Saturday, January 30, 2010

a fast word

here to congrats on TVXQ for their BREAK OUT SINGLE success!!!!

in 3 days, more than 220k sold~ and the number still counting...yay!

i keep praying..dont forget, we keep the faith eternally~~ saranghae~ hamkkehyo!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

a not so fun week~

-exam period-

damn!!! i hate it!! tsk!!

-break out break out~~~~~
i keep praying the we keep the faith eternally~

yay!!! new song from THE TRAX!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


saja come in to buat kacau beside posting a niceeee news... is one of the most popular music websites in Viet Nam, that covers various kinds of music (VPOP,KPOP, JPOP,US/UKPOP etc.).

From November 2009, (YAN) held a big Online Awards for YAN\'s Members to choose the best Artist/Shows for various categories.

The members of YAN will vote for their idols to win the YOA (YAN Online Awards).

On 17th January 2010, the organizer/administrator of YAN held an Offline Event to announce and celebrate the Winners of YOA.

In the KPOP and JPOP Category, the most famous group in ASIA - DBSK/THSK/TVXQ, seemed like they have no competitors.

KPOP Category :




MOST FAVORITE ALBUM: 2NE1 - The First Mini Album





JPOP Category :

MOST FAVORITE TOUR CONCERT/SHOW: The 4th Live Tour - The Secret Code (THSK)








POP General Category


ROCK Category


RnB Category


COUNTRY Category


well, nobody beats tvxq...because they are world reowned group!!! LOL LOL~

anyway keep on getting tvxq in ellen's show~~ because they deserved it!! ^_^

missing seto koji suddenly...setooo shiiii!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

grumble grumble~

not really much to in a crazy shit of all those notes...but this post has ntg to do with my usual-typical-hectic-to-death-life...

is getting annoyed with the talks on 3:2 division of tvxq..and the talks on how potential tvxq is going to break is really hard to keep isnt it...sigh~ even though u cant keep it, please do not mention it in front of other fans..dont ever think of grumbling in front of me..i will just walk away without even listening...because im just frusfrated~

call me obsessed fans or denial fans, but yea, i cling on myself..on my faith and will never let if off...beside i dont ever think tvxq will break for this reason :

right..all of us know the same contract face by all 5 of them, the unpaid money since feb (do u even think sme pay homin and not to the trio?? if the trio is not receiving any money, i am super sure that will be the same for the other 2!!) and also, 5 of them DO MEET THE LAWYER FIRST!!

so why do the trio did not sign the contract but homin do?? and below is what i think happen..u have the choice to rebut open to any discussion..

first of all, if that is what they boys received since feb, that will be after mirotic done with the promotion and the boys is in japan..and u dont plan a lawsuit over a im very super sure, all 5 of them knew the lawsuit will be up soon but ever realise the most happy moment in 2009 of all of them are after tokyo dome concert??? and also, they are close and dorky~ not till the separation starts??? the boys do come with plan..for this is what i think had happen:

the boys were told by the lawyer the lawsuit is going to be tough and long journey (this is not a make up, it is directly from the lawyer)...the boys come with a plan..since homin had drama on hand and it is not worth it to let it lost..afterall, sme will have to pay them for the drama...since the other 3 are free, they proceed with it...

beside, just for business point of view, the 5 knew what is their status in SME..they are the big bro..and they knew SME is the only company they can stay (im not dissing the other company)..beside SME is where they start off..their origin..they know well what SME can provide them..and how far more they can let of sme, where can 5 of them land?? with bigbang in yge?? and will they even had better activities compare to bigbang?? afterall bigbang is the big bro of yge...or should they go JYPE??? not in the most common sense right?? or set up their own comapny with the limited money they have????? if so, how about their INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES which is directly under SME?? avex and sme taiwan??? are they going to give up just like that??? so they boys knew better than anyone SME is the right choice to stay...

fans say, why all 5 of them cant sue sme together and stick together..ever think of how easy sme can solve this prob?? it was like , OKAY IF 5 OF YOU WANTED TO SUE ME, U 5 CAN JUST LEAVE HERE AND I WILL SEE HOW 5 OF U CAN SURVIVE!!! let me explain, with 5 of them suing sme, sme can just let them off..and the prob will be like the top, where will the boys land next??? and all the project will be stop..totally no hope for TVXQ or TOHOSHINKI...with homin under sme still, it will be like, WE WANT TVXQ BACK, U SETTLE THE PROB WITH JAECHUNSU FAST!! is still under pending till the lawsuit like making sme thinks, how should i do..i cant let them off...but if i didnt, im losing...but if i let them off, what can the other 2 do?? everyone knew that tvxq isnt complete with the only 2 members..beside, the lead vocal and main vocal isnt there...^_^ and yoochun is just a perfect music talent sme wouldnt like to them 3 to fight for justice and 2 to keep on pressure in sme, sme will have to end all this before he could arrange anything for the 2....afterall like what they had always say, we represent tvxq! XD

if the boys choose to stay in sme, they will have then come with a plan to change the working environment of sme and also a plan that makes sme surrender...if 5 of them were together, it is just easy to destroy them...kicking them out of sme and having them paying the money is piece of cake for them...they knew the wicked part of sme...coming 3 and 2 is just perfect to fight...

the boys too couldnt meet up with together..if this is what u guys are blaming is caused it...why do i say u guys even realise fans are stalking them everywhere??? if they just walk out from a place together, there is not only fan account, but pictures and videos...we are happy, but the boys plan are destroyed...sme will be thinking, so you guys are geng up!! let see what i will have for you....

ever realise the 3:2 separation start after the lawyer say all 5 of them meet him???? and only 3 proceed with the lawsuit???

is just...a plan..a tactics~~ plan for survival...

they need to change what is in sme before they could stay...and the boys are in winning pace..and i am sure the 3 had the support of the 2...afterall, i never doubt their relationship of the 5 for 6 years...nothing beats it for it is real...junsu wouldnt bug changmin over a lost game if their relationship wasnt strong..jaejoong wouldnt always look at yunho when he sings or dance if it wasnt true..yoochun and changmin has a unique relationship that all cassiopeia knew...jaejoong and changmin wouldnt brickers each other if they werent even close...

it is because to survive next time, they choice but to cling on to what they have do...and all they hope is, fans never split themselves and fans trust on them..the reason why soulmate had their tattoo on their chest...

is like a puzzle..put it together and we will see it...^_^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

not so proud~

this isnt a beautiful...

where is all the respect gone??? shameful!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

playing the look alike game~

me!! XD

hui ping!!

hui ting

pynic tan!!! XDXD pheww..u had..mariah!!

chia ming

loo wen

wen shan

Monday, January 4, 2010

of good and bad~

people say it is a must to start the new year with good that it would be a good year for you...well, tvxq indeed had a great start for 2009..with a successful album in 2008 in korea, they fly to japan where THE SECRET CODE is a big success in japan..they even had their BOLERO success and also STAND BY YOU and even TOKYO DOME CONCERT..but the lawsuit happen at the end of the year didnt sound promising at all..==

it was a bad year..bad year for cassiopeia and tvxq for the lawsuit..things happen, accusation up, tricks were done..many cried...and many cling on their faith..we were teached to hold it strong..hold it tight..and never doubt it for what we seen as always was the truth..

and when 2010 approach..a better year seems to be coming undoing the curse of wasnt seems to be better...

news from japanese media stating they officially disbanded..while sme, the trio and avex denies, the media still going on...with the division of 3:2, it has a backup for what they say...and then, it is now said that the boys contract with avex end on june...will it be anymore bad news???? maybe the whole thing ended by tomorrow??? maybe not??? maybe the boys get together..maybe not???

oh well, so is it true that good starts on the upper first year will give a promising year and a bad starts show bad omen going on till the end of the year...or it is just some old sayings...

for all happen, i hold tighter to my faith..never doubt on their relationship...never trust anything that never confirm..for i know why changmin look soo angry...look so emotionless...because i am a fans for 4 years...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

사랑한단 말

yay!! my new year gift from kpop..a new digital single from I THE TRI TOP'S!!!!

they never fail to impressed me with their ballad~ it is just..awesome like it used to...and nice mv!! but more of hyung moon...i want more of yoojoon!!!! T.T but im glad i heard yoojoon..wish they had more recognition than just this...T.T

im going back to AIMST soon!!!! T.T GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM NEXT!! and did i say how much i hated intestine??? == and stomach?? i wonder will GIT be ever better than RESPIRTORY SYSTEM...let see which system would be the far, my #1 is still, CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM...XD

i miss AIMST but i hate going back to AIMST...miserable~

Friday, January 1, 2010

new year prank~

woah!! i start my crazily 2010 with a big crazy prank from japanese media...staying up till 3am yesterday night (talking some craps with pynic aka nicky tan), i hardly wake up the next morning...barely open my eyes, i walk to the toilet and brush my teeth and then...back to my bedroom and onto my bed again..not sleeping but just..simply lying down..till my mum back with lunch..reluctantly i wake up, move my ass to the kitchen and prepared the food and had my lunch watching gong sam kai for the 3rd time (this time thanks to my sister who havent watch with her..second time is because of my mum..first time? i watch myself!!LOL)..

and then, of course im not interested in gong sam kai..not when my sister fast foward almost 80% of the drama..she go fast when those people were talking and end up not knowing what happen..the way she watch indeed a bit stupid...==

so i online, and of course go into TVXQ THREAD..seeing everyone panic-ing over a news of title "TVXQ OFFICIALLY DISBANDED" my heart really stop..i was talking to loowen and pynic (yes, nicky tan again..==) and i really..really go heart shouted NOOOOO!! my heart really stop..i ask pynic, she knew it..i told it to loowen but she was like..idk..didnt really feel what she felt..all i know is i try tp keep myself down..and keep refreshing the thread...

and then,till someone ask SME CLEARED IT WAS it was a fake hankyung case..== i mean hankyung case might be true but the small side effect was fake!!!

the two party is still negotiating...and they say it is groundless...i know i know..i know cannot trust that old toad...XD but what if it is from the boys?? here is something from the boys :

"We have not even heard about this Goodbye concert." and, "Nothing is decided right now, both sides are still negotiating."
“해산 콘서트에 대해서는 들어보지도 못했다”며 “현재 결정된 것은 아무것도 없고 양측이 협상을 이어가고 있다”

so??? disbandment..oh, i just knew it here..

actually after sme confirm it was a fake alarm, i went out for shopping..XDXD bought a few..going to get more tomorrow..LOL!!!

and well, the conclusion to the story (that crazy thread jump a few tens page..==) : never trust the media unless it comes from the mouth of TVXQ, OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF SME & OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF AVEX~

Happy New Year ! (Yoochun)

January 1, 2010 (Changmin)

Happy New Year (Junsu)

It’s already 2010 (Jaejoong)

みんなが Happy になれるようねがっています~ ~♡
I wish that everybody will be happy~♡ (Yunho)

oh yea, for those in australia, min is going to gold coast for paradise meadow..^_^ catch him there...LOL!!! (ps : pynic, dont think anything about min and yeon hee..they are just acting!!!!! bluekx!! )

and well, that is how my first day of 2010 started!! what a big prank yahoo japan..== u make a lot of people heart attack on first day of 2010...>< my new year prank set up by yahoo japan..XD