)

무섭게 나를 감싸안은 시린 이 회색 공긴
아직도 남은 바램들로 난 쓴웃음만 짓는데
아무렇게 흐트러놓은 길을 잃은 지난 추억들속엔
맞춰지지 않는 퍼즐처럼 난 또 헤매여

차갑게 안아줘 세상에 맞서야 해
저기까지 가면 끝이 보일까 깊이 베인 상천 아물지 않아
신이시여 우릴 구원 하소서 마지막 전쟁에

오직 그대만이 필요해 오직 당신만 알 수 있어
검게 그을린 저 도시엔 눈물의 시가 필요해
미소속에 섞인 탐욕과 꿈을 잃어 눈이 먼 그들에게
다시 날개를 펼 수 있게 당신의 힘을 건네주오

차갑게 안아줘 세상에 맞서야 해
저기까지 가면 끝이 보일까 깊이 베인 상천 아물지 않아
신이시여 우릴 구원 하소서 마지막 전쟁에

태양의 빛이 붉어질 때 그대가
그토록 소망한 기도를 해요
진실의 빛이 가려진대도
멈추진 말아요 파멸된 세상을 깨워줘

뜨겁게 입맞춰 거짓과 싸워야 해
어디까지 가면 끝이 보일까 깊이 베인 상천 아물지 않아
신이시여 우릴 구원 하소서 마지막 전쟁에

The gray space that surrounds me scarily,
Although I smile bitterly about wishes that are still left,
Inside the past memories that lost its way in the messed up road,
I wander again like puzzles that don’t match,
Hug me I have to face the world,
If I go till there will I see the end? The deep wound won’t heal,
Dear god, please save us, in this last war,
I only need you, only you know.
That city that was burned black needs a poem(?) of tears,
The lust that is mixed with my grin and those people that became blind after losing their dream,
Please lend them your strength so that they can spread their wings again.
hug me coldly I have to face the world……in this last war,
When the sun’s light turns red you,
make a prayer so wishful.
Even if the light of wisdom is blinded,
don’t stop, wake the destroyed world.
Kiss me passionately, I have to fight the lies,
how far will I have to go to see the end? The deep wound won’t heal,
Dear God, please save us, in this last war.



ps : currently #tvxqathena is trending.. be sure to participate!! =D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

high high

kpop 2 most wanted rapper had grp up for a digital single~ okay, they were always in a group..but yeah, GDRAGON and TOP return with a new digital singer - HIGH.. now this turn on my clubbing nice if mois play the song once~ =D

totally loving this 2 rapper..they are one of a kind rapper!!! =D rap just come out natural in them~ =D BIGBANG ftw!!! =) but mr. YG, im missing BIGBANG already~ can u bring them back already??? =(

소 소 소리쳐 알아서 모셔
so so sorichyo araso mosyo
T.O.P class and Mr.G in the the club in ma b-boys's dance
진짜 놀 줄 아는 도 제대로 터진 감 속
jinjja nol jul aneun do jedero tojin gam sok
everybody makin' move makin' move 땡겨줘
everybody makin' move makin' move ttenggyojwo

손꼽아 기다리던 Freedom 정원초과
sonkkoba gidaridon Freedom jongwonchogwa
드센 여우들만의 씨름 일분일초가
deusen youdeulman-ye ssireum ilbon ilchoga
너에게 영원을 약속해 hey come on and make some noise
noege yongwoneul yaksokhe hey come on and make some noise
난 이 밤의 대통령 나의 소녀 yo fly!
nan i bameui detongryong naye sonyo yo fly!

high high I'm so high
high high up in the sky
high high I'm so high
fly fly touch the sky
ha ha ha ha ha say la la la la la
ha ha ha ha ha, ah-

ok 콧노래 부르며 마치 Butterfly high
ok kotnore bureumyo machi Butterfly high
번개처럼 높게 뛰어올라 like 닌자
bon-gechorom nopge ttwioolla like ninja
서로 의견은 안 맞지만 결국 뜻은 같아
soro yegyoneun an matjiman gyolguk ddeuseun gata
복장에 미쳐 다 타 하늘로 자유낙하
bokjange micyo da ta haneullo jayunakha

모든 걸 해탈한 듯 즐기는 저 사람들
modeun gol hetalhan deut jeulgineun jo saramdeul
어쩌면 그냥 별 뜻 없이 그저 내숭 없이 다만 순수할 뿐
ojjomyon geunyang byol ddeut opsi geujo nejung opsi daman sunsuhal ppun
날 잡고 놀아봐요 싫다면 도망가요
nal japgo norabwayo sildamyon domanggayo
이 도시 위 중심이 나는 묻지 누군지
i dosi wi jungsimi naneun mutji nugunji

high high I'm so high
high high up in the sky
high high I'm so high
fly fly touch the sky
ha ha ha ha ha say la la la la la
ha ha ha ha ha, ah-

baby 잠깐 stop now 시간이 없잖아
baby jamkkan stop now sigani opjana
인생이란 한 방 이유 없는 방황
insengiran han bang iyu opneun banghwang

baby 잠깐 stop now 시간이 없잖아
baby jamkkan stop now sigani opjana
인생이란 한 방 이유 있는 방황
insengiran han bang iyu itneun banghwang

G H E T T O E L E C T R O 미칠지 모르죠
G H E T T O E L E C T R O michilji moreujyo
말리지 마 here we go
malliji ma here we go
G H E T T O E L E C T R O 지칠 줄 모르죠
G H E T T O E L E C T R O jichil jul moreujyo
멈추지 마 here we go (go go go go go go)
momchuji ma here we go (go go go go go go)

ah-, high high I'm so high
high high up in the sky
high high I'm so high
fly fly touch the sky
ha ha ha ha ha, say la la la la la
ha ha ha ha ha, ah-

credit: chacha~

ha ha ha ha ha...ahhhhh~ =D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

phailed fans

haha!! talking to pynic and i type that sentence out..=D junsu's way of saying failed~ junsu...the main vocal of dong bang shin ki...with explosive cuteness... the mood maker in dong bang shin ki~ the second member in tvxq and who is in charged of charisma (according to him) my favourite member of all time...XIAH JUNSU

in the eyes of maknae, choikang changmin :
even though he is older, older by 2 years, in the eye of maknae, he is never the hyung.. playing and joking around just like 3 years old kid~ =D something in them that warms everyone's heart.. =) who can ever forgot about xiahnism..created by the maknae for junsu... maknae just love him despite all the harsh jokes... because to changmin, junsu is just amazing as who he is~ =)

in the eyes of the geminian, micky yoochun :
they are the 2 of the closest~ =) their interaction could be seen in just every second...acting like a wife and husband, both shared just anything... junsu being younger, has been a good pillar for chunnie who werent familiar to his surrounding.. junsu is chun first friend in korea..and till now..they still are close friend....

in the eyes of the mother of the group, youngwoung jaejoong:
jaejoong cares for junsu a lot..because people of surrounding tends to compare both of them, and because junsu cares a lot on what the surrounding had said on him, he look out a lot for his little boy...being the lead vocal, jae and junsu were said to be rival...competing with each other always..but deep in every cassiopeia, we all know..they werent... they were close, nt that compare to yoosu..but at times, junsu becomes a good companion to our jaejoongie~

in the eyes of the leader, uknow yunho
many say there isnt much interaction between this 2...others just love to compare the dance of both.. but their love is just pure like brotherhood~ both being almost identical to each other, they give inspiration to each other... =) to do better in their own goal, both just got to be so similar in their competitive streaks~ =D but even so...yunho once said to junsu, that he loves him...he loves him that he took junsu as part of his family~ =D and once there is a prank on junsu, and he is so sad by it, yunho hug him first...

even sometimes the members deliberately pull pranks on junsu, they always care for him...even when this happen :

youngwoong jaejoong hwaiting,
uknow yunho hwaiting
micky yoochun hwaiting
choikang changmin hwaiting
dongbang shinki hwaiting

deliberately missing out junsu in the cheers up, their love for him never decreases...
he is like the sun shinning in the group...his presence in dong bang shin ki just make the group shines~

to xiah junsu:
thank you for being here with us as dong bang shin ki member for the pass 6 years.. even now u were as a part of JYJ, u are still our xiah junsu..the one cassiopeia adores and cares for...this little promise will never change no matter, i would shout all my heart


saeng ill chuka hamnida jun-chan!!! i love you more than anyone else in kpop~ and i swear it is true!!


saranghae yo...naega nomu nomu nomu saranghae!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

video spam!

okay over with the love notes~ =D here is some video spam!! yay!!

FROM SMENT channel :














there is a lot but..i think i should stop spamming my own blog~ =D

is this what we call love

anyone who had facebook, will really come across this news...a stunning news..

this guy, jump down from 14th floor...after broke up with his girlfriend.. but what makes it peculiar is that...he left a few facebook status and also the last notes in his facebook with his last this lead to what i wanna write today~

what is love actually...what is so peculiar about love that drives almost everyone mad~ everyone could say the phrase I LOVE YOU...but what is the significant behind the word what does it leads to..happy, sad, bliss or unfortunate??? to give everything when we love someone or to destroy everything when we couldnt??? everyone interpret the same damn effing word differently...

someone make it simple...a simple relationship with no spice..typical love storyline..some people just had it exaggerate..with spice and everything they could put in...some people had it just as complicated as their brain works... different way of bringing in the word love into their life...some people had it silent love...some people pursue the love with all their effort... some people just put it aside..


isnt love something beautiful?? isnt the word love meant to make the opposite partner happy?? as long as the opposite partner is happy, as long as that person, himself is happy...isnt this what love mean??? to be too into the word be over greed with the word love, people just deviate from their own world.. between love and hatred, it different only by a line..i say, in love, the word of sane and insanity just differ by a split second..

when a love is gone..everything turns upside down...i know..when someone u adores so much just walk away, it hurts so much that one could just do anything to free himself...i saw his facebook update..he wrote : 我已决定把你放走...也把自己放开 (i decided to let you go..and also to let myself go).. in each person, the way of letting oneself freed from all the pain and hurt, it just differ... for this young boy, he decided to bring it with him forever~ till death separates us apart.. LOVE, something everyone wants...something everyone needs, like a necessity..but nt everyone could handle either brings smile and bliss or it totally destroy a person~ it just differ by a line.. nobody could ever bear the consequences of playing with the game of love..

so what is this so-called human games?? a game everyone had to go true in their life... to taste the happiness of love...or the sourness of the the tears...the bittersweet life~ it is so magical~ and yet so destructive...isnt it eerie?? and yet, it is something everyone has it naturally...and yet, nobody could just kick it aside saying "i dont need love"..

the sanity in a person...could it be so fragile..lost of determination and motivation to live..bring ones a great courage to die.. to be alive on one minute and dead by another minute, how is it?? i never know..n never want to know..till...that day comes~~

i never had this big courage to even look down from 14 floor...and yet jumping down..and yes, to make such a decision, to climb out from the window..and that every second, it took just tonnes of courage and a route without a way to turn back...if you had even this effing courage to jump down, why nt bring such a big courage to make a turn in your own life.. i know u couldnt even read on what i wrote here..but u are so young to even bid everyone goodbye.. nt that i am related to you or what but hey, i could feel the pain, the hurt in your family.. why nt even when u sister say i love you too in your facebook could bring you back from what u determine.. why are u soo cruel to make them sad each time they see anything related to could she even felt, when she knew something nt right and yet fail to catch the grip of u...

now that u had gone... is this what u wanted to see (if u could see)... is this the end u ever want??? whatever had done, has been done.....i wish u, REST IN PEACE (RIP).. Alviss Kong, 安息吧~~

and to all...before it is too late, express your love to your loved one~
to my daddy, my mummy..i love you both more than anyone in this world... u brought me to this world and make me who i am today~ thank you for everything and i love you...
to my sister, my brother...even though we fought once in a blue moon (okay, almost all the time if catfight included)..i love u both always!!! u were always my top priority..even though i never did what i should as the eldest in the family, but i promise, no matter what happen, i will always be there..for you~ a promise from me,i will never forget~
to all my friends, i love you and thanks for being with me!! =D u can count on me if there is anything~ =D i dont mind listening..and helping out (within my ability of course).. =)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

crazy love

crazy young jee..ft junhyung..
how long since i last update this place?? blame it on study~ aii..there is no time for me even to blog...TT.TT beside keeping myself on par with the ever crazy hectic life of 3rd year, i had flu since last wednesday?? by tomorrow it will be a week since i last gt cough and flu!!! how frusfrating!!! hate it!! *thud*


last sunday i fetch my ex-roommate back to sungai petani..ever since i move out, that is the 1st time i pick her...been so long since both of us talk to each other for an hour!! seriously!! we used to talk bout everything, it seems like now, i hardly could talk to her...definitely nt just because we were staying in different place but yeah, we had different posting as well... and it been ages since i eat with her, talk to her, discuss with her..and play around...all those countless time where we creep out and enjoy the view/scenery of sungai petani.. those random trip to everywhere we of all, in front of this ex-roommate of mine, i didnt need to pretend..even by a soft stare, she could understand probably 80% of what i am thinking...

talking bout that, she told me another ex-housemate of ours,hugged her and cried saying she miss all of us a lot..those noisy time....even shouting at each other turn into something i deeply miss....i do miss those time..even at time, when she is nt around in the room, it is even merrier than the place im staying now... im doing a serious honest confession here.. walk into the other room with the notes on my hand, study a while and joke a while..even the sentence "can i pass my exam" which it should be a pathetic question...become something we could laugh at... is just..hostel is really more happening than where i am..i couldnt say it to my mum..i was the one who decided to come out from the place..the place i thought i wouldnt want to spent even a min in it... but it seems like i just jump from a merry place to a graveyard...

here is just creep..and lifeless..

at times..i really wonder..did i really make a very wrong decision?? will it be the same lifeless life if i move in with my roommate?? what if im still in hostel??? i know staring at those 4 walls arent tiring..but to is...nobody could chat the way from medical building to hostel...when gt annoyed by the notes, there is nobody u could complain to...turning back to wasnt just my bookshelf.. those walk around aimst university after an intense revision,i really...really deeply missing it...still remember the time when both of us thought there is something whispering from the anatomy dissection hall and run off like nobody business.. =D or just suddenly on youtube and start singing our lungs out.. =D

just too much of the moment im just missing the hostel life that i decide to throw which now, it is my top regret...=(

TEOH TSYR XIANG, GAYATHRI, GOMATHY,REKHA and SHEELA, i miss u girls!!!!!! i really do~ TT.TT

Friday, November 19, 2010

midnight sun

ahahahha..sorry, the name of the vid im going to post remind me of jun-chan, OH MY GOD SUN!! :D :D just forgive me for my addiction on jun-chan... he is my fav of all kpopers.. hahahhahahahaha...

anyway, let's have some shout out to KAN, LEE U, JINON n YEJUN!! welcome back yo!!!! =) =)
recently had their comeback.. MIDNIGHT the album GEORGOUS.. and they are freaking hot in it.. hehehehehe... oh, their theme for this *NO MORE THOSE FLASHY CLOTHES AND SAY NO ONE NO ONE NO ONEEE* but suits, tux and VAMPIRE!! whoot!!! they should invite robert pattinson..which is the most influencial clan if not for the CULLENS.. hahahaha.. owh, i wonder what happen when cullen mix with the potters? hahahahaha... anyway back!

so here is MIDNIGHT SUN!!

and next..same time, returning with mini album, is BEAST!! with BEAUTIFUL... owh, one georgeous and one beautiful..hehehe.. what else do we have.. =)

gikwang, junhyung and dongjun makes me smile~ :D :D so yeah, BEAST~~ say beautiful to all beauty~ :D

MBLAQ is coming back for their A+....well, no..NOT HANDSOME,u silly... no info released for now..but they do hint of their return...but they took part in their daddy's drama , FUGITIVE ost.. so here is the OST :

thunder!!!! so many lines... =)
thunder, mir, seungho, lee joon and go..snuggles!! :D :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

sound or need you baby??

2 new group for today!! =D
a girl group named VNT..and a r&b grp (only guys) named t-blue (okay, nt new..but 2nd single released)... =D
should i proceed girl first or guy?? well, ladies here is VNT :

VNT is a South Korean Girl group from Media Line. Originally named V-92 (V-9-to the 2), VNT was originally scheduled to debut for September with 4 members. Unfortunately due to undisclosed circumstances, one member ended up leaving the group, forcing the new trio to come up with a new name.

So Yumi
Park Ji Yeon (Lil J)
Kim Chae Won (Tina)

Other Information
Origin : Seoul, South Korea
Genres : K-pop, dance-pop
Years active : 2010 – PResent
Labels : Media Line

Songs :
1. Sound/YeYe
2. My Boo

i personally like MY BOO more.. =D anyway..hahaha..up to personal preferences~ :D

and here is T-Blue..=D

티블루 (T-Blue)
Company: True M Entertainment
Naver fan cafe:

Members :
주상빈 (Joo Sang Bin)
Born: August 12, 1992
Physique: 186cm, 62kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies

신성용 (Shin Seong Yong)
Born: June 15, 1991
Physique: 185cm, 63kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Computer, singing

박용성 (Park Yong Seong)
Born: July 25, 1992
Physique: 180cm, 68kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Composing word and piano lyrics

CO-ED recently released a here is their new song :

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DBSK International Fansong Project 2009 & DBSK International WWW Project 2010

This new project is entitled "DBSK International Fans - One Year Later".



A year has passed since our boys have stopped performing together as 5. So this video will be about your thoughts as a fan in the past year. This is not a video meant for any bashing or support for any particular side. It's meant to be a sincere video about how you truly felt as a fan in the past year and your wishes for the future.

Please try to participate and give a REAL INTERNATIONAL representation for this video! If there aren't enough entries, the video will not be completed.


1) Register

Email with your name and country by 15th November 2010, Monday (Seoul Time) to register. Please register only if you do wish to submit. I had quite a few people who registered and never submitted their videos for the last few projects.

2) Shoot

Once you have registered, take the video by ensuring that you film a clear video of yourself or a group of you talking to the camera about the following:
- How you have felt as a DBSK fan in the past year.
- How you feel about their solo activities in the past year
- What does "Always Keep The Faith" mean to you?
- How would you feel if the 5 get back together someday?
- How would you feel if the 5 do not get back eventually?
- Your wishes for them in future
- Any other words/encouragement

Please take special notice of the following. Videos or submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines may not be used.

1) You can speak in any language though English, Japanese and Korean would be most preferred. If you wish to hold placards with your words instead of talking, it's also acceptable.

For any other languages other than English, please subtitle your video with English translations. The subtitles should be at the bottom (where you usually see subtitles) in a clear, simple font such as Arial. Please avoid complex and curvy fonts.

2) Please limit your whole video to 1 MINUTE. Footage beyond the first 1 minute will not be included for consideration.

3) Please speak audibly and ensure that your words can be heard or seen. Please do not add any effects, logos and graphics to the video as it will complicate editing.

4) Strictly no needless bashing. This project is looking for SINCERE and TRUTHFUL entries. You may not love everything they do and you can express your feelings honestly but please do so in a sincere manner.

5) While I try to include your footage as much as possible, please note that only a segment of your video will be used due to editing necessity. Any videos deemed inappropriate or offensive for public viewing will be excluded.

3) Submit

Please check that your video is clear and can be opened before sending. Send the video to using yousendit or mediafire with your name and country on the file name by 22 November 2010, Monday (Seoul Time).


I'm afraid that I cannot guarantee if they will see it. If we help each other and get the word out, they might see it. I'll do my best so let's just try our best ok?

For clarifications/enquiries, please email


funny?? ridiculous?? i say..

oh well..came over with a weird conversation..involving ME and nurses from a private hospital.. =D oh maybe probably more.. hahahah.. what happen? let's check it out.. =D

so i brought my dad to a private hospital after he fell down...from the stairs..thinking it could probably some fracture i had to get him a we went to a private hospital..1st time ever in that particular hospital, i had to help him register.. my dad was at A&E department (aka Accident & Emergency department)... here is scene number 1 :

ME : here is my dad's identity card u asked for just now?
nurse 1 : oh..erm, ms __ (nurse 2), can u help her for the registration..i had something on hand.
nurse 2 : okay. so the dad is at??
nurse 1 : casualty
ME : ermmm..but my dad wasnt..
nurse 2: huh?!!! what???
nurse 1 : yes..casualty
ME : aaa...he fractured his hand only?? *but voice too soft and thus, got ignored!!!*
nurse 1 : casualty!!!! *look at nurse 2*
nurse 2 : ohh!!! casualty department a??
nurse 1 : yes..
ME : * ==ll *

i uk, emergency department also known as casualty department.. but please, make an appropriate sentence dad only probably fractured his hand??? nt dead!! and yea *touchwood*

so here is scene 2..involving ME and nurse 2..

nurse 2 : so, u are the daughter??
ME : yup!! *smile*
nurse 2 : your dad's phone please??
ME : do i need to include mine??
nurse 2 : oh if u want..but since u are younger than 21, put your mother's would be better..
ME : but im... *the nurse walks into the office ignoring my call*
ME : whatever!! *again, ==ll *

so yea..everyone thought i am...a high school student..i should be proud but then is a bit...whatsoever!! ==ll

so here is scene 3..i had some health study ongoing in my uni, part of community medicine assignment..and since our grp is doing on visual defect..and since here i am in the hospital, i might as well grab some brochure on the visual topic im doing.. so here i am in the ophthalmologist department.. and i shall label the 2 nurses i come across as nurse 3 and nurse 4.. so yea..the scene :

*knock knock*
*ME peeps into the clinic and walk in*
ME : good evening.
nurse 3 & 4 : *look at me with the widest eye they ever had*
ME : i am from AIMST university,my uni had a health study ongoing and i wanted to ask if i could get any brochures for the health study we are doing??
nurse 3 look at nurse 4.. and look at me
nurse 3 : what do you want??
ME : erm, brochures??
nurse 4 : what she want??
nurse 3 : that is what i am asking???!!!! *a ridiculous look*
ME : erm, brochures for visual defects?
----the following conversation is in hokkien since..the nurse start in hokkien----
nurse 3 : for what defect??
ME : oh..just any u had??
nurse 3 * look at me*
ME : ermm..cataract, glaucoma, dry eyes syndrome and refractive error.. thank you
nurse 3 & nurse 4 look thru the brochures..
nurse 4 *in mandarin* : here..this..and this..and..
nurse 3 * in mandarin* : how bout this??
nurse 4 *in mandarin* : ermm...she probably dont know what is it so dont need..*laugh*
nurse 3 : *laugh*
ME *thinking* : are u both taking me for an idiot or what..gossiping me in i look like a total banana to you guys?? and..I AM NOT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT...==ll
ME : i think that is enough.. thank you for the brochure.. =D
nurse 3 and 4 : *nods and smile*
ME : *bow, and smile and walks out*

ME : aiiii~~~~ ==ll

so yea...what a day?? become a joke for all the nurses in the hospital.. =D
well..stupid conversation doesnt just end here..when i reach home, one of my dad client change something on the here is mr **

mr ** : your dad sent me an invoice to my email just now..
me : yea and so?
mr ** : there is some correction i need him to correct..
me : oh...okay, and the correction is
mr ** : *telling the correction*.. (till a point) do you know the total amount i told u
me : not sure..
mr ** : isnt that invoice type by you
me : me..he asked my little brother to do it
mr ** : and why your little brother and not you?
me : er...cuz i just come back to penang??!!!
mr ** : how come?!!!
me : i study in other state?? my brother form 5 and he is in penang???
mr ** : how come u are still studying and not ur bro??
me : bro still studying *thinking - how come this person gt so many HOW COME?!!!!*
mr ** : how come ur brother need to work and not you??
me : i just come back?!!!!!!
mr ** : *obviously ignoring me* u must be living better than ur bro
me : errr...can u just tell me ur phone so when my dad return, he can call you?!!!!
mr ** : but i off my phone after work
me : *thinking - stupid guy!!! what is the use of hp if u off it* then u can call my dad directly.. =D
mr ** : okay~ :D :D

me : SWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!! ==

Monday, November 1, 2010


i wanted to write this post since yesterday..yet i doubt if i should do it..someone talk to me yesterday..content ntg much but friends and decision. i wasnt sure if i had really type something bad..obviously, i know and i know u knew it too, i wasnt standing on the line u wanted me truly sorry for it..

wanna type out things i didnt write when i were talking to i said, it was pointless that i pester u too much..i know u too much...u were hard and stuborn on ur decision.... u said it is ur wrong always, that u know how evil-ish that line is??? to put urself in blame as if all of us blaming on u??? do u know how stunned i how speechless i am???

to make it as if we are blamming on you?? to make it as if, "yes i am because u said it and not because i wanted it!!!" do you know how such a simple sentence could hurt?? i know i said something bad to make u hurt..i am sorry...i now i spit the wrong thing out..and it was even in my conscious i did it.. i said before, it u think it wasnt ur fault, then dont act as if it was urs!! friend isnt something like that!!!! *sigh*

something i wanted to say for a long times, life doesnt go much with what we wanted..what we expected.. disappointment pretty much conquer more than satisfaction in our life, well, at least to me.. but in all those disappointment we had passed, it trained us to become who we be stronger, to be not too indulge in the fantasy world we always want..beside making the valuable satisfaction even more valuable... nt everything went along with what we want..nt everyone agree with the same effing idea we had in our mind... when this happen, frusfration, annoyed and anger comes in line..forgetting how much an event, a person had been importance to us..

friends isnt 2 person with same mind, same thought..but friends are someone who agree with who u are, be comfortable for who u are and accept that person.. it doesnt need to be in same thought, same idea and same era... it is just someone who u can talk to..who u can rely on.. and someone who knew what u are up to with just a flash of minute.. that is what we call true friends.. they could freely critics u and yet u know they are for your good.. friends doesnt speak only what u feel nice..they speak freely and hoping u could understand it.. and definately doesnt want the return by doing something for you...

to that person,

do you know why your person didnt accept the reason u gave?? do you ever realise, u use it too much? i could say u use it everytime u reject one person invitation...1st, 2nd, 3rd..oay, we accept the fact you are sick.. but then EVERYTIME??? is it a bit ___?? why nt just directly say,yes, i just dont feel like going because i just dont want...instead of using the same excuse over and over again... and i dont know if u realise it but then, everytime i ask u out, u give me the reason, i am busy... out of 10 times i ask you, u reject me 9 times??? do u realise u been using the same excuses all this while?? to the extent, i know ur excuse even before u answer me?? remember the story we read when we are small, that lies that are used over and over again, lost it's trustability..

my point is..if there is something nt right..if u dont want to go, be direct... be honest instead of saying u are sick or whatever... nobody is going to angry at least nt your least nt me..but dont use the same goddamn excuse again and again that makes me feel like a friendship, we dont give and count how much we had given out..if between friend and things were counted till so clear, it isnt friendship afterall... is just 2 individual trying to compromise each other..ntg could be counted..ntg could be weigh... in friendship, smile, happiness and respect is the only element ever exist..others, are just ntg.. =D

just think about it.. =) but if u had to rebut urself, do it.. i dont really mind.. =D is just, i wanted to make myself clear...why i choose to stand there.. =D

Friday, October 29, 2010

hoot hoot hoot!!

since i said i will make a new post on snsd here is it...

welcome back SNSD!!! recently comeback with a new mini album, SNSD presents all SONE with HOOT (훗)... here is the mv and their 1st live in mubank a few hours ago... yay SNSD!!! =) and now wish me luck in learning the dance step..first of all, diet first!! TT.TT

siwon is freagging hot in this mv!! aww..siwon-ie!!! =)


Touch - new boyband from YYJ Entertainment..makes their surprise debut in music core with I (aka NAN)..=) The group first began their promotions overseas by standing on stage alongside popular Chinese stars this past August and kicked off their Korean promotions through “M! Countdown” on October 21st.

the members are :
Young Hoon.
DOB: 27 November 1991.
Position: Rapper

Jun Yong.
DOB: September 25, 1991.
Position: Main Vocal

Sung Yong.
DOB: December 12, 1989.
Position: Vocal

Sun Woong.
DOB:1 November 1991.
Position: Vocal/Rapper

Min Seok.
DOB: 15 August 1990.
Position: Rapper.

Chris aka Han Joon.
DOB: January 1, 1990.
Position: Leader/Vocal.
Blood Type: B

Choi Da Bin (최다빈)
Position: Vocal, Maknae
DOB: 12 March 1992
Height: 182 cm

the reason i cant say much is that, i havent really know this group..i only come across them yesterday!!! =) anyway, nice addictive song i would say.. hahaha..enjoy~ :D :D

holla~ :D

yay yay back yo!! =)
nah..ntg to share...except, snsd recent comeback?? hahahaha...i shall make a post on it when they perform officially.. =)

so yea..finally back to home for deepavali.. *got smack* i do comeback every weekend..pabo me.. =) it is nice to comeback...reason?? home is the sweetest place ever!! no conflict, no faking of of all, UNLIMITED INTERNET!!!! =) how NICE!! no trouble..just ntg but warm, sweet, relaxing and it has everything i need.. =)

okay..finish with the grumbling and nagging.. =) supposingly it was a nice day for me..hahahah..except for the books in front of me.. ==ll shall finish my study after this..but...i feel like spamming again for the new song i just downloaded... sulk..never mind..oh what is my purpose for this post??

oh yea...i did a song cover...wait..2 song cover...posting it here...dont laugh at my stupid voice kay... =)

1. Have you Ever? by s club 7

2. 寬恕 by 神木與瞳.. sorry if there is any wrong pronunciation..because im fully a banana..english educated!!! hahahaa!!! =)

oh and i recently found out i had 9 followers here..nt that i am making a big fuss but then, i never dreamt of anyone got interested on my blog..hahahaha..anyway thanks guys!! =)

Friday, October 8, 2010


A: shuuu!!!
A: shuu!!!
B: WHY?!!!!!!!!!
A: because U-KISS say 시끄러!!!! :D :D

yes!! 시끄러!! (SHUT UP!!), the latest mini album from u-kiss...whoot!!!! nice song...kevin really can pull off that charismatic look on stage..but considering the fact i knew this guy too well, is a bit #^_^# for me...dongho's oppa really LMFAO me...not really a lot of kpop-ers younger than him..i mean he even had to call taemin hyung!!!! and yeah, he is korea nation little brother... =) alexander,eli and kibums' rap really keng!!! the whole perf i was like "omona!! omona!! mweojitda!!!!!!!" and i think the people behind me must be thinking im crazy...

beside shut up..the other songs are great as well...before yesterday (intro) are good as usual..i remember the intro for man man hani are freakingly addictive and is totally romantic!!! great great u-kiss... =) differ type of song and as usual, u-kiss pull it just perfectly fine!! :D here is their comeback and also their mv!!! =)

^poor dongho..too young to watch the here is the sensored version for dongho~


오빠는 니가 너무 밉다
오빠는 니말 듣기 싫다

Verse 1)
교만한 사랑 따윈 내앞에서 치워
말도 안되는 소리 그만 집어 치워
앞뒤도 맞지 않고 자기 밖에 모르는 걸(Girl)
반복된 그거짓말 이젠 그만 치워


Verse 2)
교활한 입술 따윈 내앞에서 치워
야릇한 눈물 따윈 그만 집어 치워
달콤한 속임수도 더이상은 속지않아
사랑한단 그말조차 이젠 듣기 싫어


Cause your life, Cause your mind,
내 앞에서 사라져 (제발 사라져)
Cause, your life. I'll Just Say
더이상 네가 변할 기대는 절대 못해 Good Bye!

오빠는 니가 너무 밉다
오빠는 니가 이제 싫다

(싫다) (싫다)

왜 자꾸 나를 붙잡으려해
왜 자꾸 눈물은 흘리는데

Yea this is how it goes / Here we go again / Let’s do it
Hey yo check the way that you speak and the way you sound
Being like a freak invading my soul
너는 이제 싫어 Girl you’re pissin me off
난 이제 너 때문에 지쳤어
삐꺽삐꺽삐꺽삐꺽 나나 / 삐꺽삐꺽삐꺽삐꺽 대지
오빤 네게네게네게 지쳤어 너무 / 너무너무 한다 그만 사라져
그만사라져 이제 disappear 그만사라져 Get away 그만사라져
No more lies Get out! (shut out!) get off (shut off!) 시끄러!!

Cause your life, Cause your mind,
내 앞에서 사라져 (제발 사라져)
Cause, your life. I'll Just Say
더이상 네가 변할 기대는 절대 못해 Good Bye!


왜 자꾸 나를 붙잡으려해
왜 자꾸 눈물은 흘리는데

오빠는 니가 너무 싫다
오빠는 나쁜 여잔 싫다

oppa neun ni ga neo mu mip da
oppa neun ni mal deud gi sil da

Verse 1)
gyo man han sarang dda win nae ap-eh seo chi weo
mal do an dweh neun so ri geu man jib-eo chi weo
ap-dwi do mat ji an go ja gi bakk-eh mo reu neun girl
ban bok dwen geu geo jit mal ee jen geu man chi weo

si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!

Verse 2)
gyo hwal han eep-sul dda win nae ap-eh seo chi weo
ya reut han nun mool dda win geu man jib-eo chi weo
dal kom han sok im soo do deo ee sang eun sok ji an ah
sarang han dan geu mal jo cha ee jen deud gi sil-reo

si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!

Cause your life, Cause your mind,
nae ap-eh seo sa ra jyeo (jeh bal sa ra jyeo)
Cause your life. I'll Just Say
deo ee sang ne ga byun hal gi dae neun jeol dae mot-hae Good Bye!

oppa neun ni ga neo mu mip-da
oppa neun ni ga ee jeh sil-da

(sil-da) (sil-da)

Hook 2)
wae ja ggu na reul but jab eu ryeo hae
wae ja ggu nun mool eun heul ri neun deh

Yea this is how it goes / Here we go again / Let’s do it
Hey yo check the way that you speak and the way you sound
Being like a freak invading my soul
neo neun ee jeh sil-reo Girl you're pissin me off
nan ee jeh neo ddae-moon-eh ji chyeo-sseo
bbi ggeok bbi ggeok bbi ggeok bbi ggeok na na / bbi ggeok bbi ggeok bbi ggeok bbi ggeok dae ji
oppan neh ge neh ge neh ge ji chyeo-sseo neo mu / neo mu neo mu han da geu man sa ra jyeo
geu man sa ra jyeo ee jeh disappear geu man sa ra jyeo Get away geu man sa ra jyeo
No more lies Get out! (shut out!) get off (shut off!) si ggeu reo!!

Cause your life, Cause your mind,
nae ap-eh seo sa ra jyeo (jeh bal sa ra jyeo)
Cause your life, I'll Just Say
deo ee sang neh ga byun hal gi dae neun jeol dae mot-hae Good Bye!

si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!
si ggeu reot!!

wae ja ggu na reul but jap eu ryeo hae
wae ja ggu nun mool eun heul ri neun deh

oppa neun ni ga neo mu sil-da
oppa neun na-bbeun yeo jan sil-da


Oppa really hates you,
Oppa doesn't want to listen to you anymore.

Verse 1)
Throw away that useless love
Throw away your useless words
Your unmatching stories, your selfish love,
The repeating lies, throw them away

Shut Up!! Shut Up!!
Shut Up!! Shut Up!!

Verse 2)
Take away those teasing lips
Throw away your tears full of hatred and desire
I won't fall for your sweet "I Love You's"
I don't want to hear your fake lies

Shut Up!!
Shut Up!!
Shut Up!!
Shut Up!!

Cause your life, cause your mind
Walk away (Please leave) from me
Cause your life, I'll just say
I don't anticipate change from you
Oppa really hates you
Oppa hates you now (Hates Hates)

Hook 2)
Why do you keep holding on
Why do you keep spilling tears

Yea this is how it goes / Here we go again / Let’s do it
Hey yo check the way that you speak and the way you sound
Being like a freak invading my soul
I don't like you, Girl you’re pissin me off
I'm tired and sick of you
Creak creak creak creak I, I/ Creak creak creak creak creaking
Oppa's tired of you you you you / You're really too much, disappear
Hurry and leave, disappear, leave my sight, Get away, leave me
No more lies Get out! (shut out!) get off (shut off!) Shut Up!!

Cause your life, Cause your mind
Run away from me (Leave, leave)
Cause your life, I'll just say
I don't anticipate change from you, Good Bye

Shut Up!!
Shut Up!!
Shut Up!!
Shut Up!!

Why do you keep holding on
Why do you keep spilling tears
Oppa really hates you
Oppa doesn't like bad girls

Credit: ppband7 + Official U-Kiss Fan Cafe + Melon + UkissmeSG ('Shut Up!!', 'Rock Ya' Body' & 'Avatar' romanisation) + Pigger @ ('Shut Up!!' & 'Light It Up' Translations)

recently debut : 남녀공학 (Co-Ed) - Too Late

addictive song...but yeah~~ i feel it sound like some songs..but nt mentioning it...say it for yourself.. =)

and going to debut 20STAR...20 in a group...=) beside, i think i saw a kyuhyun,kim bum, wooyoung and mika look alike... =) 18 confirmed and another 2 yet to confirmed...lazy to upload their pictures and profile so here is the link ..

Friday, October 1, 2010


recently comeback...B2ST!!! =) whoot!!!

nice song..they are live yeah, breath aka soom by beast!!!

lyrics of breath :

Okay, 2010 마지막 흐름을 쥐고 흔들어
Okay, 2010 majimak heureumeul jwigo heundeureo
지휘봉 대신 mic를 들어 check it up now
jihwibong daesin micreul deureo check it up now

거부할 수 없을 정도로 강력한 무언가를 가지고 돌아와 다시 이곳을 뜨겁게
geobuhal su eobseul jeongdoro gangnyeokhan mueongareul gajigo dorawa dasi igoseul tteugeopge
더 뜨겁게 달궈 다 나에게 맡겨 I’m the mastermind, untouchable joker
deo tteugeopge dalgwo da naege matgyeo I’m the mastermind, untouchable joker

시간이 또 갈수록 더 빠져들어
sigani tto galsurok deo ppajyeodeureo
다 지금 이 순간에도 Do you feel me now
da jigeum i sunganedo Do you feel me now

너에게 또 갈수록 더 스며들어
neoege tto galsurok deo seumyeodeureo
바로 이 시간에도 그냥 나를 믿어봐 oh yeah
baro i siganedo geunyang nareul mideobwa oh yeah

따라와 We’re the mastermind (mastermind)
ttarawa We’re the mastermind (mastermind)
느껴봐 We’re the mastermind (so ‘beast)
neukkyeobwa We’re the mastermind (so ‘beast)
비교 따윈 하지 마 우릴 느껴봐 모두
bigyo ttawin haji ma uril neukkyeobwa modu
movin movin say! movin movin hey!
movin movin say! movin movin hey!

mastermind (mastermind)
mastermind (mastermind)
Oh yeah just feel my heart (so ‘beast)
Oh yeah just feel my heart (so ‘beast)
지금부터 따라와 너를 맡겨봐 모두
jigeumbuteo ttarawa neoreul matgyeobwa modu
do it do it say! do it do it hey!
do it do it say! do it do it hey!

그 어떤 말도 필요가 없어 이 순간 이 시간
geu eotteon maldo pillyoga eobseo i sungan i sigan
그냥 더 크게 소리쳐봐
geunyang deo keuge sorichyeobwa
어떤 것도 막을 수 없어 점점 더 내게 더
eotteon geotdo mageul su eobseo jeomjeom deo naege deo
조금 더 빠져봐 baby
jogeum deo ppajyeobwa baby

master mastermind master mastermind
master mastermind master mastermind
[Yo! you ready for this? keep moving keep grooving hhh welcome to ma world]
[Yo! you ready for this? keep moving keep grooving hhh welcome to ma world]
so so so ‘beast
so so so ‘beast
master mastermind master mastermind
master mastermind master mastermind
so so so ‘beast
so so so ‘beast


Okay, 2010 Grab on to the last feel and shake it
Hold up the mic, not the baton check it up now

Coming back to this place with strong power to an undeniable extent, heating up the place
Burning the place even hotter, just leave it up to me I’m the mastermind, untouchable Joker

You will fall into us as time passes by more
Everyone even at this moment
Do you feel me now

Closer we move towards you, we smear into you
Even at this moment just trust us
Oh yeah

Follow us We’re the mastermind (Mastermind)
Feel us We’re the mastermind (So Beast)
Don’t try to compare, but instead feel us
Everyone movin movin say! movin movin hey!

Mastermind (Mastermind)
Oh yeah just feel my heart (So Beast)
Follow us starting now, lend yourself to me
Everyone do it do it say! Do it do it hey!

This moment, this time doesn’t need any words
Just scream louder
Nothing can stop you, slowly, just a little bit more
Fall in to us a bit more baby

Master mastermind master mastermind
(Yo! you ready for this?)
So so so Beast
(Keep moving keep grooving)
Master mastermind master mastermind
(Welcome to ma world)
So so so Beast

Translation Credits:


recently shinee come back with repackage album - HELLO...
here is a peak of the mv..

aiigooo!!! my shinee baby!!! ^^

Friday, September 24, 2010

如果 there anything like if??? ever done something and then think of, if i were to choose this? if i were to go there?

ever turn right and think what might be waiting at the left turning?? everything happens in a split of time...a flash of light and a tick of a minisecond...every decision we made bring us to next level...ever think, what will our life be when we pick the unchoosen pathway...

things happen for a reason...but is the reason happen because we choose the route ourselves??? i remember saying this to someone when he asked why am i sad...past 2 days, out of blue, out of sudden, i feel emo..depressed in a simpler language...he ask "why emo??" ..i replied "emo over something i regretted"..yes, something i regretted...nt something but someone..

i actually think what super junior's song..what if..what if i told u what i feel, will we be the same like who we are now??? what if, i told u, to hold u in my arms..will u be just a simple friend of mine?? i regretted why i never take up what ange told me, to express myself..will i be who i am now??? what will happen in between both of us....i think some of you know who i am referring, if is that person u were thinking, yes...him..

i havent talk to him for a time...a time for both to cool things it right??? for not letting things continue??? i been thinking, is he really someone for me?? is it worth for me to wait?? are we suitable for each he...someone i ever wanted???

a lot of question..a lot of it a wise choice??? i think a lot...too bad, i nver ask any...neither do i did any...i type out those words i wanted to say..instead of the button sent, i click on delete....let alone to be in my heart...let those fire to die off....

to that person who ask me why i am sorry for nt telling the truth...u say, to do what is the best and not to regret...i wasnt the decision i make that i regretted...but the decision not to face the real feeling of mine...for that person, it is too late to say anything..let just be friends...i wish u..all the happiness u ever needed...

"to you,

stop doubting..stand up and face what ur heart ever wanted..find that little happiness..that little happiness u ever need for ur life...=) even though it will hurts, but it worth the time it makes u happy... =)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

sarang hae dwel gga yo???

again...ntg to do with my just, i love putting the song im listening when i start to write in this blog...this is a song from yurisanja and been my fav song for the past 2 years.. =) never fail to make me smile even though it is slow...and sound sad...yurisangja ftw!! =)

owh and it just changed to Let's Not (super junior)...ahahah..dont bother bout the yeah, why am i here now..owh yea...i found out a picture which surprised me!! =) and i asked around using this pic..let me show u.. =)

who is it???!!! =)

Answer :


well, someone complained to me, i seldom wrote about myself..actually i plan to write on the Miri trip but then....better not..i think im going to complain more..=) i think i wasted my 1 month holiday though...ntg special..let me, eat, sleep...ahh...went to sports (badminton, swimming), watch song, dance..went to miri...whatelse?? ah..went to red box (as if i never went but then sing like crazy..3 hours..and only 4 ppl..but they charge us around rm10 per person..=) )..oh last but nt least..clubbing..went to the newly open voodoo...sound system nt bad..drinks, i dont know since i didnt touch at all but i had to pay rm30..== deejay nt bad..but it is over crowded!!!! saturday were packed with 800+ people!!! == the day i went, they say there is a fight..too bad i see ntg..== oh something, it is freezing cold like hell!!!! == unless u climb up the 1m stage and dance there..or u will be shivering by just standing and looking... went to moist too...and everything in USUAL..ntg special... =)

anyway, got any idea who is is karam from dae guk nam ah... =) many guessed kim jaejoong from tvxq...but isnt is my karam-ie!!! =) suddenly miss my nijishima takahiro...hahahaha...shall look what happen to AAA... boring recently..ntg to do....

at times i really miss them..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

who are the fool??!


i guess many knew what happen between the oh-not-so-saint-avex and also JYJ...
=) dont blame me for putting that name for avex...ever since their mistreat for homin, i hated them... XD beside they never fair..just some people were so blind to see it... ^^ saying this doesnt mean i agree i am clever to see it...all i wanna say is just BIASED really can close one person sense.. =) like how i used to biased for tvxq, super junior, u-kiss, shinee and the list goes on... =) *seems like i have no biased since i biased for all..and i used to say i might not like ze;a but well now, i think i am accepting them..only certain girl bands makes me @@ now..*

well, a lesson to teach...dont ever think a bussinessman is sincere.. profit is what in their mind...ah, my daddy is bussinessman...but then is true...daddy, mianhae!!!!!

it makes sense actually...for avex to pick sme over jyj..afterall, jyj might end up in sme!!! no point going against sme..avex has more to lost than sme...snsd debut in a very smooth journey in japan...their single were well accepted..super junior already have established their position in japan...shinee fanmeeting in japan are also a success...homin, i dont think i need to say more..same goes to boa...if u were avex, who will u pick???

but what makes me hate avex isnt their tactics in bussiness but their stupid lies!!!!!!!! to make everyone sound like a gain kick homin on their ass and then to foolishly accepting them back..avex u are so low..u are so pathetic to gain back all those money makers that u make urself sound like a fool....

stop pretending that u are the real i had been abandoned by the 3...oh holy that for the not~~ :D :D to me, u are making a fool out of urself..i shall see what drama are up for u guys, avex!! :D :D nicee drama..since i dont have much drama to watch recently..such a bunch of foolish clown~ :D

and sme...dont smile...u are nt anywhere better... =) u too are a clown..just that u ended ur avex's turn...or maybe i can see smexavex circus...=) nicee~~ double!! ^^

and to end this...i never trust c-jes too...=) that mr.baek is kwon sang woo ex-manager.. his infamous history, search it!! ^^ his dirty works everywhere...=)

conclusion : i never trust any words of the entertainment company...i trust what i believe and what i choose to short, i believe in myself~ :D :D

owh...beast (b2st) new single..part of MASTERMIND...this song is 주먹을 꽉 쥐고(Clenching a Tight Fist)..=) nice one!!! funny..i always like beast...but then, i cant recognise any of the member..i only remember popping dragon and also doojoon...=) and funnily i can recognise child of empire (ze;a)...maybe one day i will write a post on beast, introducing the member...and also for child of empire.. =) i did it for u-kiss...owh, i didnt do it for mblaq...woah!! busy day!! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i shall wait~

remember this fanvideo??? it even up in the korea media when it first shared...those who involved never knew they would get so much response...
the unition that once it still there..

there in this fandom??? i myself admit..i seldom enter the soompi forum..but last few days..i went back..back to tvxq official simple reason, they are really still my top favourite grp...

and they still there..those fans is still there..despite everything happen, the forum still move..carry on...230++ pages now..5th thread..who can move as fast as them..despite lack of news..lack of updates and performance..they still moving..even with a simple question..a silly question..

oppa..micky oppa,u say u saw this video...u saw us...but oppa, do u see us here..still waving the red balloon...for those many times i say i would just walk state of denial for nearly 2 month..i still back...oppa, do u see our determination to u know, we havent give up??? i hope u never give up...because we will be like u..waiting..waiting for the suitable time where separation becomes unition...we shall wait..even it takes a lot of tears and energy and time...we will never give up~~ because

for you it's separation, for me it's waiting~~